The Aeronauts

The Aeronauts


The Aeronauts sound like all kinds of rock. The music they make isn't pretentious, but it's hard to describe without sound like it is. It rocks, it dances, it's got a punk rock energy but with intricate melodies and rhythms. The recordings don't quite do justice to the energy of a live show.


Here's a start

The primary songwriter taught himself music as he grew up, while the popular music of any era was a big part of his life he was always initially drawn to anything way out of the ordinary, i.e. - his first love, Primus. But he loved the catchy melodies and the more harmonic approach of music, and has been torn between creating things that are bizarre but still have a pop element. So, when he started to write music he decided to be guided towards any of the genres he loved and just let it come out as it comes. Finally, when he moved to Nashville he met a drummer who shared all of his ideas about music and performance. They went looking for a bass player to bring that low end rock trio feel, but through all the sifting, all that came was a violin player, who just happened to fill out perfectly with the bizarre music they wanted to create. Since adding a bass player, a violin player, and lights, paper maché air balloons to break open, the occasional dancers, balloons, and black and yellow (band colors) clad fans they have quickly developed a decent following of fans of all kinds of music.


The Aeronauts - The Pair

Set List

Blind and Bored
My Garden
The Ghost of Some Lady
Simple Needs
The Silent Boy
I'm Left Waving
A Robot
The Moral Tango

Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Weezer - Pink Triangle
Charlie Daniels - Devil Went Down to Georgia
NiN - Closer