The Agenda!

The Agenda!

 Athens, Georgia, USA

The firecracker assault of 4 angry young men raised on garage & punk hellbent on bringing the party and making all the young girls swoon! It's rock and roll, not rocket science!


Tracing their debut to an infamously raucous Athens house party in early 2002, The Agenda saw a rapid rise to become one of the most popular bands on the recent Athens scene. Guitarist Ryan Lewis and bassist Dan Geller act as proprietors of Kindercore Records, the most successful of Athens local labels, and such ties landed The Agenda a slot at the labels sold out showcase during 2002s prestigious South By South West music fest in Austin, TX, earning the fledgling band instant cred on the indie rock scene. The Agendas debut album, Start the Panic is a clamorous collection of punk and garage rock tunes that forges new ground for Kindercore, a label which cut its teeth as an outlet for the melody-driven pop groups that defined the Athens sound of the late 1990s. The record has met with gushing reviews in the European press and the band has since struck out on an overseas European tour. Playing the Reading and Leeds festivals as well as other high profile gigs.

Each of the 11 songs on the album is appropriately punctuated with an exclamation point and the band even purports a deliberately over-the-top manifesto declaring, We live for the moment!... We combat the boredom the only way we know how, with the power of young lust and rock n roll!...We are the arrogant hooligans of chaos and disorder withthe sonic boom of electric guitars!


The Agenda - Crash! Crash! 7" - With An X (WAX) Records - 2001

The Agenda - I Want the Panic - 7" - Kindercore - 2001

The Agenda - Start The Panic - CD - Kindercore Records (US) / Must Destroy Music (UK) 2002

The Agenda - I Want the Panic - 7"/ CD Single - Must Destroy Music (UK) - 2003

The Agenda - Do the Crash! Crash!- 7"/ CD Single - Must Destroy Music (UK) - 2003

The Agenda - Strike Like a Viper - 7" - Must Destroy Music - (UK) - 2004

Set List

Agenda shows usually include 20-30 minutes of non-stop explosive garage punk made up of some mix of the following jams:

50,000 Watts of Love!
Crash! Crash!
I Want the Panic!
Only The Young Die Young!
Danger, Danger Love!
Black Knees!
Suicide City!
Strike Like a Viper!
(Ain't No) Fashion Show!
Hit the Wall!
(You Give Me) Hot Pants!

Slack Motherfucker (Superchunk)
Some Kind of Love (The Misfits)
Attitude (The Misfits)
Molly's Lips (The Vaselines by way of Nirvana)
Psycho (The Sonics)
Teenage Kicks (The Undertones)