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Houston Chronicle - Sunday, Feb 26th, 2006 - March 2006

The Addictions couldn't be further from the whining, griping, and moaning of contemporary alternative rockers. They bring back what was so appealing about rock in the first place -- hell-raising fun.

So begins The Addictions' bio, and as you listen to their self-titled debut, you quickly discover they aren't fooling around. This is gritty, hard-driving, amps-on-11 rock-n-roll with a punk attitude and not a ballad in the bunch. You get the feeling that if they had to play one, they'd self-destruct -- or die of boredom, like a biker on a moped. They have too much energy to slow things down enough to get sweet. Picture yourself in a super-stock dragster with this CD in your player cranked all the way up popping the clutch just as the tach hits the red line, and you've got the feel of the opening track, "Candy," my pick hit. Check out the attitude:

Been walking all night long
Hustlers, hot-rods on the boulevard
Girls pulling tricks
Living for a fix
This guy wants my number but I ain't giving it

And the tag line of the chorus:

Candy, Candy
White sugar, blows my mind

Beth Richard, sister to the group's male lead singer, Jason Richard, infuses the tune with a driving passion reminiscent of Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, while drummer Derek Hatley likens them to " ... Cheap Trick with a chick singer."

Comprised of members of Austin, Texas pop rock favorite Quatropaw, The Addictions were completed with the addition of guitarist Chris Volloy and immediately began to redefine themselves. They abandoned their more soulful pop sounds and began writing the hard driving rock n' roll you hear on this CD. But if you're looking for cutting-edge innovation, forget it; The Addictions aren't breaking any rules or setting any trends. Except for the not-so-common practice of having both male and female lead singers (who also provide us with great brother/sister harmonies, especially on "Racecar"), this group sticks with what works -- solid, straight-ahead rock.

Still, the trading-leads and double-lead guitar work of Jason Richard and Chistopher Volloy on "Roller Girl," while certainly not unusual, is tight enough to make you wonder if their brains are hard-wired to each other. Such musicianship is not often heard and is another reason why The Addictions' sound is what I can only call uniquely familiar.

Perhaps they say it best in the lyrics of "Jaded":

Turn up my amplifier
I want to fire away
Want to fire away
All I ask of you
What's your latest excuse?
Are you shooting fire or are you jaded? ...

- Kenny Hart

A.F.R.O. - March 2006

The following interview was taken from a weekly newsletter from Alternatives First Research Opportunity (A.F.R.O.), who are leading the way for alternative radio. Enjoy!

A.F.R.O. is already tasting the Shiner's. SXSW of course is coming up faster than you can say Dr. Phil (not sure what that means either but just saying his name makes me laugh..) and with the spirit of SXSW we would like to spotlight a gem of a band from Austin. Please give a warm welcome to the lead singer of The Addictions, Beth Richard! Take a bow!

Agent001: Beth tell the AFRO kiddies a little about The Addictions and how you got started with the band.

Beth Richard : God spoke to me and said - "YOU'VE GOT TO ROCK AND ROLL". I put together the most bad ass musicians I could find and started creating the sound on our debut album. There aren't too many real female rockers out there who put everything they have into their performance. When we are touring people are constantly coming up to me saying they don't normally like female singers but they dig what we are doing.

Agent001: Jim McGuinn says you guys play "Ass kicking Rock and Roll"! A very nice but generic quote, can you elaborate a bit on your sound. Who are you key influences?

BR : I really appreciate Jim Mcguinn putting in a good word for us. What a hero in this industry. This first record was meant to be fun - not deep. It IS ass kicking - especially live. Our influences range from The Clash to Soundgarden but I am definitely a pop girl as well - which comes through.

Agent001 : Tell us a bit about Electric Factory Records? How did this come about?

BR : Electric Factory picked us up because they dug our songwriting. We actually met from a want ad. The president of the label was selling an analog reel to reel which he ended up giving us.

