The Alex Skuby Band

The Alex Skuby Band


Amazing lyrics, great musicians and tight sounds. Funky Rock with an edge!!!!


The ALEX SKUBY BAND creates “pop-rock with an edge,” a reflection of Skuby’s wide-ranging influences, from Billy Joel to Metallica, and his current fixation with Dave Matthews and Ben Harper. The Quincy Patriot Ledger called them “a versatile pop-rock unit that skews everywhere from jammy, Phish-style expansion to Metallica-metal power chords and Billy Joel/Elton John style melodies.” It’s music that’s deeply introspective with delicate melodies, whether propelled by driving rhythms or gently colored by deliberate percussive flourishes. The band formed earlier this year and already has performed live on several TV shows this spring, including Backstage with Barry Nolan (CN8/Comcast Network), Fox Morning News (Boston), 10! Show (NBC10/Philadelphia) and Your Morning (CN8).

It’s mere coincidence that Skuby is funneling his creative efforts into making music just as King of Queens has finally left the airwaves. His tenure as attorney Doug Pruzan, boss to Leah Remini’s Carrie Heffernan, ended two years ago. Though he continued to maintain a highly visible acting career which has included roles on Strip Mall, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ER and other TV guest appearances on 24, House, Chicago Hope, Becker and CSI, Skuby also began taking his lifelong passion for music more seriously. He’s been writing songs and playing guitar for over a decade, but only this year decided to make music his first priority.

THE ALEX SKUBY BAND - has just released Live at the Legendary Stone Pony, a limited edition souvenir album available only at live shows and through Recorded in May during the Wave Gathering Festival at the Asbury Park, NJ club where Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi come home to jam, Live at the Legendary Stone Pony is being made available for a limited time while THE ALEX SKUBY BAND is recording its upcoming debut studio album, due in late summer.


What To Say

Written By: Alex Skuby

If you love me
You should stay
Don't want you to worry
It will be OK
Bad times will come
Good times will go
Where it ends baby
I don't know - yeah!

So take me or leave me the way I am
There should be no fight baby, take my hand
Sometimes we cry and sometimes we break
Sometimes we lose day after day

I don't know
What to say
I don't know
What to say
Is everything OK baby?

In my life there's only you
I can promise my love is true
but the odds are against us and walls could go up
and honesty can falter and so can trust

I don't know
What to say
I don't know
What to say
Is everything OK?

(musical break)

So take me or leave me the way I am
There should be no fight baby take my hand
If you love me you should stay
Don't want you to worry I will be OK

I don't know
What to say
I don't know
What to say
As your walking away


We currently have a 'LIVE' @ The Legendary Stone Pony CD available at shows and at

Set List

Our set list is as follows:


Enlightenment Song
It's You
What To Say
Somewhere Along The Way
Shooting Star
One More Time
No More Smiles


Soul Kitchen (The Doors)
Time Zones (Wide Spread Panic)
Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
Outta Love Again (Van Halen)
Breakdown (Tom Petty)