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"The A.K.A.s"

The A.K.A.s are a band that is impossible to describe through comparison to other bands, because they do something that in theory has been done before, but have put such an original stamp on it that it can appeal to fans of many other genres. Their own genre is garage rock / punk rock 'n' roll, but they sound so different from their contemporaries that it would be hard to even associate them with any other band. So I can't really give you a neat list of bands and tell you that if you like these bands, you would like the A.K.A.s.

Originally the project of former Brother's Keeper vocalist Mike Ski, the band was formed with the intention of combining Refused with the MC5, which was much more obvious on their last record, with the hardcore-influenced songs "Spectacle City" and "Shout Out Loud." On their latest offering, the band moves toward a more traditional punk-influenced rock 'n' roll sound ,which they execute nearly as masterfully as their faster debut.

On Everybody Make Some Noise!, the A.K.A.s, for the most part, don't try anything ground-breaking, but I think that's fine considering that this is only their second record, and they have already found a pretty good niche as being punk enough to appeal to fans of Strike Anywhere and the Unseen (as they've toured with both to positive reaction), and catchy enough to bring something for people who don't even like punk, a very difficult task in a limiting genre.

One of the defining features of the A.K.A.s would be their heavy use of a keyboard. Its presence actually works for the band because it adds a lot to their sound but not enough to dominate the music, so the A.K.A.s still have a guitar-driven sound with a new layer of melody. This has unfortunately eluded many other bands, who have let the keyboard drown out any organic sound. One of the better parts of this album is that the guitar parts are, on a whole, very natural sounding and free from overwhelming distortion, which means they actually sound This aspect kind of reminds me of Smoke or Fire, and would probably appeal to fans of said band.

Vocalist Mike Ski sings and snarls his way through the album in a manner even Iggy himself couldn't replicate, and delivers some great relevant lyrics on "Everything Is a Commercial" and the keyboard-centered "Paranoia Is a Skill." As far as standout tracks go, the three that stand out most to me are the aforementioned "Paranoia Is a Skill," "In Case I Die Tonight" and "Dead Flowers Forever."

An interesting side note is the three guest appearances on this album, from JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights, Chris #2 of Anti-Flag and the legendary Jello Biafra on the tracks "Dead Flowers Forever," "We Write Our Own Anthems" and the spoken word intro to "Everything Is a Commercial," respectively. It speaks of the band's cross-genre appeal that this band could have artists from such different projects appear on an album, although they sound nothing like any of the other bands.

All in all, I think this is definitely an album to check out, no matter what you listen to. This is without a doubt is one of my favorite albums of the year, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an energetic and fun band in an age where From First to Last can break the Top 40. Also, their live show is pretty great, so don't turn down an opportunity to see them. -

"The A.K.A.s"

The A.K.A.s found their way into the scene via their debut album "White Doves & Smoking Guns" and countless tour dates including stints on the Warped Tour. After solidifying their name amongst the scene, they are back with their Metropolis Records debut, and sophomore effort overall, "Everybody Make Some Noise" and they take things to a whole new level. The keyboards are ever prominent on this release, the guitars quietly hum in the background and find the perfect moments to crank it up a notch, and the vocals seem to have gotten 100% better than those found on their debut album. Not to mention an influence from the likes of new wavers like the B52's combined with punk rock influences are spread throughout the album. In a day and age when you aren't sure what has happened to a true punk rock sound, The AKA's seem to be on a mission to show you that it is alive and well on fist pumping anthems like "In Case I Die Tonight," and "Knives on 45's." This is an album that embodies the spirit of the late 70's/early 80's new wave and punk scenes and combines everything perfectly to re-introduce the youth of today to the true punk rock sound. -

"The A.K.A.s"

