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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | MAJOR | AFM

Brooklyn, New York, United States | MAJOR | AFM
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Hip Hop




"KV - Can't Stop Me Feat. Beezy Leader [New Song]"

Why We Like KV: On "Can't Stop Me," the track that got KV on Heatseekers, KV brings an intensity and technical mastery that makes us want to label him the indie equivalent of Kendrick Lamar. He's that good. You may not have heard of KV yet, but there's a good chance that you will. Artist Bio: KV is a 19 year old rapper from Brooklyn. He started rapping at the age of 9 but didn't publicize it until he was in high school. He is influenced by Biggie, Jay Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Big Sean & Kendrick Lamar. Listen to the track that landed him on Heatseekers, "Can't Stop Me." Also make sure to watch his music video for his "Berzerk" freestyle KV - Can't Stop Me - Trevor Smith (


Brooklyn based emcee KV dropped his debut mixtape Just The Beginning not too long ago. Upon further listen, it was only right we did a review to showcase an artist bringing lyricism back to the forefront of Hip-Hop in the underground. We’ve listed just a few songs that caught our attention off the rip. The others are hidden gems you’ll have to come to your own conclusion about. But understand, this project isn’t for the average, turn-up thirsty, weak-minded, unconscious, incognizant person. This is for Hip-Hop, only. Old and new lovers of the culture will relate.

“Just Me” starts the 12-track project off and he hangs the beat and leaves it for dead. The background vocals harmonizing the words ‘never change’ is a nice touch to the motivating lyrics, and the theme of KV’s persona as he’s been real from the gate and doesn’t plan on shifting. “Scholar” is a conscious record where KV questions himself from the conventional way of life, school and job, or to live his dream as a mainstream artist. This record is essential to the culture because it relates to the thoughts of thousands of people, everyday, who want to follow their dream. Unfortunately, some either don’t believe, don’t have the support, or just can’t shake the inside battle one has when trying to focus on their biggest dream, compared to the safe route in life.

“Bitter Sweet Symphony” is a powerful and moving record that touches on topics as personal as his inner thoughts, to his family life. It takes a certain courage to release this type of thought and energy into the world, giving the people such a deep part of you. It’s also the reason artists often write to begin with, to subsist with the pain and it helps others cope as well. KV is more than just a rapper, he’s a voice we need when in question of ourselves.

“Trust” displays KV’s flow as well as his insight into certain topics such as trust between women, friends, police offers, the law and even his parents. “BLACK” is a jam-packed lyrical assassination that starts off with a flurry of wordplay and ends in an emotional, inquiring, set of bars on the state of Black lives across America. KV touches on topics of police brutality, and speaks out on the injustices he faces, but that comes to an end as he’s gunned down before his verse is complete. In exchange for his verse that was cut short, he adds in wise words of audio from a Pro-black community leader.

His “Bezerk Freestyle” is an explosive freestyle over Eminems popular “Bezerk” song. When you go over an Eminem beat, you know you have work to do. KV gladly accepts the challenge and doesn’t disappoint. He strays away from the colloquial expression of music with three verses and a hook, and instead, just goes on a rampage to what seems like no end.

“Ego” is an uptempo track with an aggressive tone and flow. KV lets us now he isn’t the one to play with on the mic. He can spit it fast, slow it down, and switch between both. Never keeping the same flow, you never know what to expect when KV steps up to the plate to make home run records.

“Can’t Stop Me” is a great, motivational record that features a good friend of his, and up and coming emcee as well, Beezy Leader. Beezy grabs the beat by the arms, and KV takes jabs and hooks to the body of the instrumental until it weakens and eventually succumbs to the unstoppable force of the two Brooklyn bombers.

“Can’t Stop Me” and the “Outro” play an important role as they tie in all the songs, emotions, feelings and thoughts into two track to leave you wanting more. Even though the two tracks differ, they both embody what KV is trying to do with this project. “Can”t Stop Me” is self explanatory. He won’t be stopped, he doesn’t advise anyone else to stop and he’s letting us know that all is possible. This adds to his motivational theme of some previous tracks. “Outro” displays some of the wittiest bars on the project, shows a surfeit of flows the emcee can switch back and forth, and ends in what sounds like a frenzy of women pleased by KV’s bars with no instrumental behind it. Which is what every artists wants in the end right? To have the people go crazy after the hear you?

