The AliCat Project

The AliCat Project


A rock n' roll revival complete with sound, style and personality. Reminscent of the late 80' sunset strip explosion, the band takes the listener on a roller coaster ride through the realm of the rock n roll lifestyle. Rock n roll is back and the alicat project is set to deliver.


The AliCat Project is a blend of sleaze, glam, and pop rolled into one amazing band. A group of four individuals that had tired of the current scene of depressing music and melancholy lyric , the band set out on the mission of resurrecting the raw and unprocessed style of rock and roll they were so influenced by . Their debut album 9 Ways to Skin a Cat is an impressive collection of songs that captivate the listener and take them down a ride through the rock n' roll lifestyle.
David Ali (vocals, guitars). songwriter for the band combines his whisky,raspy vocals with his hook-friendly melodies on the 9 tracks on the album. With lyrics consisting of the typical rock criteria such as women, booze, and fast cars--the record proves to be a definite ear turner.
Bassist Joey Salazar brings his solid and consistent bass playing to the group to really beef up the sound. Sporting his array of rock n' roll apparel, Joey gets the bass pounding going right away and doesn't quit till the show is over.

John "T-Bone" Taylor is the man behind the kit for the alicat project. Influenced by 80's rock n roll drummers like Tommy Lee and Vik Foxx, T-Bone has found a way to blend his influences and his own drumming style to make it something entirely new.
Last but not least, Joe Villa (lead guitarist) completes the puzzle for The AliCat Project. Villa is a careful studier of the guitar virtuoso gods of the music industry and definately does not disappoint when it comes to the solos for the songs. With his lightning fast licks and his great love for the instrument, he has added the proverbial "cherry on the icing" to each song.
Now in their third year of existence the band has established themselves among the local rock scene in the rio grande valley and continue to play out of town in cities like Laredo, San Angelo, and Houston where the support has been tremendous.


9 Ways to Skin a Cat--2007

Tracks available through itunes, napster, rhapsody.

Set List

We are very flexible when it comes to shows. For the typical 3 one hour set gigs, we mix our originals in with 80's top 40 hair band tunes (poison, guns n roses, bon jovi). For the 45 minute/1 hour shows we do nothing but originals