Not only are the A.K.A.s everywhere, they're everywhen, too, gleefully scooping up punk past and prehistoric and rolling it into their exhilarating sound. Garage punk from the '60s? Got it, thanks to keyboardist Josie Outlaw, whose psyched-out playing sloshes the '60s over much of this album, kicking off with "This Is the Way We Move," the band's explosive mission statement, whose chorus, "Everybody make some noise," entitles this set. But Outlaw isn't only gunning for the '60s; she's got the '70s in her sights as well -- check out her new wavey stylings on "In Case I Die." In the time-travel sweepstakes, however, guitarist Vegas Davis has Outlaw cornered, as he slams, slashes, and bashes his way through punk's halcyon days of yore. Ripping a page from the Stooges here and hardcore there, running riot through the old school and the new school, Davis pays homage to his heroes while never truly disturbing their musical graves. Bassist Justin Perry and drummer Chachi Darin's slash-and-burn tactics are the powerful phalanx behind Davis' whooping cavalry charges -- which makes the guesting Jello Biafra the unit's mascot, his hilariously ironic "Deaf Before Dishonor" perfectly setting the stage for the A.K.A.s' own salesmanship on "Everything Is a Commercial." Anti-Flag's Chris #2 and Hawthorne Heights' J.T. Woodruff also put in unforgettable appearances. The adamant "Commercial" is just one of a slew of infectious, hook-laden numbers within this set, which rattles from the rip-roaring punk rock of "Let Your Mamma Know" to the dance-crazed new wave of "In Case I Die Tonight," blistering into the NOFX-ish "Dead Flowers Forever" and onward to the Rancid-ish, bass-addled "We Write Our Own Anthems." With plenty of attitude, a knife-sharp wit, and an overwhelming urge to flay modern life, they've got the goods, and your noisy approval is guaranteed. ~ Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide -


"White Doves & Smoking Guns" 2004 on Fueled By Ramen Records.
"Everybody Make Some Noise!" 2008 on Metropolis Records.



With The A.K.A.s’ debut full-length White Doves & Smoking Guns, the band boldly emblazoned their name with the loaded moniker: The A.K.A.s (Are Everywhere!)… and they were true to their word. Armed with an unyielding work ethic and drive to make their mark and message heard, 400 shows and countless creative campaigns later, hard-earned fans and foes alike are proclaiming, “The A.K.A.s really are Everywhere!"

Combining raucous guitars, compulsive rhythms, ominous organs and manic vocal diatribes, The A.K.A.s musical delivery is smartly served in a sophisticated package of defiance, self-empowerment, and social change. Covertly tucked in catchy choruses and consonant hooks, the band's message is as coherent and authentic as it is vital. Characterized by relentless support of organizations and issues including young voter awareness, animal and human rights, and the environment, The A.K.A.s walk a walk that speaks for itself. A dedication and sincerity in both music and message that is both inclusive and poignant.

Drawing from their eclectic punk and rock roots, the band’s music hints to the attitude of pioneers The Clash, the unpredictability of The Dead Kennedy's, and the sexy swagger of garage rock heroes The Who and The MC5. With the danceability of stylish surf rockers The B-52's, The A.K.A.s’ keyboard-drenched riff-rock is a modern—and irony-free—mesh of ’60's rock and ’80's punk.

Impassioned by their own aptly named art show series, The A.K.A.s are excited to announce “EVERYBODY MAKE SOME NOISE!”… the sophomore album to be released March 18th, 2008 with Metropolis Records (Mindless Self-Indulgence, VNV Nation, Electric Six) produced by Alex Newport (At the Drive In/The Marts Volta.) Darkly endearing with smirky quips, The A.K.A.s have perfected the art of contrast with a collection of twelve daringly confident tracks designed to create a fearless uproar from city streets to suburban strip-malls with equal indifference. Epitomized by guest appearances from JT Woodruff of Hawthorne Heights, Chris # 2 of Anti-Flag, and Jello Biafra of The Dead Kennedy’s, the fivesome walk a bold line of individuality with no apologies.

Timely, pertinent, and urgent in a desperate musical and social climate, The A.K.A.s persist as a heartfelt protagonist of youthful fervor and unrest. The alternative to today's alternative music, watered-down and riddled with corporate marketing schemes and product placement, prepare yourself to fight, fuck, dance and destroy with The A.K.A.s.