Agent001: Ok, so your new single, 'Rollergirl ' happens to fit right in with the whole "Rollergirls" A&E show, in fact this song has been featured on the series and is on the newly released soundtrack "Rollergirls" on Koch. What came first, the song or the series?

BR : THE SONG!!! It was funny because I kept hearing about Rollergirls on the radio - I had never been to a bout yet but started writing this fantasy song for Jason to sing. Later on - we were playing a Lone star Rollergirl bout and they were filming for A&E. John Popper happened to be there and jumped on stage with us. I think this impressed Julie Auerbach - one of the producers for the show. I got her a C.D. and they have been using our music all over the series. Then we made a video starring LUNATIC and some of the other TXRD girls - You can see it on our site - There are 2 versions - dirty and clean - the only difference is either she wakes up fucking or she just wakes up!

Agent001: AFRO understands you have become good pals with some of the Rollergirls?
Give us a good visual. Any Rollergirls Gone Wild story you can share?

BR : Probably the unedited version of the video that had the last scene with Me and Luna in bed together. That ended up on the cutting room floor.

Agent001: So when do you become a Rollergirl?

BR : I am a pleasure - not a pain girl. We were filming and I brought some of the Rollergirls on stage with us. They knocked me over and I ended up with a black eye. I think that is the extent of my Rollergirl days. I'll stick with my band.

Agent001: AFRO has had some fun setting up some interviews with you and Lunatic, you recently talked to Jonathan L at KUPD Phoenix, what were some of the highlights of the interview?

BR : We had a blast - The episode this week was about Ann Cavello - an original rollergirl - which was perfect because Jonathan's dad used to take him to bouts when he was a kid. I was psyched that he played ROLLERGIRL and CANDY off our record. It flew by with all three of us. I think the highlight for me was getting to know him before the interview - he is a pioneer in the radio business - totally fascinating.

Agent001: Lastly, any key words of wisdom for the youngsters going to SXSW that have never been?

BR : Drink one WATER to every drink and stop by our show on the outside stage between 6th and 7th and Trinity on Friday at 11. Oh - and go to Maria's for breakfast Tacos on South Lamar.

Agent001: Yee Haaa, Beth Thanks for shopping AFRO.


The Great Beyond - 2005

The Addictions - After reading through the band's biography and press material, one thing became evident. Pundits want to pigeonhole this five-piece band from Texas, but are having a difficult time accomplishing their goal. Why? Because this is a high like no other. First, there is the coquettish Beth Richards on lead vocals. Her stunning beauty and made-for-rock vocals could be enough. Fortunately, the band features four highly skilled musicians who, when put together, produce a sound that could find a map of its own. Not to sound cliche, but this is "highly addictive."

- Sal Treppiedi

SLAM! Party Rock Zine - November 2005
(Translated from Italian)

Band americana al debutto discografico che mette in luce influenze derivanti da gruppi come Cheap Trick, Donnas, Joan Jett e AC/DC. Dieci pezzi registrati ai Wire Recording Studio insieme a Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, the Butthole Surfers, The Meat Puppets) con la particolarità che alla voce si alternano Beth e Jason Richard.

--- American band's debut album that demonstrates influences from groups like Cheap Trick, Donnas, Joan Jett, and AC/DC. 10 tracks recorded at Wire Recording Studio together with Stuart Sullivan (Sublime, the Butthole Surfers, The Meat Puppets) with Beth and Jason alternating at vocals. ---

Fortunatamente il gruppo texano non scopiazza spudoratamente le band sopracitate come spesso capita, ma usa le proprie influenze per creare un suono abbastanza personale con pezzi che variano dal pop punk ad altri più orientati verso un grintoso hard rock.

