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Tim Simmonds is the next Bob Pollard, only with a real British accent. - Seth Feldman

Let’s see…weren’t these guys on one of those Live from the Roxy compilations, 1977-ish? Loud punk/pop band with a lot of catchy tunes? Well, sort of. The Actual Facts are actually from Brooklyn, and the guys in the band probably weren’t even born yet when all those British bands they resemble were getting their fifteen minutes on the Top of the Pops. On their new cd, these British expats crank up the guitars and crank out the tunes with an energy that harks back to a decade when songs like this could actually score a record deal and get some airplay (that’s a compliment). The album opens with the sarcastic, propulsive Chaise Lounge, which pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the cd, frontman Tim Simmonds cutting loose with a yelp equal parts Morrissey at his most boisterous and eerie John Lydon, circa PiL’s Metal Box, 1978.The album’s second track, the title cut, works around a ridiculously catchy, four-note guitar hook, somewhat evocative of another first-class expatriate British band from Brooklyn, the Larch.

The best song on the cd is Cookie, a blazing, somewhat Stiff Little Fingers-inflected rocker, building to a fiery outro with ba-ba-ba vocals, adding layers and layers of guitar until the maelstrom is too saturated to add any more. And then the song ends with a few chords slammed out on an acoustic. After that, the brief Don’t Shave Down There is pretty much what you would expect, a tribute to the nether regions: “Do it for you, do it for humanity.” The sexual tension builds further on the next track, Come on Over: “Come on over, drunk or sober.” A Hand to Hold, the cd’s final cut, builds slowly over a fast upstroke/downstroke rhythm, the drums only coming in on the second verse, ending on the sardonic note on which it began: “Taking a seat in the back/Covering up my tracks/Always seemed the right way to go.”

These songs grow on you; the album gets better with repeated listening. If they can duplicate the energy on the cd, they should be excellent live. - Lucid Culture blog -

If great pop songs come a dime a dozen, how come nobody's buying 'em anymore? No, we're not talking about "Umbrella" or "Lovestoned" (those songs will cost you at least 99 cents), we're talking about the kind of pop songs recorded by the Buzzcocks, the Undertones or T.Rex a few lifetimes ago. We're talking about the kind of two-and-a-half minute singles that made heartbreak and longing a virtue rather than a a vice. We're talking about those songs that married such lyrical pathos with an instantly recognizable guitar hook and anthemic chorus. Ok, we're through talking! Instead of jaw wagging, let's meet the Actual Facts, A Brooklyn-via-Essex, England band that just so happens to embody all of those kick-ass musical ethics of old. A quick sampling of the band's eponymous debut CD reflects a group steeped in the traditions of power pop, glam and garage rock and not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves. Still, this ain't no tribute act, folks. In actual fact (ugh, you knew one pun was coming eventually, didn't you?) these lads deliver enough pop songwriting smarts and tags to be pretty influential in their own right. - Buffalo Artvoice


The Actual Facts LP - 2005
Pain/Pleasure EP - Spring 2008



The Actual Facts are a garage-pop four-piece from Brooklyn by way of Essex, England. Their dedication to the task of rocking your insides cannot be underestimated.

Actual Facts songs are hooky, charming, and frequently highly informative - containing advice and information you can trust, such as how to end an abusive relationship, how to treat a black eye, or what to wear on your first day of prison.

The Actual Facts began in Ithaca, upstate New York, where they established themselves as a fixture of the local rock scene. The band now resides in Brooklyn. The current lineup is as follows:

Tim Simmonds - vocals, guitar - founding member of the band, British transplant, previously one half of the short-lived and never influential Brooklyn band Odd Squirrel.

Ryan Spaulding Cady - drums - previously played with Mary Lorson and Saint Low, and Hubcap, and occasionally moonlights with Ithaca roots-rock supergroup Boy With a Fish.

The Actual Facts play shows regularly in New York City. They have played alongside bands such as the French Kicks, the Silent League, Karl Hendricks Trio, Johnny Dowd and Silkworm.