The Actomatics

The Actomatics

 Longwood, Florida, USA

Sturdy Songs for Moody People.
Indie original melodic tunes by skilled players


From the Sunshine State come The Actomatics and their blend of roots
& rock. Animated and unpredictable this moody quintet looks over
their shoulder with a subtle respect for soul, psyche and country with
their deft amalgamations. The band has written for film and television
and are sought after for session work and song doctoring. Oh sure they
know how to find the pocket but it's the occasional sonic excursion and
southern gothic overtones that keeps them on the alternative side of
twang. A BMI artist with 2 self released full length collections under
their belt The Actomatics are currently playing the Southeast while
recording their followup record to 2013's well-received album 'Summer
is Risky'.


budget car ride

Written By: Pearson/Wright

i thought i'd let you know
but off on our own way we go
you heard a distant conversation
that's when the time is wrong
we settle something long long gone
i don't know what's wrong
i'm feeling sorry

you slipped through my hands
i suffer in a fool's land
i'll change my direction
no time for reflection

let's take a budget car ride
out to the sea side
what those fireflies
build castles in the sand
sleep by the railway sign
snuggle up sometimes i think of you
along the water

you slipped through my hands
i suffer in a fool's land
i changed my direction
no time for reflection
i'll find out now

did we get it wrong
do we belong
how long is long
is it longer than this song
i'll shoot the moon
i'll light a fire one day in june
burn all of the papers

end of the evening

Written By: Pearson/Rowe

he had a tattoo of the king
rolling down his arm
had the strangest disease
he was waiting for the light
to come on inside
for a moment he could see
and the sweetest words
fell from his lips
but you wouldn't know it
by the sight of him
he's afraid of everything
afraid of what it means

i spent all my life believing
something's gonna creep
right up and kick me in the ass
you said half my time was wasted
waiting for the years to go by
spinning my wheels.


Currently recording their new album in Sulphur Springs with the amazing Bill Mason engineering.
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Set List

The Actomatics create set lists for the venue and performance requirements.
If opening the show for a regional or national typically that would be 45 minutes to 1 hour straight.
If playing a club for the evening the normal 45 minute-15 off is standard. The Actomatics are an original band. During a show you will always find a few gems from other artists.
This is an ever-changing list.

latest set list: Changing Colours
Christina's Haze
Blue Wysteria
Golden Years (D. Bowie)
Toxic (not Miss Spears)
Budget Car Ride
Julie Cruise
McGillis on Jackson
Can't Explain (The Who)