The Adults

The Adults

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Real, old-fashioned, brand-new, organic, pop-rocking, musick!


The Adults are a coordinated effort of notes and rhythmic themes aimed at bringing good news. Genuine from day one, the spirit of the band has always been one of truth. Fused in the dystopian enclaves of Los Angeles, the Adults have made it their mission to alleviate stress and edify hearts with their pretense-less, pure-toned, stylings.

Comprised of 5 members, one can expect to hear: guitars (both electric and acoustic), keys (both acoustic piano and synth thingys), harmonicas, trumpets, an electric bass guitar and a solid drum kit (with cymbals).

Do your best to listen!


+Engagement EP
+TOMS Shoes internet ads:
+At The Kids' Table

Set List

Sample from 3/24/11

* Until the Last Wind Blows
* meanderwandering
* What Can I Say?
* ep
o Evel Knievel
o Sticks & Stones
o No War
o It Did Not Happen
* possible encore: Time Now to Have a Conversation or Kin to the Wind