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The Adarna

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Rock Lives! The Adarna – Jet City Rock At Its Finest"

Rock Lives! The Adarna – Jet City Rock At Its Finest

By Deborah Meade

Hidden away in the Pacific Northwest is an incredible band, The Adarna. Born in Seattle, Washington and expanding their reach across the United States, these incomparable musicians can really rock the house! The Adarna, named after a Filipino Mythical bird much like the Phoenix, have truly risen from the ashes of the greatest rock legends ever, but with their own unique modern rock sound. Each original song has a very different feel and flavor one from the next. The hard driving rhythms and pop smoothness truly give their musical sound an original vibe. More rock in their souls then any modern rock band you can find today. The Adarna’s original sound and unique variety of interactive entertainment can and will make any event extra-special and fun. The band’s musical prowess is exceptional. Every song shows amazing professional musicianship. What’s incredible is that even as tight as their playing, the Adarna have so much fun with the audience that they play through any mistakes that maybe made, not that the audience would ever know they play so smooth. Many bands are so caught up in themselves that they forget to have fun and let the joy of music flow. The Adarna seem to communicate with each other Spirit to Spirit to produce this awesome sound that really moves you heart, mind, body and soul.

What is Jet City Rock? You may well ask. The Adarna have created their own brand new genre of Modern Rock music. This completely interactive form of Rock music is reminiscent of some of the Rock legends that influence the Adarna sound, bands like Journey and Guns n Roses. Jet City Rock is an original breed of Modern Rock born in Seattle and rising from the ruins of an over saturated technology apocalypse which has over-stimulated us into techno junkies. As a result we as a society are becoming more and more insular with less and less personal interaction. “People are afraid to be alone with themselves and their thoughts.” Explains frontman, William Moore, “We want to connect and inspire by making people part of something personal and real.” The lyrics in the original tunes of the Adarna are empowering and connecting. Any clubs, conventions or colleges would greatly benefit from this Rock n Roll band’s special and unique style. Keep an eye on the Adarna, because we will definitely be seeing great things coming from this very original band. The Adarna have certainly risen from the ashes to be born into a totally new reality just as the mythological Phoenix type song bird they are named after. The Adarna’s original songs are relatable, interesting and fun on many levels! Very reminiscent of Journey and Guns n Roses the lyrics speak to your mind and heart on a higher level while the rhythmic beats and smooth flowing sound grooves together to make you want to move and dance to the musical melodies.

Meet the Adarna:

Will Moore, frontman, lead singer, song writer, and guitarist; this multi-talented musician is really phenomenal. His voice is so smooth and enchanting that when you listen to the Adarna’s original song, ‘Superman’, you feel Will singing directly to you. His voice is poignant and deeply touching. A stunning voice that strikes to the core of the listeners’ soul and brings about emotional stirrings in the heart and mind of the listener. His sensual full bodied voice takes your attention off the awesome physique Will displays on

stage during his performance making you remember that Will is so much more then just another handsome rocker with a pretty face. There is real substance behind his talent. Will has classical and operatic voice training, making for a harmonious blending of elements from opera, classical, rock, and modern rock. Creating a unique and powerfully passionate voice with a range of vocalization rarely experienced in today’s rock singers. His intensity about the empowering music he writes shines through every song. Will’s bigger then life personality comes through his music and speaks to you about his dynamic passion for music with the solid message that life is a powerful personal experience that we should be living our lives to the fullest interacting positively with our contemporaries. Will Moore has an intensity all his own and when he starts rocking you can see the ultimate pleasure of a man doing what he loves!

Andrea Jasek, lead guitarist and song writer for the Adarna is an awesome hot rockin’ guitar player. Her leads are phenomenal. Close your eyes and Andrea’s guitar licks take you back to the truly great guitarists of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. I can hear Slash from Guns n Roses playing through some of the Adarna’s songs, however, the guitar playing is all Andrea and beautifully original. Andrea reminds me of Joan Jett’s incredibly ground breaking female rocker style though Andrea is truly unique. The rifts played through the Adarna original ‘Sugar’ are so power – full it’s a mind blowing experience. The - Tastes Like Rock Magazine

"October Issue Featured Artist: The Adarna"

"Jet City Rock-n-Roll is music you listen to while playing the arcade version of After-Burner or flying an F-14 Tomcat!" - CV Northwest Magazine

"The Adarna Perform "Sugar" at the Epiphone Showroom in Las Vegas"

The Adarna performed their single “Sugar” during a recent visit to the Gibson/Epiphone Showroom at FOX5 Studios in Las Vegas. The band rocked all Epiphone guitars with frontman/guitarist Will Moore playing an Epiphone ES-339 PRO, guitarist Andrea Jasek an Epiphone Slash Appetite Les Paul Standard Signature Model, and bassist Jeremiah Hazel an Epiphone Thunderbird Classic-IV PRO. You can find out more about The Adarna at -

"Adarna rising: Seattle rock band is Leavenworth bound"

It’s not the kind of thing you’d expect to hear from a guy whose public persona includes a mohawk, black jeans, chains and leather cuffs:“I love opera,” Will Moore says. “The worlds aren’t so different. They both come from such a natural place ... it’s less focused on technique and more on your ability to just let go.”

Moore is the lead singer of The Adarna, a rising Seattle rock band that’s headed for Leavenworth this weekend. Realistically, the band could have run with any musical genre when they formed two years ago. Their lead guitarist, Andrea Jasek, sometimes slips into a Van Halen solo — a nod to her ’80s hair-metal roots. They picked up a talented jazz drummer from New York via Craigslist, and their bassist — a punk-influenced spray-paint artist — in a Harley Davidson shop.