--- Fortunately the Texas group does not blatantly copy the above named bands as often happens, but it uses its own influences to create a fairly personalized sound with tracks that vary from pop-punk to other more Eastern toward a gritty hard rock. ---

Si parte con DONNAS-iana "Candy" e di seguito uno dei pezzi meglio riusciti del CD e cioè "Emotional" dove iniziano a comparire i segni lasciati dall'ascolto dei dischi prodotti da Nielsen e Zander, stesso discorso che si potrebbe fare per "Racecar", con le chitarre di Volloy e le melodie delle coppia Richard a dettare legge.
Degne di nota anche il pop rock di "Jaded" e le più grintose "Downtown", "Roller Girl" e "Riding On Top", così come la conclusiva "Wait" che, insieme a "Emotional" sono a mio avviso i veri highlights del lavoro.

--- It begins with the Donnas-ish "Candy" followed by one of the best tracks, "Emotional", where we begin see the markings left by listening to discs produced by Nielsen and Zander. Could say the same thing for Racecar, where the Volloy guitar and the Richard duo's melodies rule. Worth note are also the pop rock of Jaded and the more feisty Downtown, Roller Girl, and Riding on Top. As is Wait, which together with Emotional are in my opinion the real highlights of the work. ---

Altro gruppo da segnarsi sull'agenda in attesa di sviluppi futuri.

--- Another group to put in the agenda in expectation of future developments. ---

- ML

Real Rock & More Magazine - November 2005

-- WOW! -- That’s a word that is not used too often here, but when we heard the amazing vocals of female singer Beth Richard, we knew we were hearing pure gold. This is alternative rock at it’s best and this is what alternative rock should be! The music is very addicting and the members of the band all come together in a fashion that makes everyone want to hear more and rock! Their self titled debut album is on Electric Factory Records and gives fans a good taste of what the future of alternative music is all about. Be sure and check them out at:

- Dawn

Mondo Gordo BBS - Aspects of (Un)Popular Culture (Alt.Culture.Guide) - Summer 2005
The Addictions - The Addictions (Electric Factory Records)

The nice thing about the short-lived commercial popularity of the "garage rock" movement (the jury is still out on the genre's continued prospects) is that it has opened the door for a score of old fashioned, honest-to-god rock & roll bands to slip through. The Addictions are one such outfit. The band hails from Austin Texas, a music capital best known for blues-infatuated guitarslingers and introspective, shoe-gazing folk-rock singer/songwriters. As shown by the band's self-titled debut, however, the Addictions crank out unvarnished, unfettered, uncompromising big-beat rock-n-fucking-roll.The Addictions are fronted by Beth and Jason Richard, veterans of the Austin rock scene, the pair trading vocals according to the material. Jason Richard's tasty fretwork is assisted by second guitarist Chris Volloy and a strong rhythm section in bassist David Warren and drummer Derek Hatley. Altogether, the band evinces a crucial chemistry that drives songs like the muscular anthem "Alright" and the sultry, syncopated rocker "Toys" into the red. "Candy" is a rowdy, riff-driven stomper that channels the Runaways while "Racecar" is an '80s-styled new wave pop/rock gem. Although both of the Richards are somewhat unpolished as singers, they're headed in the right direction and both display an infectious enthusiasm in their vocals.

With a sound that pays equal homage to '70s cock-rock and '80s pop/rock hybrids, the Addictions throw influences like Joan Jett, Judas Priest, Cheap Trick and Kiss into the musical blender with a measure of punk attitude and serve it up with a side of metallic pop. The Addictions manage to incorporate the influence of these spiritual forefathers into distinctive sound all its own, the band's self-titled debut a throwback to another era that nevertheless sounds as fresh as your first kiss. Along with like-minded fellow travelers such as Mardo, the Addictions are reinventing the sound of rock & roll by taking it backwards into the future.

