NY based indie group THE ALICE PROJECT makes FUN FRESH AND ORIGINAL alternative acoustic fun quirky diverse acoustic and electric rock. Shaqn Colvin meets Sheryl Crow meets Aimee Mann meets Fiona Apple meets Keane meets Carole King.


The Alice Project is a NY based indie group that over the past decade has recorded 4 critically acclaimed CD's and continues to tour. Alice plays alot of solo and duo acoustic shows with Jimmy and the band also plays together. Combining the great pop sounds of the Beatles, Aimee Mann, Carole King, Ben Folds and Sheryl Crow, the Alice Project finesses their way through a tempting rainbow of musical genres singing about everything from Traffic to Regifting. Their music can be heard on Soap Operas, reality shows, films, commercials and even college alma really. The band features Alice Leon, Jimmy Leahey, Scott Strunk and Al Greene.


Alice Leon was signed to a development deal with Sony records via John Kalodner in 1997 to ride the wave of Shawn Colvin and Aimee Mann. Though she saw herself as an indie artist, the opportunity was self affirming and the journey was a blast. A CD was never released... but Alice felt confirmed as a viable player in the business and has gone on to release three full length CD's with her faithful band "The Alice Project" and they’ve just completed their 4th. …"The Girl on the Box" 5/08

As a songwriter and performer (aside from her CD's), she has written over 60 songs for children with cancer via the "songs of love foundation"... In 2007 wrote the new Alma Mater for Kean Unversity. Wrote an original song for a new product for CRAYOLA. Has had her music placed thousands of times on NBC Soap operas and reality shows and is working on a number of small films.
Alice is performing 100 shows a year both with and without her band and is poised to promote this new one. The AP music has also been played on over 300 podcasts since 2007.
AMG’s Alex Henderson describes her music: “Alice Leon connects to listeners. She can comment on love and make you love in that moment. She can comment on pain and hurt and give it sharp wit and groove. And she will always help you remember that you must ultimately rely on yourself to get through.”

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Third Day

Written By: Alice Leon

You wanted more
You closed the door
Never thought you'd be
Trying to get back inside with me
Round and round we go thinking that everyone's got it'll see...
Close the door and don't look back at me

On the first day things look bright
On the second day something's not right
On the third day you want to get back home

Count back in time
Turn the TV off
Say HELLO to your friends
How bout smiling at the ones you love
First comes Spring, then comes Summer, being there is really where it's at
There's no need to turn away the tables turn...

This is Mother's Day

Written By: Alice leon


Oh baby you arrived today
So tiny and perfect and squirming away
And I hold you for the first time
You\'re so amazing now what can I say
And we\'re tossing and turning and getting no sleep
Rocking and rolling trying to get you to eat
And I\'m singing you love songs I\'d forgotten for years
This is your day, but it\'s my day too
Happy Mother\'s Day

Come on in now, it\'s getting dark
Why? cause I said so, now don\'t be so smart
Then you\'re on my back and I\'m down on all fours
And we\'re laughing and singing and sharing the chores
And there\'s heartaches and headaches, worries and pain
Along with the dancing and splashing in the rain
It\'s a life that is full, one that I\'d never trade
If one thing is true... I simply love you
And this is Mother\'s Day

Oh, and even when you\'re all grown
This love will be my own
Through happy and sad
Good times and bad
But now it\'s my turn to watch your life unfurl
Wind blowing through your golden curls

Now I\'m at your graduation
You\'re soon leaving home
It\'s all that I\'d hoped for, but I\'m not ready at all
And you smile and say \"Thanks Mom\"
And I\'m flooded with tears
Seems like a day, not so many years
And I call up my Mother and cry on the phone
Tell her I\'m sad and I feel all alone
And she listens a while, says \"you now understand\"
This is your day, what more can I say
Happy Mother\'s Day.... I say yeah.... Happy Mother\'s Day


Written By: Alice Leon

(1st Verse)
It's what the self help books always say.
Be yourself, there's no other way.
It's what's on the inside, the outside doesn't count, stop filling yourself with all that doubt.
Get on with it, move along, play to the beat of your inner song...
Then she looks at me in just that way, and I know I'm not living up to expectations. I try to lose her, but, she chooses me........Vanity.
(2nd Verse)
You can't sell me, I'm unimpressed, from your botoxed face to your Calvin dress. On the runway...gotta runaway. I scream to the stars let me see your scars
Then she looks at me in her special way, and I know I can't run away.
I try to lose her, but she choses me....Vanity.
I know what's right...enough's enough, take your makeup off and throw it all away......
Then she looks at me in just that way, and I know I'm not living up to expectations. I try to lose her, but, she chooses me........Vanity.

The Traffic Song

Written By: Alice Leon

How many of you have buckled up only to find yourself sitting in a long line of're going nowhere slow...that's right...sometimes I can't tell if it's an accident or roadwork or cones...hey I've got some place to be. Why are you in that truck looking down at me? Why don't you keep your eyes on the road?
Am I the only one who has to get there?
Can't you help me decide which route to take...I'm torn with indecision...I've been sitting here for half a day...I'm afraid my car is going to overheat...or is it me? Is there anyone in the entire universe that's happy to be stuck ants...different colored a long line just waiting to get through the tunnel.
Am I the only one who has to get there? Wasting my time, sitting in line, sitting in line...oh help me....decide..
So I've gone half a mile and I've got nine miles to go and the traffic report is getting me nowhere...



Set List

3 sets of our new music along with really interesting versions of classic covers. Alice plays alot of solo and duo acoustic shows as well.