“We knew we wanted to be in a rock and roll band, because that’s something we all loved,” Moore said.

The Adarna will release its latest work Sunday at Der Hinterhof — their second appearance there since Rocktoberfest on Halloween.

“They played for mostly a locals crowd, and the younger locals loved them,” said Der Hinterhof owner Steve Demerest. “I got the feeling we were getting an early view of someone we’ll see later on a bigger stage.”

Though The Adarna might be known for radio rock, they also venture into slow, acoustic songs like “The Smell of Gasoline,” and pop rock, such as “Leave These Parts of Us Behind.” Moore says they’ve been compared to The Cult and the Foo Fighters.

“The kind of rock and roll that I found we really identify with is really grooving with each other,” Moore said. “It’s not overprocessed. It’s not something that’s perfect. That’s something echoed in all the bands we respected, going back to Queen and Bowie. Even though it’s polished, there’s still this rawness.”

Moore and Jasek founded The Adarna two years ago after moving from Los Angeles with their former band, Veritas. At the time, Veritas signed a management contact as a rock band but found themselves being molded into more of a pop group. When Veritas dissolved, Moore and Jasek named The Adarna after a phoenix-like bird from Philippine legend to symbolize the fresh start.

“Everyone here has been in a band before, and this was us rising from the ashes to do it one last time,” Moore said.

They gave themselves five years to find success, and so far, Moore says they’re on track. They recorded a five-song debut EP last year funded through the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter. The band’s single “Honestly” has been on playlists at major gyms like Gold’s Gym and Bally’s and on 150 online and college radio stations.

Moore said their biggest challenge is preventing burnout while developing their fan base. The band has played more than 120 shows in the last two years. They also have plans to tour college campuses nationwide in the next year.

“Everyone still wants to hear rock and roll, you just have to find where that audience is,” Moore said. “We’ve been finding that.”

Rachel Hansen: 664-7139 - The Wenatchee World By Rachel Hansen

"The Adarna | GSTV"

Seattle indie rockers The Adarna are a cool guitar-driven band with a slightly anglophile bent. Citing influences like The Cult, Muse, and Guns N Roses, the band has crafted an appealing original sound. The Adarna released a five-song, Kickstarter-funded EP earlier this year and then went on to shoot this edgy video for “Honesty” in Los Angeles with director Josh Kirkwood. The video has landed The Adarna some good exposure, getting played in retail shops and gyms across the country, while the single “Honesty” itself has landed airplay on Sirius XM, Fox, and Armed Forces Radio. Check it out for yourself here at GSTV. - Guitar Shop TV

"The Adarna's Self-Titled EP Is Melodic, Polished, and Destined For Rock Radio"

The Adarna, The Adarna (3/2, self-released, Melodic pop-rock that is both competent and catchy, with a production style and vocals from singer/guitarist William Moore that sound ready for rock-radio airplay. ANDREW GOSPE - The Seattle Weekly


Still working on that hot first release.



Taking their name from a mythical phoenix-like songbird in Filipino folklore, The Adarna [pronounced uh-darr-nuh] are the first band to ever coin their genre as “Jet City Rock (Jet Rock).”   

Three years out of the gate and The Adarna have completed 4 North American Tours while averaging 80-120 shows a year.  This summer the band will embark on their 5th national tour titled the How Perceptive Tour.  The tour consists of venues, colleges, and conventions (anime, comic & sci-fi) to support the release of their new album, How Perceptive.   In Dec 2015 - Jan 2016, they’re honored to be performing internationally for the US troops in the Middle East.

The band has been featured on MTV, Myx TV, M&L TV and about 200+ media outlets/radio worldwide including Fox stations, Sirius XM, Armed Forces Radio, and Harley-Davidson retail. The Adarna’s music videos are being aired in 78 countries and amassed an incredible 11K fan base in a short period of time.

This fiery, dynamic, and high-energy sound comes from a concoction of influences from old school rock-n-roll such as The Cult and Guns N Roses to modern rock such as Foo Fighters, Sick Puppies, Halestorm, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

The backdrop of The Adarna is a puzzle of cities, bands, craigslist ads, and finally, their debut EP (self-titled, 2012). The core of the band is built on rock-n-roll, sweat, and rebirth.  The Seattle Weekly suggests that The Adarna are “melodic, polished, and destined for rock radio.”  They’ve shared stages with names like Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Smile Empty Soul, Frank Iero (My Chemical Romance),  Fail Safe Project, The Slants, The Crying Spell, The Cliks, Bobaflex, Ionia, Uzuhi, Peelander Z, Windowpane, and Burning Daylight (Members from Lords of Acid, Powerman 5000, Cage 9 & Ministry).

Their first single, “Honestly”,  aired to an audience of 10 million households on MYX TV, one of the largest Asian-American networks (ABS-CBN). They earned this opportunity by being voted into the top 6 finalist among the finalist.   They have highly ranked 39th among over 3,000 rock bands in the WHOOZNXT competition sponsored by Guitar Center, to tour with legendary guitarist, Slash, of Guns N’ Roses.

The Adarna continue to pour more of themselves into every performance.  You’re guaranteed that you will see the same passion in every performance regardless of the stage, crowd, or day of the week.  The Adarna’s set out to make fist-pumping rock and roll music that honors their fans and the musicians that inspired them.  The Adarna are here, they’re hungry, and they’re just getting started.

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