The Age Old Trade

The Age Old Trade

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Funk inspired bass lines and Latin based percussion lay the foundation for Shoegaze rhythm guitar riffs accompanied by ambient/atmospheric lead guitar.


Our membership includes:

Jacob Rodriguez: With a background in jazz guitar and a heavy interest in music theory, Jacob has played with a variety of bands and has written and recorded a concept album of his own. Jacob currently serves as the lead guitarist in The Age Old Trade.

Jaime Humberto Mejia: Creator and driving force behind the Latin/Cumbia outfit, Luna Tropical. Jaime is proficient in over 12 instruments and has written, recorded, and produced two studio albums. Jaime currently serves as the drummer in The Age Old Trade.

Dylan Loza: A singer-songwriter with a unique brand of soulful pop, Dylan won San Antonio's 2011 battle of the acoustic bands and was an American Idol finalist. Dylan currently serves as the bassist and backup vocalist in The Age Old Trade.

Joseph Huizar: A classically trained vocalist and former member of UTSA's esteemed chamber singers, Joseph has performed in a number of operas and lyric theater productions. Joseph currently serves as the rhythm guitarist and vocalist in The Age Old Trade.

We are all driven by artistic integrity and have attempted to scrub our project clean of insincerity by staying true to our musical roots. Since our formation in April (2012) we have played several major events in San Antonio such as The Big Spill music festival (headlined by Best Coast and Motion City Soundtrack), The Tejano Music Awards official after party (with Texas Tornadoes member Flaco Jimenez), and The Current's loal music concert at Nightrocker Live. We are releasing our EP 'The Low Commotion' on October 20th.


Our single 'Seattle Lights' has received airplay on the indie music station KRTU.

Set List

1 - Delenda

2 - The Low Commotion

3 - Seattle Lights

4 - Sirens

5 - High Tide

6 - Shine

7 - Fin Du Moi

8 - Apathy

9 - Lessons

10 - Sixteen Tons

11 - Honest

12 - Bite Your Tongue/Bide Your Time