The Al Gore Rhythm Method

The Al Gore Rhythm Method


We are two people with a never ending drive and passion for making music for the world, and for ourselves. This is what we do, and what we will continue to do for the rest of our lives. With that we can only hope to share our drive and love with as many people as we possibly can.


Formed only several months ago by producers Red's Life(Milwaukee) and PatrickAwesome(Madison), TAGRM has already been making quite an impact. Being internationally recognized for their productions and performances, the duo has caught the attention of ETC!ETC! and many others in the Moombahton and Dutch/House world. On top of their recognition TAGRM has found that their very first Beatport release "In Dabs We Trust", released by Demon Dub Records, has continued to stay within the top 10 charts for Dubstep, and has a firm hold within the top 5 on the Glitch Hop chart. Along with all of this TAGRM can be found on several of the most popular blogs regarding Moombahton, as well as House, and Trap. Each of their tracks having received blog love, or air time on the ever popular Moomba+ Radio Station, or appearing amongst various DJ mixes across the nation and world and not to forget, headlining several of their last events already this year. The Al Gore Rhythm Method means serious business, and is easily the "diamond in the rough" of the Midwest dance music scene eagerly awaiting the right exposure.



"Jennifer Low-pass"
"Wharf" Released by Ninthwave Records
"Magma Chamba"
"In Dabs We Trust"


"Alley Cat" Originally by Volta Bureau
"Right About Now" Originally by Pr1metime and D-v3kz
"Calabria" Originally by Enur Ft. Natasja


"Rock3t" TAGRM and Soundkill3r