The Alex J Cohen Project

The Alex J Cohen Project

 Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA

We bring the pain ...but also the fun !


My name is Alexander Jacob Cohen of the Alex J. Cohen Project. I have been playing music my entire life starting on the drums and progressing to singing and playing guitar. I now write my own songs and perform frequently in the Northeast USA . The members of my band include myself ( Alex) on vocals and guitar, Danielle on Drums and Nicco on guitar. We are incredibly passionate and motivate each other each and every day .We all share the same vision in promoting music that people will enjoy everywhere and communicates to many different crowds around the world. Our influences come from all over including blues rock influenced guitar riffs with a hint of hardcore, jazz/funk – like bass lines with a unique spin, and also epic drum beats that alter with the feel of the music.



Set List

Set list:
Passive Aggressive Love
Happiness is a Warm Gun (The Beatles)
Space Oddity (David Bowie)
Wish you Were Here (Pink Floyd)
Where Is My Mind (Pixies)
Golden Age (Beck)
Save Me
Draw the Line
Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth