The Afternoon Tears

The Afternoon Tears


The Afternoon Tears are a revolution in the direction that music is going in today. With no regard to the current fads of music, the afternoon tears have created a style of music that can only be compared the most dramatic of scenes in an epic film. Truly a breathtaking and inspirational group.


The Afternoon Tears are a group that are set to change the way music is percieved. With eclectic visual media and awe-inspiring live performances, the afternoon tears are a group like no other. Music is not to be only about music but about visual art as well. Our influences include, but are not limited to: the cure, jimmy eat world, mineral, and the deftones


Our self produced EP is set to be released in mid- june.

Set List

Our typical set can range from 25 minutes to an hour and we only play our original material.
Current live performance songs include
An intro
Dreaming Solar
Whisper fields
Believe in the science
Dream Girl (working title)
Love (working title)
Of light (working title)