The After Chapter

The After Chapter


We are 5 guys that are passionate and hungry that to get out there and show the world what we have and rock the masses. No holding back, fast paced heavy grooves and gripping live performance.


Five guys who come from the Niagara Region of Canada, who came together after years of playing in different bands of different genres, to play the music they are truly passionate about.

Our influences range from old school thrash metal of iron maiden, metallica, testament, to new age metal of killswitch engage, born of osiris, unearth all blended into one sound.

Between the five of us there is about two decades of experience in bands, and after going through the trials and tribulations we have found THE line up finally and we hope to take this to the next level.



Written By: Adam Corbi

Right from the start
I thought you were the one
I could swear
Walking hand in hand
But now you have changed
I don't know who you are
Nothing stays the same
Our time, gone

You whore
I will
Go on
I dont need you to survive x2

Stay, away from me
Stronger than you will be
rise up today and say
You are the biggest mistake of my life
Of my life

Right from the start
You have shown me the light
I dont need your kind
Piece of shit, stabbed me in my spine
Right from the start

Dragon Raper

Written By: Adam Corbi

Oh little girl
So innocent
I know that I cant have you
Morbid thoughts
And fantasies
I just want a taste of you
Have your blood on my tongue

Caress your hair, look into my eyes
Fear what's coming, Tonight you die

Oh little girl
So precious
I look down at your body
Your pale cold skin
It tastes so good
Tastes just like candy
I've got your blood on my tongue

The sadest thing
I'll have to do, bury you
Away from me
For eternity
My precious girl
Not in this world
Away from me
For eternity
What did you do
To deserve this?

Caress your hair, look into my eyes
Fear what's coming, Tonight you die

Wither Me

Written By: Adam Corbi

These past years
Taking your abuse
Deception not trusting
The clock is ticking
You were never there
Abandoned no crying

Can't go on anymore

Begging on my knees
For you to see
Hatred within me
Agony to deep

Hatred deep within me
See Red, feel my wrath bitch
Agony, get away from me


Relentless LP
A Night Of Agony EP
When It Ends LP
When It Ends EP

Our songs are streaming off of our myspace page right now.

Set List

Our set list usually lasts about 7 to 9 songs depending on the venue and the time slot. Our set is usually anywhere from 30-45 minutes long.

The set list is as follows
Darkest Before Dawn
Destroy What You've Created
Dragon Raper
A Night Of Agony
Wither Me
Poison Eyes