A strong focus of Indie Rock fused with Electonica. Although there are traces of many other genres such as J-pop, Cinematic, Lounge, Jazz, Ambient, House, Hip hop and Trip hop.


I started writing music back in 1997 and started with simple music software. Producing silly house tracks for my own amusement was to change over the next few years as my musical tastes and influences expanded. I then fused the idea of rock with electronica and have set forth on a continuously changing journey that has landed me thus far.

Some influences are: Smashing Pumpkins, James Iha, Veruca Salt, Nina Gordon, The Foo Fighters, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, Bogdan Raczinski, Chris Clark, Kid 606, My Bloody Valentine, Air, Mum, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Broken Social Scene... to name a few.

There are many more left unsaid for lack of space in this column. And most importantly, i must credit much, much influence to video games: a most under-rated genre of fine music.


EP - J-Pop America! (released in 2000)

EP - Good Days Ahead (released in 2000)

LP - E. Microscope (released in 2001)

Single - The Sound of Glory (released in 2002)

Single - Rain (released in 2002)

Single - Innocence (released in 2002)

Single - Comfort (released in 2003)

EP - Voicemails (released in 2004)

Single - Slow Moment (released in 2005)

All are available upon request only.

Set List

I am able to adjust a set anywhere from 15 miutes to an hour depending on the situation.

Intro - 1:30
Machine Boy Visions - 5:46
Innocence - 4:16
Sky House Company - 3:30
Solace - 4:12
Faith - 4:30
Familiar - 7:12
The Sound of Glory - 6:26
(new upcoming song or two - 3:00-10:00)
Outro - 1:30

That's the look of a typical set.