- Rev. Keith A. Gordon

F5 (Wichita, KS weekly) - July 21st, 2005
On Your Feet or On Your Knees, Sprawl/Helvis/Addictions Bill makes for Perfect Saturday Night

If you thought that a bill promising Helvis, The Addictions, and The Sprawl would provide anything less than a brass-knuckled fist in the crotch then you are probably not right in the head. The trio of hot and spicy little numbers took the stage at John Barleycorn's this Saturday last for a little bit of sway and swagger, buzz and bustle and some good ol' scoodily zippity de bop de wah-ha-wah-ha. Let me explain. .....
The Addictions, up from Austin, took the stage next.
The fiery little quintet already had some show goers', um, hearts aflutter when they realized that Addictions vocalist Beth Richards wore boots that stopped a little below her knee caps and shorts that stopped and started much higher. It's a good ploy, but one that's been done — sometimes has disastrous results. For every band it works for there are scoodles of others that are loaded with nothing more than talentless tools plucked straight from Neanderthal camp backing an equally talentless, albeit voluptuous, toolette.
Not the case with the Addicitons.
It takes about three beats of an Addictions song for you to realize that this band doesn't fuck around.
The quintet hit the stage with "Candy," culled from its self-titled debut and proceeded to give a full throttling for the next hour or so, with guitarists Jason Richard and Christopher Volloy (both double on vocals) holding their own with their vocalist's boots and occasionally PG-13 stage moves.
There weren't any missteps in the set that included "Emotional," "Wait" (decidedly not the, uh, familiar White Lion toon) "Jaded" and a bursting reading of Motley Crue's "Live Wire," all of which the bursting-at-the-seams crowd at Chez Barleycorn's ate like long-starved pups being thrown a couple of kibbles from its master.
It's hard to make the case that the Addictions is the second coming of Joan Jett or the Rolling Stones, but the band sure has some catchy songs and delivers an unforgettable (and sweaty) rock 'n' roll show that elevates it beyond the status of mere bar band.
You can next catch the Addictions (rounded out by Derek Hatley on drums and David Warren on bass) at the Port of Wichita on Friday, Sept. 9.

- Jedd Beaudoin

Texas Music Magazine - Summer 2005/Issue 23

Blend equal portions Joan Jett, X, and Cheap Trick, and the result might sound like Austin's The Addictions (formerly Quatropaw), whose professional punk-pop gets in your veins and makes you crave more.

- Bob Patterson

Austin Chronicle - July 2005

"...The Addictions meld their sweetness with a rock edge, Beth Richard belting it out as if she were at the Frank Erwin Center."

- Darcie Stevens

Digging For Dirt - March 2005

The music of The Addictions serves well in living up to the band name. Within a couple of weeks of first hearing their self-titled album - before I'd even seen their live performance, I became aware of a strangely familiar, nagging restlessness that had gripped me. I'd already ingested a very healthy smorgasboard of substances, so now what the fuck was I jonesing for? we go. A bit of The Addictions blasting from the stereo should round out the party-atmosphere of the evening quite nicely.

Since they'll be releasing their second recording sometime in April, I'll hold off reviewing this already-widely-written-about album. Let's focus more on their live show, shall we? The Addictions have an amazing stage presence which, like their music, has been rapidly evolving an edge that's more raw and gut-grabbing than their early shows. The crashing drums (Derek Hatley) and solid bass playing (David Warren) provide a spirited background for the sassy fingering of lead guitarist Christopher Volloy and the alternating lead vocals of Beth Richards and Jason Richards, both also on guitar. And with Beth now positioned more as frontwoman, prepare to be lured in deep by her clear tones of girl-like innocence and cut even deeper by her cutting screams of spitting rage.

Now for those handful of you still standing and muttering in the back of the room: "...grumblegrumblegrumble...some of 'em were members of Quatropaw... blahblahblah...fuckin rockers w/a buncha fuckin­ money...growlgrrr..." Fucking get over it and grow up! Nothing unusual about ending one band and starting a new one, is there? Can't say that Quatropaw ever did much for me, but there's no point holding that against 'em when their new band is rockin. And I don't see limos waiting for these guys after a show. So if you're so interested in money, go get yourself another job - or a street corner. What they've invested in their music is easy to see...a whole lot of attitude and heart, the real currency of rock n­ roll.

