The Aerosols

The Aerosols


Tony B (Hemlock Tavern, Hank IV, Icky Boyfriends) said it like this: "World of Pooh meets the rocking side of Brian Eno. Hard candy pop for and by bent melody enthusiasts."


We enjoy playing music whose sound, space and melody pulls all sorts of people in. We like it bright and resonant. We draw ingredients we want from bands like Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, early Wire, The Chantigs, Television. We're comfortable sharing bills with pop as well as experimental bands.


A few years ago we released a self-titled 40+ minute CD that got airplay on WFMU (New York City area) and KFJC (Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA) We recently completed a 3-song CD that we sell at our shows. We have yet to distribute it to radio or press. We have songs on our myspace page and on online muxtapes.

Set List

Our sets usually are 30 to 40 minutes, consisting of 9 to 10 songs. Sample setlist is WALK IN HER DIRECTION, ZOMBIE CROSSING, CHINA, WOULD IT BE SO BAD?, IF IT HURTS TAKE IT DOWNTOWN, SHE'S SO FAR GONE, LAST CUP OF TEA, FOOLS GOLD, EARWIGS TO ETERNITY (Alice Cooper)