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"Weekly Dig - 'Hair Trigger' review"

Punk isn't dead, it's just been severely beaten and left for dead. I can't help but shudder when I imagine a dusty Warped Tour circle-pit somewhere ... I just wish it could actually be cool for a change.

The Boston punks of the Acrobrats breathe some life into the local deflated scene with this EP, ready to defibrillate our black hearts with 1,000 volts of power punk and fist-raising anthems.

The title track zaps the sleeping giant awake and sends her to an erratic frenzy. The guitars are perfectly raw, turning up the distortion and leaving all other effects where they belong (... the trash). In addition to a small collection of originals, the Brats take on David Bowie—a difficult task that falls flat for most—with a well-executed rendition of Diamond Dogs' classic "Rebel Rebel."

... It's alive! - Weekly Dig

"The Big Takeover - 'Hair Trigger' review"

hair trigger 7” ep
This Boston punk quartet is not some hardcore-retread of S.S. Decontrol, Gang Green, D.Y.S., and Jerry’s Kids. The eight-year vets’ four-song 7” 45 is like the tight, hard-wound, quick-tempo-but-not-thrash, power-punk of the Zero Boys (especially), Angry Samoans, and Toxic Reasons, and—as the more mid-tempo breakdown bridge in “Well Enough Alone” demonstrates—slower Bad Brains. “Simpleton” even starts like The Doors’ 1968 #3 “Touch Me,” confirmation that these guys imbibe the history of great rock ‘n’ roll, period. And the big standout is the roaring, hard, heavy twin guitar sound of Chris Brat and Daniel Brat—favorably, I keep thinking about Social Distortion’s killer “Mass Hysteria”—and all four can flat out play, one of the biggest things missing in modern same-old-same-old punk. Hair Trigger will have you looking for their older albums Go Down Swinging and Kicking & Screaming. (

- The Big Takeover

"The Noise"

What a great punk rock record… The Acrobrats are the punk band that’s gotten it right: hooks that grab you, lean and mean bass and drum interplay, Ramones-style backing vocals, and singable/shoutable choruses… damn fine songwriting, solid musicianship, good (or bad, but in a good way) attitude, and the all-important STYLE. That’s it, I can’t pump this up any more, it’s a great freaking work. - The Noise

"NE Performer"

Full of attitude and character…angry, bratty teenage angst…The Acro-brats have a boldness and attitude that is confessed through the band’s name, with lyrics of relentless payback. Go Down Swinging! makes it fun to be mad - Northeast Performer


..It wasn't simply this standard been there/done that crap. The production
was awesome - backgrounds coming in, little flourishes here and there,
and all those other intangible touches that make this stand out from
the pack...big hooks, catchy tunes, gritty vocals that sort of defied
classification. It was rock, it was pop, it was grunge, it was garage,
it was punk, and it was even metal! YEAH! I like this! - Soundcheck Magazine


THE ACRO-BRATS are living the punk rock dream, putting out their own
music off their own backs for anyone who fancies getting caught up in
their own little whirlpool without signing their lives away to a man
in a suit. Listening to 'Kicking & Screaming' makes you desperate to
be out of the house and crammed into a dingy little venue somewhere.
It doesn't happen too often these days, thanks to the increasingly
prevelent ProTools software and ever more slick production values, but
The Acro-Brats have managed to hit a happy medium, capturing the
essence of a live punk rock show onto CD but without the bum notes. This is old fashioned, spiky rock'n'roll that has a grin on its face
and an accusing finger pointing firmly in the face of past
relationships. - Kerrang Magazine


Acrobrats Chris, Daniel, Eliahu and Swid slash and thrash through this fine post-punk collection of outta control rockers with ferocious abandon... This is the way rock & roll should sound... loud, proud, and very much in-your-face. Just check out the songs 'Day Late, Dollar Short,' 'Good on Paper,' '3lb Bullet,' and 'Damaged Goods' and see if The Acrobrats don't live up to their reputation of being one of Boston's hardest rocking bands on the scene today. Outstanding! - Metronome


Go Down Swinging is an eight-song trip through the wilds of ripping, melodic, fist-shakin’ punk rock. The seven originals make me want to gleefully bitch-slap somebody in time with their rhythms. - Askew Reviews


Hailing from Boston, The Acrobrats attack Power Pop with a degree of loud rockin' anger rarely heard in the melodic Punk Rock of today. For some reason I keep thinking of early Replacements... but I'm probably way of, so don't listen to me. Instead, check 'em out for yourself. They sound like they'd be great live. - Under the Volcano


Surely to be local heroes, The Acrobrats give eight tracks of fun stuff... Fans of the genre (or anyone who doesn't have enough pop in their collection) wouldn't go wrong with this disc. Well crafted in song structure, and the recording and production sound major-label qualiity. - Punk Planet


The Acro-brats somehow manage to mix a myriad of influences that
probably shouldn't fit together into something that seems perfectly
natural. For the most part, the album is a straightforward, rockin'
pop-punk opus. Mix the Joneses with a bit of the Ramones and a decent
dose of 70s glam, and even a bit of 80s glam and you get a decent
idea. I'm not sure if that sums it up - maybe a little metal and
country too. The songs are catchy and at times straddle the fence
between old-school and new-school punk, but never really seem to fall
on either side, which is a good thing. There's a nice mix of creative
instrumentation and three-chord rock that keeps you listening and
bobbing your head. Being able to capture the energy of a live show
while taking full advantages of the opportunities that a studio offers
is one of the most difficult things to do while recording. The
Acro-brats have managed to combine the two nicely with this album. The
bottom line: it's a fun album. - Modern Fix Magazine


'Kicking & Screaming' (LP, 2003)
'...Go Down Swinging!' (LP, 2006)
'Hey Medusa' (EP, 2009)
'Hair Trigger' (EP, 2010)



“This is nothing less than hard-hitting classic ’70s punk rock at its best. The Acro-Brats rock hard, hit hard… These songs cut to the chase and waste no time getting to the point, which is to rock with wild abandon.” – The Noise

Made up of four guys who are/were in a bunch of other bands (Razors in the Night, Jason Bennett & The Resistance, Wild Zero, By the Throat, Tenafly Vipers, The Throwaways…), we’ve had songs in ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ (how’s that for street cred!) and this ‘Hair Trigger’ (Susspool Records, 7/6/10) EP – 7” colored vinyl or dropcard/digital stuff – is our fourth release. Four originals and one cover (the latter only on digital versions).

1) Hair Trigger
2) Well Enough Alone
3) Simpleton
4) Rebel Rebel
5) Crave

• “The Acrobrats rock hard and fast” – The Boston Globe

• “Hearing punk rock that is angry without apology can be refreshing. The Acrobrats bring with them all the fury of a scorned boyfriend without any of the tears.” – Performer Magazine

• Old-fashioned, spiky rock n roll that has a grin on its face and an accusing finger pointing firmly in the face of past relationships.” – Kerrang (UK)

• “Think Neighborhoods, Plimsouls, and Yum Yums gone modern without the skinny ties. Good stuff.” – Maximum RocknRoll

• “The Acrobrats breathe life into the shell of late ‘70s power pop… Fantastic.” –

• “Angry punk rock perfectly accentuated by spit & grit vocal style” – Graynoise

• “Ripping, melodic, fist-shakin’ punk rock.” – Askew Reviews

• "Hailing from Boston, The Acrobrats attack Power Pop with a degree of loud rockin' anger rarely heard in the melodic Punk Rock of today.” – Under the Volcano

• “Bottom line, these guys make playing as well as listening to the guitar no longer a chore.” – Skope