- dani helle

San Marcos Scene - April 2005

CD Review - The Addictions (self-titled)
Brace yourself for this punk-rock explosion. Beth Richard's voice rings in the first track, "Candy," with anything but a sugar-coated ..... The album is a powerful conglomeration of distorted guitars, revved-up and distorted bass lines, driving drums, and a whole lot of almost-yelling. The Addictions will have you hooked by track two. By the end of the album, you might need rehab. They're not at all punk-pop, like so many bands have gone. They're hands-down rough, tough and rockin', and their self-titled album communicates that fact without a doubt. Two lead vocalists - one a woman, the other a man - make the album even more interesting. Both pound away with the lyrics and take the Addictions a step above the rest. The album isn't all distortion and screaming, though - the music is chocked full of unconventional chord changes and riffs that would make any guitarist blush. [Especially "Racecar" - a musical and lyrical palindrome.] Check them out at (A)

Austin Chronicle - Thursday March 18th, 2005 (SXSW Music Supplement)

8pm, Hard Rock Cafe
It's not every day one of the better folk-rock bands in town recasts itself as G'N'R-loving badasses. Quatropaw abandoned their acoustic guitars for a volatile mixture of Sunset Strip sleaze; last year's eponymous debut has been making waves on regional radio.

- Christopher Gray (voted #1 Journalist Music Critic in the 2004-05 Austin Music Awards! Congrats, Chris!)

Twin Dragon Records - Feb 2005

This hard rocking band from Austin, Texas and their self-titled CD do just that, rock hard! Energized is the word that best describes The Addictions and their music. Beth and Jason Richards balance out this CD by sharing the role of lead vocalist. They knockout the harmonies without the slightest strain. It is pleasantly refreshing to hear a well-executed guitar solo, and this CD has plenty of them. The CD starts off with the energized song titled Candy. Once the CD had finished I found myself migrating back to "Jaded" (their current single), "Wait", and "Kiss Me". I played the song "Kiss Me" again and again just after it had finished. They perform some catchy guitar work on this CD. I enjoyed hearing the drummer (Derek Hatley) stray away from the typical magnets of the set and do some tasty tom work throughout the CD. I hear what I believe is the influence of early punk running deep within the music of The Addictions. This CD is destined to become one of your favorites. Buy it at once!

- Harvey - Feb 2005

Think country music and softer rockin' indie SXSW bands dominate the Texas music scene? Think again. Austin-based quartet The Addictions is as good as power-rock gets, with explosive guitars and vocals that bring 80s rock into full circle. The Addictions sounds as if Chrissy Hines joined Judas Priest, minus the fluffy hair. There's even a spot for non-fans of the 80s Ratt and Poison rock era -the Runaways, the Donnas, Joan Jett, Blondie are also evident on this record. Anyone who wants to rock out, there's a little something for every kind of rock fan in The Addictions.

The Richards' duo (Beth and Jason) take turns on vocals, with Beth growling in the fiery "Candy" where it sounds like Bif Naked with a much harder sound. "Downtown" is where Jason takes over with just as much intensity with underlying pop in the mix of distorted heavy guitars. Although this record is meant to be playful and fun, their tight mature punk sound proves that The Addictions are well-seasoned rockers mainly from Quatropaw fame, a local favorite who was known for their lighter pop sound. Through the transformation to The Addictions, it's unlikely that you'll hear any of these on the radio, and that's just what keeps The Addictions much more special. They're Austin's best kept secret.

Although most of this album is in-your-face ballsy rock, this album isnít entirely rock-out-with-your-cock-out kind of music. Songs like "Jaded" and "Wait" provide a more poppy side with smooth male/female vocals and sweeter hooks. But then the album gets right back to business Cheap Trick-style with tunes like "Toys," "Roller Girl" and "Racecar" (there's even a bitchin' guitar solo!).

