The Alex Dingley Band

The Alex Dingley Band


We place music above fashion. We strive to strip away the plastic perfection of modern records to leave the bare bones of songs. We want to be an antidote to overproduced, generic, cynical music.


Alex Dingley is an ex member of Welsh cult outfit 'Texas radio Band'. Based in South Wales 'The Alex Dingley Band' have been together for two years and have supported such acts as Billy Bragg and Dirty Pretty Things. We are a prominent part of the resurgent Cardiff indie scene. We attempt to avoid the self created hyperbole which permeates so many facets of the music industry. We don't watch X Factor. Above all, we are a band of music lovers.


Thomas Edison

Written By: Alex Dingley

Take a walk on the razor blade, lead the chaste meat astray, cut em' up. come on lets see how they're made. I lost you when you said that I was lost. I was found in the middle I was brown in the middle. But I like your shadow and I like your shade. Hey! make your mouth into a simple shape. Hey! make your mouth into a...................

Restless nights on the hamsters wheel, spin around, spin around, spin around untill your spaceship leaves the ground. Four holy ghosts tied to the roof I love you, I love you, I love you, like your posture and I like your frame. Hey make your mouth into a simple shape.

Monkey see, monkey do, monkey want you.

Thomas Edison me, Thomas Edison light me up.


Written By: Alex Dingley

With my bow and my arrow and my two good feet, where the fault line meets the sky I'll lie.
Cos everybody knows. I like to look down holes.
But Oriole. Where did all your love go?

If the water is shallow or the stream runs deep, I will pug that breach, with my head, if I need to cos you know.
I like to look down holes.
Oriole. Where did all your love go?
Everybody knows I like to look down holes through my telescope.

Never thought you'd get far.
What with the trains the way they are.
Evapourate to drops of ether.


Debut album 'I lost my honey in the grass' out now. We have had airplay on Colin Murray Radio 1, Huw Stephens introducing BBC Radio 1, Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music and XFM as well as numerous regional and internet stations. Streamed tracks can be found at

Set List

1)The Madador 2)Doors 3)Pixelise 4)Don't ride your bike in the halflight 5)Oriole 6) Bloody Love 7) One size fits all 8)Cotton wool 9) How to survive at sea 10)Corriander 11)Thomas Edison 12)Hello Peter (As well as various songs which will be appearing on forthcoming albums). Covers we have played include 'Walking in the air' (The Snowman), and 'Burning Love' (Elvis) Although we often don't have time to include them. Set lengths are generally 20-45 mins long, although as we are increasingly playing headline slots in Cardiff, we can comfortably fill an hours slot with constantly high quality material. As so often with unsigned bands, we can play anything from 3 gigs a week, to 3 gigs a month.