This project is very good. I can’t tell you better than you can tell yourself, so take a listen above. - House Of Aura


Welcome to KV‘s world. KV — once introduced to me online as Killa Vybez is an artist I’ve been following for a minute. Not solely because of the fact that the kid has talent, but because of how my life works when it comes to music. I remember back in the day — I use to assist with running a summer camp. Now those moments were usually vague because between the cloud smoke and jewish prayers, I met alot of people. Especially alot of people who came out of Banarsie, Brooklyn. But I met a kid who eventually got hired — someone who was quiet and didn’t really say much. Children who I had special attachment too loved him and from there he seemed like someone was legit. Nothing more, nothing else. Once I parted ways with said Jewish Camp, the book closed.

Fast forward a year or so later, I come across this young guy’s Instagram. But he isn’t who I thought he was — this was someone who went by the name of Killa Vybez. Soon after he shortened his name to KV and decided to unleash his sound to the world. Now I don’t listen to just anything. I literally hate everyone who decides to twitter DM me their new “fire” mixtape and video. Especially when it’s just someone throwing some wack bars on autotune and people around them just nodding yes. I don’t like that. I literally don’t listen to that shit. Plain and simple.

But because I liked the way he marketed himself (he also does his own graphics which I’m a sucker for a clean look), I pressed play on Can’t Stop Me. The track featured someone who was also pretty good Beezy Leader. From there on I realized that this kid.. this one kid who I use to work with had fucking BARS. But let’s all remember that’s not all that you can look for. KV sports lyrical ability, song structure, passion and undeniable talent.

Therefore, my first choice for an artist spotlight feature is for this one kid I met a long time ago but than again was reacquainted with as KV, along with his team ADZ.

By the way.. he had no idea I was writing this. Check out his video for “Can’t Stop Me” and “Just Me” below. (By the way theses are all original songs by the boy) - North 6th

"Mixtape Review: KV – “Just The Beginning”"

KV has made history for the summer of 2015 with his latest Mixtape release titled “Just The Beginning”. Showing all the haters out there that he is a force to be recon with. His lyrical delivery caught my attention the most on the project. It’s a style truly original also he extremely articulate with his words and stories. The beats are among the best I’ve heard for a Mixtape in a long time. I’m sure KV agrees with my opinion on this. This Mixtape consists of 12 tracks that all coexist with on another. He is really uniformed from track 1 to the last track. I’m suprised KV isn’t considering this Mixtape as an ALBUM title. It definitely holds its own in this over saturated Hip Hop game. Some tracks to look out for are “Scholar”, “Black” & my favorite “Ego”.
Overall this is a Must Download for all Hip Hop collectors. Support Real Hip Hop and check out KV’s new Mixtape TODAY!!!! - Doomstwin


ADZ (Always Dominate Zone) is a New York based hiphop group we had first heard about when we featured Beezy Leader on 先生Sensei about a month ago. Today we get to show you another member of ADZ and it should remind you that the group is coming for necks. They've been making movements in the hip-hop industry and I would expect to see more and more of their work popping up in the next few years.

But back to KV, this dude has a got a killer flow and really seems to understand that his future is in music. His deep seeded lyrics and ability to paint a vivid story with his words is incredible. I highly recommend listening to his full Just The Beginning mixtape and following him on Soundcloud to stay up to date on his releases. Also, check out his cypher on TEAMBACKPACK (TBP), which is a pretty awesome accomplishment considering that TBP is know to be very picky. Putting him in a tier of his own by setting a high bar for other hiphop artists to compete. Obviously, ADZ and KV are going places so we are excited to hear more from the group. Check out our short interview with KV as well as his complete mixtape down below, he's got a lot of knowledge worth spreading if you're looking to get into the rap industry! Enjoy! - ERIK FEDORENCHIK


Still working on that hot first release.