The Addictions have kept it simple on this record. Irritation of any kind ended up on the record. "Early Mornings" (I, I, I'm so sick of early mornings yeah!), "Jaded" (I can't get through/Are you shooting fire or are you jaded?) and "Toys" (You're toying with my heart you see/I want to play with boys/I want to play with toys) all prove that the messages through their catchy intense sound come in loud and very clear.

Comprised of 11 brief tracks, The Addictions manage to bring the fun back in rock ní roll and offers a pleasant balance between hair-flailing rock and the brooding/lyrically dense rock. If youíre ready to put your Radiohead and Jimmy Eat World records to rest for a bit, pop in The Addictions for some fun. Instead of heartache and moodiness, itís sex, drugs and rock ní roll for the Addictions, just like rock was intended to be.

- Rachel Mercurio - Jan 2005

CD Review - The Addictions, self-titled

FAVORITE QUOTES: "I wanna play with toys, I wanna play with boys, far away from all this noise!" song #6, Toys - "I'm ready for you, are you ready for me?" song #10, Early Mornings

GENRE: pop-rock with punk and alternative influences

From the get-go, The Addictions are fast, high-energy, care-free pop-punk music. It starts with "Candy," which makes light of cocaine addiction, though most of their songs are about drugs and members of the opposite sex. With both male singer Jason Richard and female singer Beth Richard (I don't know yet wheter they're brother and sister or husband and wife), they sing about inter-gender relationships from both male and female point of views. A clear example can be seen in "Toys" where Beth sings "I wanna play with toys, I wanna play with boys"- it makes all the girls laugh because they do the same thing, and it pisses all the guys off because we all know it's true, dammit! Anyway, the music fuses classic punk and metal riffs with some all new things - fast-paced, lots of distortion, and catchy lyrics and beats. It's real easy to like this music, but it's not for everyone - fans of harder rock might be turned off by it. At least its upbeat - none of that whiney little bitch crap that's seems to be so popular these days. Of the eleven tracks, my favorites were "Candy," and "Roller Girl" - though I can imagine hardcore fans would love every single one - any one of these songs could very easily be a hit.

- Grady Smith, Editor

Classic Rock Revisited - Feb 2005

Thank god for The Addictions. Just when you thought there was no real rock bands left in music anymore these guys come along and prove that kick ass no frills hard rock is indeed still alive and well, you just gotta go to Texas to find it. If I had to describe their sound Iíd say it lies somewhere between the best melodic hooks and power pop of Cheap Trick coupled with the best elements of the garage punk of L7 and The Ramones. The songs are short, tight and to the point, eleven songs clocking in at just under 32 minutes but donít mistake quantity for quality because there is not one second of filler on this disc. The band is fronted by the brother and sister duo of Jason and Beth Richard who both do double duty on guitars and vocals. Beth's vocals at times were reminiscent of a young Patti Smith which is nothing to complain about, but she does have a unique sound and style that is all her own. Her brother Jason is no slouch either both vocally and on the guitar and thereís plenty of guitar on this CD. The lead single is "Jaded", after repeated listens I felt almost any one of the tracks here could have been chosen in that regard, the CD is that good folks. If there is any big time major record companies looking to sign an honest sounding hard rock band then look no further. There are so many catchy hooks and grooves that will guarantee your house party keeps on rockin ­ long into the night, just keep the CD player on repeat.

INsite Magazine - Jan 2005

The Addictions are a throwback to the glam-punk era of Blondie. Their first self-titled album is packed full of anger and angst with a healthy dose of guitar and a driving bass.

The difference between this band and others who attempt to capture the oldschool punk-with-rhythm sound is these guys know what they are doing. Vocals are traded between Jason and Beth Richard whose names you may recognize from the Austin band Quatropaw. Christopher Volloy jams on guitar; David Warren keeps the bass line going while Darek Hatley pounds the skins.

