The Acro-brats

The Acro-brats


Punk/Hard Rock/Garage 4-piece from Charlestown, Mass. Featured in 'Guitar Hero,' 'Guitar Hero II,' and 'Rock Band.' Crunchy, melodic, aggressive songs; raucous, fun, spirited shows... We've shared the stage with a bunch of our influences - Swingin Utters, Angry Samoans, Mung, The Konks...


“This is nothing less than hard-hitting classic ’70s punk rock at its best. The Acro-Brats rock hard, hit hard… These songs cut to the chase and waste no time getting to the point, which is to rock with wild abandon.” – The Noise

Made up of four guys who are/were in a bunch of other bands (Razors in the Night, Jason Bennett & The Resistance, Wild Zero, By the Throat, Tenafly Vipers, The Throwaways…), we’ve had songs in ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ (how’s that for street cred!) and this ‘Hair Trigger’ (Susspool Records, 7/6/10) EP – 7” colored vinyl or dropcard/digital stuff – is our fourth release. Four originals and one cover (the latter only on digital versions).

1) Hair Trigger
2) Well Enough Alone
3) Simpleton
4) Rebel Rebel
5) Crave

• “The Acrobrats rock hard and fast” – The Boston Globe

• “Hearing punk rock that is angry without apology can be refreshing. The Acrobrats bring with them all the fury of a scorned boyfriend without any of the tears.” – Performer Magazine

• Old-fashioned, spiky rock n roll that has a grin on its face and an accusing finger pointing firmly in the face of past relationships.” – Kerrang (UK)

• “Think Neighborhoods, Plimsouls, and Yum Yums gone modern without the skinny ties. Good stuff.” – Maximum RocknRoll

• “The Acrobrats breathe life into the shell of late ‘70s power pop… Fantastic.” –

• “Angry punk rock perfectly accentuated by spit & grit vocal style” – Graynoise

• “Ripping, melodic, fist-shakin’ punk rock.” – Askew Reviews

• "Hailing from Boston, The Acrobrats attack Power Pop with a degree of loud rockin' anger rarely heard in the melodic Punk Rock of today.” – Under the Volcano

• “Bottom line, these guys make playing as well as listening to the guitar no longer a chore.” – Skope


'Kicking & Screaming' (LP, 2003)
'...Go Down Swinging!' (LP, 2006)
'Hey Medusa' (EP, 2009)
'Hair Trigger' (EP, 2010)

Set List

Usually 45 min - hour set
Originals with one-to-three covers per set

(recent setlist) --

Day Late, Dollar Short
What is the Problem?
Wasted Life
All Day Breakfast
3lb Bullet
I Only Drink Bud
Hey Medusa
Sick of Me
Damaged Goods
Just Sex
Beat My Guest