The Alias M.O.D.

The Alias M.O.D.

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA
BandHip Hop

The Alias M.O.D. is the next BIG thing poppin! Hip-Hop has never seen a better Super Star. Vivid lyrics and tight flows are endless for this young upcoming ARTIST.


The Alias M.O.D. also know as MOD, has been setting the world of Hip-Hop on fire since the late 90s. With countless mixtapes and guest appearances to his credit, MOD has been HARD at work. Currently working on his second studio album, he has set out to make another CLASSIC.


The Alias M.O.D. (2009) - Album Available online and iTunes.

Set List

5 - 20 Min sets include selections from The Alias M.O.D.