The Addictions shine best when Beth Richard takes the vocal duties, like on "Candy" and the first single "Jaded". The chicks rock song "Toys" comes in like Judas Priest's "Another Thing Coming" and settles into a nice groove when Beth's playful vocals kick in. "I want to play with toys, I want to play with boys, far away from all this noise."
When Jason Richard takes the microphone on "Downtown" it sort of comes off like bitchy punk but, with "Racecar", he brings a more ballsy rock sound. My favorite track with Jason taking lead duties is "Roller Girl", a little tribute to a dirty woman on skates. "Keep your skates on / this won'­t take too long."

The musicianship on this album is what made me keep going back to song one after I got to song eleven. Even if the vocals weren't my cup-of-tea on a few tracks, these guys straight-up rock. For more information on The Addictions, check out

Preying Lizard Music Ezine - Jan 05

Review - The Addictions self titled CD on Electric Factory Records

The Addictions are another Texas based band that helps prove my case that Texas is a boiling pot for great rock music. The band's performance is tight, powerful, punk rock with a pop twist. The vocals are awesome as they alternate female lead and male lead vocals with tight backing vocals. Your mind will go crazy with comparisons to Blondie, Garbage, the Runaways, and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts but you'll ultimately recognize that the Addictions don't copy anyone, they play what comes natural. There are even times when the band sounds like Trex and David Bowie during his Diamond Dogs era. In other words they are difficult to peg so don't even try. Turn your mind off and just listen. I bet you'll dig them.

"Candy" begins this explosive self-titled cd with distorted gutars and the charismatic vocals of Beth Richard. Her vocals are layered perfectly in the mix and her voice is well suited for rock music! Also singing on the cd are guitarists Jason Richard and Christopher Volloy. Speaking of guitars...they are tight and melodic distorted and hook driven. The leads are excellent and rocking! David Warren on bass and drummer Derek Hatley are just as equally talented and tight creating a excellent rhythm section for the rest of the band.

I don't hesitate to recommend the purchase of this cd. It rocks from start to finish. No long corny ballads or made for radio hits. This is the kind of stuff that would make any program director at any rock station drool. It's packed with great tunes for the punk/rock genre. Don't expect any heavy lyrics with answers to life's questions, this is party music made for the fun of it. But do expect great hooks both vocally and musically. It took me about ten listens to really appreciate The Addictions originality but on first listen I knew that they hold their on. Check them out at their website and listen for them on upcoming Pirate Radio shows here at Preying Lizard Music. - Jan 10 2005

CD Review - The Addictions (Self-titled)

Smash away the stereotypes - this is a band with a fierce commitment to rock out as raunchy as an L7 or as cock rock as Cheap Trick. You may have heard of the accolades their members received as part of the group Quatropaw. They're yet another notch on the proverbial belt of great music from Austin, Texas. They boast a male and female complement on the vocals but the female singer is steps above and will help propel this band out of the huge competition of that well-stocked scene armed along with their hard rock tunes that could combust without the aid of a match.

- J-Sin - Jan 2005

MusicAustin Picks the Best
Our choices for the best Austin albums of 2004:

Groovin Ground: Dome
Grupo Fantasma: Movimiento Popular
Bob Schneider: I'm Good Now
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Sara Hickman: I'm Going on a Journey
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The Addictions: The Addictions
Will Taylor and Strings Attached: Live Vol. 1
Maneja Beto: Para Que Las Paredes no se Aburran
Por VidañA Tribute to the Songs of Alejandro Escovedo

Rank and Revue - Austin, TX - Nov 25, 2004

Click here to read the Q&A with the entire band, as interviewed by Justin O.

Rank and Revue - Austin, TX - Nov 25, 2004

CD Review: The Addictions - Self Titled

If there's one thing Austin is known for, it's Rock-N­ Roll. On the self titled debut from local rock pastors The Addictions, they not only prove that they have the licks to stand apart in the local scene, but they may just be able to take it to the next level.

