The Adversary Workers

The Adversary Workers


The Adversary Workers have spent over four years refining a style of punk that is socially driven, and reflective of the current state of our society. We have been influenced by Nation of Ulysses, The Minutemen, The Birthday Party, and many more artists.


Founded in 2002 , The Adversary Workers have been performing since early 2003. We were brought together by our common influences, including Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses, Gang of Four, The Birthday Party, The Minutemen, and many more. We have 2 releases, with the 3rd coming in a couple of months, and have toured the midwest and east coast. We have played with over a hundred bands, including Unsane, Pissed Jeans, Shoplifting, The Navies, Kylesa, Kimya Dawson, and New Mexican Disaster Squad.


General Order No. 1

Written By: Joe Wetteroth

It all starts out with just a few things. People move out and blame everything on the people of color, of the poor they say are only poor cause they chose that way.

Chorus: There's something about the things I've seen toy ak47s and demolition machines. Are you carving a place and calling it home? Or are you taking a neighborhood and stealing it's homes.?

All the buildings are just blurry lines. Plaques replace what history left behind. Move right past all remodeling signs. Move right past all remodeling signs.

End: If there's something about the things you've seen, toy ak47s and demolition machines. They've taken your neighborhood and stolen your home. Take it back now general order number 1.


The Inner Workings of Change ('04) collective records
Glenndonia 7" ('06) NoWire Records
Will rock for food(benefit comp) ('06) Maplehood Rekkids
Vide Poche ('07) NoWire Records

Set List

General Order No. 1, Ms. Savior, From the Ashes of Gaslight Square, Young Goodman Brown, This is How it Goes, Half Passionless, Vide Poce
set time 30 min.