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In September 2004, Thea Hopkins was named as a finalist in this year's Boston Folk Festival songwriter contest. There were 350 entries. She won 2nd place in the contest.
Thea Hopkins‘ debut album, "Birds of Mystery," was named one of the Top Ten local albums of the year by the Boston Herald. "A gorgeous dusky voice wraps itself like mist around country-folk songs of tenderness and substance," wrote Herald staff-writer Sarah Rodman.

Her song "Jesus Is On The Wire" was recently included on Peter, Paul & Mary’s first album in nine years, "In These Times." The famed folk trio have performed the song at every one of their concerts in the last three years. It is the only new song to be performed in its entirety in the trio’s new PBS-TV special. In the Washington Post, Richard Harrington wrote that "In These Times" showcases "several promising new writers. The standout here is Thea Hopkins."

Peter, Paul & Mary have written that "Thea Hopkins is one of the most poetic, literate and powerfully moving of the new singer/songwriters to emerge on the scene in the last few years. 'Jesus Is On the Wire' is one of the most important songs we have sung in recent years."

The All-Music Guide, in their review of "In These Times," devoted nearly half the review to extravagant praise of Thea’s song. "The obvious highlight is a song by Boston-based songwriter Thea Hopkins’ "Jesus Is on the Wire," which tells the chilling story of the murder of gay college student Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. With sparse, jagged, and highly cinematic lyrics, the song builds the same kind of quiet horror as Billie Holiday’s "Strange Fruit," and its matter-of-fact tone, even on the powerful chorus, makes "Jesus Is on the Wire" absolutely unforgettable."


Jesus Is On The Wire

Written By: Thea Hopkins

Run-down church, red clay
River covered in a smoky haze
Sunday morning, the fires out
Sunday morning, no one about
The earth is soft, this time of year
Boots get caked from there to here
Down the road, route 25
Found this boy barely alive

(Chorus) Jesus is on the wire
So far away, higher and higher

Took him down, off a fence
Cold as ice, almost dead
They said that he slept with guys
They said that he was gonna die

(Chorus) Jesus is on the wire
So far away, higher and higher

Sometimes at night you hear the sound
Of cars that stop where he was found
A small white cross, Wyoming skies
Mark the place where that boy died

(Chorus) Jesus is on the wire
So far away, higher and higher (repeat)

Copyright 2001 TheaHopkins


Birds Of Mystery ( 2001)
4 Song Sampler ( 2004)

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