The Alex Skuby Band

The Alex Skuby Band


Thoughtful, Kick ass, Melodic, Fun, Energized Rock


The Alex Skuby Band is a relatively new band of 3 years young but vast on experience, desire and passion. Alex, an actor (King of Queens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House, to name a few) brings a great vocal presence to the band. Their sound brings a breath of fresh air to the current rock scene. Playing gigs at the Stone Pony and around the N.E. along with TV performances on NBC, FOX25 and COMCAST have propelled them to dig deeper into the music scene.

video - "What To Say" featuring singer-model Anna Garcia

Set List

One More Time
What to Say
No More Smiles
Enlightenment Song
It's You
Wouldn't Matter Anyway
Shooting Star
Somewhere Along the Way