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"Lance Bendiksen"

The Alan Baird Project possesses many of the rare characteristics of a
timeless hit band. They have a unique and charismatic lead singer in
Alan Baird,
great lyrical and melodic songs, and a band that can flat out groove
with the best of them. The sound is also very unorthodox while still
being musical. Their guitarist Nick Fox approaches the music using
lead parts almost exclusively as opposed to standard rhythm guitar
voices . This creates and interesting counterpoint to the vocals and
their melodies. The rhythm section is a classic brother tandem made
up of Joel and Noel Matthews. The brother team having played
together in countless groups rounds off what amounts to a seamless and
driving rock band feel with extremely tight woven parts. All of
these elements combine to create a great band! The Alan Baird project
has a tight and highly orchestrated radio sound. Add the excitement
of their live show ant these guys really have it going on."

Independent Record Producer - Lance Bendiksen. Sony, BMG, RCA,
Capitol, Arista Records

Lance Bendiksen / Senior Producer
Bendiksen Productions - The Alan Baird Project EP press release

"Cliff Jones"

"Alan baird is a home spun genius for a new America. "

-Cliff Jones
- Press Release


The Alan Baird Project "Demos" 2008
The Alan Baird Project EP
"Tonight's The Night For Kings"
Dream (Radio Play/ Alice 105.9/ KTCL Area 93.3)
Balloons (Radio Play/ Alice 105.9)
You And I



Upon first glance, you might think The Alan Baird Project is the product of a science experiment in interbreeding pop culture stereotypes.
Visually, these four individuals present a puzzling paradox of clichés:
• the brooding lead singer, skinny girl pants and all, whose lyrical vocals reveal a front man as
mysterious and emo-tional as they come
• the volatile and unpredictable punked-out drummer, dressed
perpetually in... black, of course
• the cool and collected bass-man whose Bootsy Collins afro indicates that some white boys do got soul
• and... a farm boy? Who, despite his trucker cap and sneakers, can play the geh-tar
like a mother f***ing riot.
But never mind what people say about books and their covers. The Alan Baird Project’s blend of visual stereotypes is perfectly mirrored
by their eclectic, defiant and dynamic sound.
Heralding from Denver, Colorado, The Alan Baird Project materialized when singer/songwriter Baird decided to make a full band out of
his acoustic solo act. It was not long before he and his recruited local guitarist (Nick Fox), bassist (Noah Matthews) and drummer (Joel
Matthews) began to mesh and become a cohesive entity. What began as simple jam sessions quickly turned into a barrage of cooperative and
creative energy. Fox’s blend of ambience, blues and distortion bring depth and soul to Baird’s piercing and honest vocals, while Matthews
brothers Noah and Joel provide a foundation of tight and syncopated rhythms.
It is this attitude of creative and experimental collaboration that shapes their music. Every member of The Alan Baird Project brings
something unique and exciting to the table. Creating a fusion of funk, indie, metal, country, R&B, southern rock, dirty ass blues and more,
this foursome blends their varying, individual influences into an explosively progressive and versatile alternative rock. With influences that
include classic artists like Tom Petty and Stevie Ray Vaughn, industry greats like Dave Matthews Band and Tool, and the cutting edge
sounds of Underoath, Mute Math and Brand New, it is clear this band has something to offer to anyone with at least one good ear and an
appreciation for daring and accessible music.
Living each day with a “Go big, or go home!” attitude, The Alan Baird Project funnels this creative energy into the hard work of making a
name for themselves. Putting careers and education on hold, sacrificing valuable time with their families, working multiple jobs, traveling to
weekly shows -- some across state lines -- in their beat up 1984 van, and even taking out a $16,000 loan to fund the production of their EP,
the band is putting it all out on the line. With an iron resolve and tenacious spirit, their determination and work ethic are perhaps their
greatest assets. Without the help of a manager, booking agent, or label, this foursome has booked gigs at some of the premier venues in
Colorado, gained radio airplay, generated an impressive fan base, and recorded with some of the best producers in the nation.
And all the hard work is paying off... Winners of the 2008 Progressive Motion Battle of the Bands and the 2008 Rock City Productions
Battle of the Bands, The Alan Baird Project is quickly reaching levels of success usually granted to more established bands. Already gaining
airplay on Denver radio stations, their single “Dream” was picked up by 93.3 FM KTCL and 101.5 FM KTNI earlier this year. Their finely
tuned live show -- a compelling showcase of explosive energy, raw, improvisational jams, and a tight, aggressive sound -- has earned them
gigs at established venues across the Denver Music Scene. With a solid draw and a fan base that is growing exponentially, the “Project” has
played at key venues including The Bluebird Theater, Herman’s Hideaway, Cervantes, The Toad Tavern and The Marquis Theater. Their
reputation as a professional and dynamic live band has earned them the opportunity to open for headliners such as Your Vegas, Breathe
Carolina, The Maine, Dear And the Headlights and The Epilogues.
As if that’s not impressive enough... the band just finished recording their EP, “Tonight’s the Night for Kings,” with Grammy winning
producer Lance Bendiksen. Bendiksen has worked with a wide range of successful artists including Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chili Peppers and
Lenny Kravitz. From the ambience and open spaces of the melodic, pop ballad “Dream” to the toxic guitar licks and ferocious breakdowns of
the driving rock anthem “Highway,” the EP features songs that reflect the versatility and broad appeal of this multi-faceted band while
delivering music to satisfy their equally diverse fan base.
In the end, the music tells the story best. In an emotionally charged ballad, Baird sings these perhaps prophetic words: “Let’s go for a
ride, me, you and I... Tonight’s the night for kings.” Who knows where the road may take them, but if there’s a throne to be had, you can bet
they’ll be on it.