Stumbling drunkenly back to the day when rock music was more about the sex and the drugs than the politics and apathy, The Addictions debut is nothing short of a perfect way to start off your Saturday night downtown.

Think equal parts Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, and Joan Jett, and you have an idea of what these guys are goin for. Featuring former members of Quatropaw, the Austin five piece is all about the party.

From the coke binge anthem, "Candy" to the sex crazed rocker "Toys", the songwriting duo of Beth and Jason Richard have obviously captured the pop bug. Youíre not gonna find anything deep lyrically here, but you can expect a good sing along and choruses that have a way of sticking in your head.

The production on this album is awesome! Self produced by Jason Richard at Bismeaux Studio, every guitar hook and drum crash is easily audible, and with the backing of upstart label Electric Factory Records, you should be able to find this one about anywhere. There's not a whole lot of music like this coming out these days, so if you're looking for a way to leave your worries behind and rock the fuck out, The Addictions may just be the band for you.


Austin Chronicle - Dec 2nd 2004

Stuff This

Also known as the Stack Attack. With "Texas Platters" otherwise occupied by the annual year-end avalanche of "gift ideas," "TCB" offers 15 recent local releases to divert your holiday green from Time Warner, Sony, and Universal. Let's see what sticks and what stinks.

THE ADDICTIONS (Electric Factory) Self-Titled

The band formerly known as Quatropaw hangs a sharp left into Ratt/Runaways territory. Four dudes in black audition for The Decline of Western Civilization Part 2; Beth Richard becomes the fifth Donna. Trashy and fun.

- Chris Gray

Edge Magazine - Nov 2004

Page 37 - Interview with Beth and Jason Richards of The Addictions - by Toni Torres - Nov 2004

"The...glam-punk makeover of Quatropaw into the Addictions...proved ready for prime time."
-Chris Gray, Austin Chronicle

That quote from Chris Gray really sums up what The Addictions are and where they have come from. Long-time rock fans in Austin will recognize Jason Richard and Beth Richard from Quatropaw. The band is still having a great time playing hard-driving electrified Rock and Roll. Their debut release under the new name is the self-titled The Addictions (2004). The first single from the album, "Jaded" is getting lots of play on Alternative rock radio stations around the country.

The Addictions includes Beth Richard on vocals and guitar, Jason Richard on vocals and guitar, Christopher Volloy on lead guitar, David Warren on bass and Derek Hatley on drums. "Changing the direction of the band, the sound, and the songs, has brought out a sense of freedom," says Beth Richard. "You can hear it in our music-one crashing sound that is The Addictions."

Rank and Revue - Austin, TX - Oct 9, 2004

The Addictions seem all set to take the world by storm with a new alt-rock album previewed tonight. As they nurture the attitude and disposition to be indie rock stars, the Austin 5-piece keeps their tunes simple and easy to follow. Frontwoman Beth Richard on lead vox/guitar adds pop appeal with her vocal stylings and softens the edge of the 4 guys in the band behind her. Lead single "Jaded" from their upcoming is no less than a catchy tune and plays while you browse their website at

- Justin O

Austin Chronicle - Oct 8, 2004

"The...glam-punk makeover of Quatropaw into the Addictions...proved ready for prime time."

- Chris Gray

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The Addictions- The Addictions 2006
Rollergirl Compelation- KOCH Records 2006
The Addictions- Get Addicted 2007

Rollergirl, Wait, Jaded, Y100, KUPD, alternative nation, KLBJ, Big Dumb Fun, The Edge, KLBJ - Austin, KROC - LA, KTEG - Albuquerque, WEQX - Albany, KISS - San Antonio, and WKQX - Chicago;



2 Years ago The Addictions toured constantly as a 5 piece traditional line up. After charting and having songs picked up by ABC, A & E and MTV2, Jason and Beth Richard decided to pair down to reinvent their own sound. By doing so, they have been able to find their true music.