The All-Girl Boys Choir
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The All-Girl Boys Choir

Saginaw, Michigan, United States | SELF

Saginaw, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Feature: Independent Music Scene"

"This is a band that is something different, yet still provide a solid rock base for more mass appeal. They are something different and something so familiar all at the same time. Their rolls off the speakers as it drives in a controlling manner, telling new and old fans that, you are in their grip. There has been a need for some time for a great female rock group that doesn't fit cliches. The All-Girl Boys Choir is this band. This is a hard working act that defines themselves being on the road. The All-Girls Boys Choir should be on your music scene radar, if not already." - The Independent Music Scene / By: Paul Roth

"iTunes Customer Review"

Loaded with energy and red-hot licks, this album packs knockout punch after knockout punch worth of exciting original music. Maybe it's the MI vibe, but there's a hint of White Stripes influence to the sound, despite the more blusey styling. Maybe it's the minimalism of stripped-down rock. Whatever it is, the All-Girl Boys Choir makes it work. Great record! - pedeclaudo / iTunes Customer Review

"The Many Sides of Alicia Warrington"

"the duo’s Country / Blues influenced EP, "Walking Miracles", is a sonic swagger down a catwalk of groove..."
- Black Page Drum Magazine / By: Sean Mitchell

"Get ready to be "assaulted" by inventive, unusual Duo..."

"Noise" generally isn't considered an instrument, per se. Members of the All-Girl Boys Choir wouldn't necessarily agree. It's one of nine tools they deploy to create their self-described "rock 'n' roll noise assault." - The Stockton Record / By: Tony Sauro

"The All-Girl Boys Choir: Do-It-Yourself-Rock"

"As you might guess, the All Girl Boys Choir is a band of many contradictions. Alicia Warrington and Marlene Hammerle have a bare bones performance style that is, strangely enough, completely cohesive with the dense, heavy cacophony of their music. The Amplifier caught the two women after a wild set.." - The Amplifier / By: Allison M. Brown

"Alicia Warrington Steps Out Front"

I have to say it, I adore Alicia Warrington. She never ceases to amaze me—always cropping up in the most unexpected places. Not only that, she is one of the most kick-ass drummers around.

I first met Alicia back in 2004 when she was drumming for Kelly Osbourne’s band. She had just appeared on the Osbourne’s reality television show. A few years later she popped up with the Canadian all-female band, Lillix. Then I read she was playing drums for Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez.

I have a feeling that I—and you—will be hearing a lot more from this talented lady. Alicia is now half of the duo The All-Girl Boys Choir with Marlene Hammerle of Gore Gore Girls (another band Alicia drums for). But this time around, Alicia is the front person as well as the bass player, drummer, songwriter and engineer. There’s much more to Alicia, but I’ll let her tell you all that. - Fine Tunings / By: Carla DeSantis

"Alicia Warrington of: The All-Girl Boys Choir"

Alicia Warrington has toured the world with Kelly Osbourne and gigged with the Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus machine. She was the drummer for one of my favorite Michigan bands, the Gore Gore Girls, building her rock & roll chops with classic garage and punk rhythms.

She’s also a soulful singer and – like all good drummers - a multi-instrumentalist. She left Saginaw in 2001 and became a Southern California girl, close to the action and getting plenty of session work. She’s made a name for herself in the industry but instead of playing it safe, she ventured into uncharted waters with her good friend and partner in crime in the Gore Gore Girls, Marlene Hammerele.

They formed a duo in 2008 and blurted out a name that stuck – The All Girl Boys Choir. Some have labeled the music Afro-Punk. I see it more as good ol’ rock & roll with a definite garage rock appeal. Time spent on Little Steven’s Underground Garage may have helped shape the sound. It’s more Question Mark & the Mysterians than the Sex Pistols, except when they play it real fast and LOUD. - Review Magazine / By: Bo White


Walking Miracles (Demo) 2009
Electric (Album) Digital Release: 05.13.2011 / CD Release: 07.01.2011



The All-Girl Boys Choir is: Alicia Warrington & Marlene Hammerle.

Ex-Members: Gore Gore Girls, Uh Huh Her, Lillix,
Kelly Osbourne.

"There has been a need for some time, for a great female
Rock group, that doesn't fit the cliches. The All-Girl Boys
Choir is this band."
- Paul Roth / The Independent Music Scene

"Loaded with energy and red-hot licks, this album
packs knockout punch after knockout punch of exciting
music." - iTunes Music Review

Formed in Los Angeles in 2008, this fiercely independent
duo have a tireless “live on the road” mentality.
These ladies gave up everything last year, to buy an
RV & travel relentlessly around the U.S., on self-booked
/ self-promoted tours.

Their super charged live shows have wowed audiences
at every stop, as the two guitarists perform with a
soul-revue intensity. Alicia (who is also a professional
session drummer) pre-records the massive sounding
backing tracks for the duo’s rhythm section.

This hardworking duo has a unique sound, style
and live show...and they do it all for the love of Rock.N.Roll.

never. ending. noise. tour 2010
07/27/10: Girls Rock Camp - Austin, TX
07/27/10: Continental Club - Austin, TX
07/29/10: Outland Ballroom - Springfield, MO
07/30/10: White Water Tavern - Little Rock, AR
07/31/10: The Way Out Club - St. Louis, MO
08/01/10: Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA
08/03/10: The Mill - Iowa City, IA
08/04/10: The Revolution - Toledo, OH
08/05/10: Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN
08/06/10: Mac's Bar - Lansing, MI
08/07/10: White's - Saginaw, MI
08/12/10: PJ's Lager House - Detroit, MI
08/13/10: Buckham Gallery - Flint, MI
08/14/10: The Abbey Pub - Chicago, IL
08/17/10: Cosmic Charlie's - Lexington, KY
08/18/10: The Rutledge - Nashville, TN
08/20/10: Double Wide - Dallas, TX
08/25/10: Andy's Bar - Denton, TX
08/26/10: Super Happy Fun Land - Houston, TX
08/27/10: Riverside Warehouse - Shreveport, LA
08/31/10: Soho Bar & Grill - Columbus, GA
09/02/10: Lenny's - Atlanta, GA
09/06/10: The Milestone - Charlotte, NC
09/07/10: The Soundry - Vienna, VA
09/11/10: Empire - Portland, ME
09/16/10: Ralph's Rock Diner - Worcester, MA
09/20/10: Trash Bar - Brooklyn, NY
09/24/10: Fuel House - Vineland, NJ
09/30/10: Mojo Main - Newark, DE
10/02/10: Fringe Festival - Wilmington, DE
10/03/10: Silk City Lounge - Philadelphia, PA
10/15/10: Lager House - Detroit, MI
10/16/10: The Vault - Bay City, MI
10/23/10: The Crack Fox - St. Louis, MO
10/25/10: Naked City - Wichita, KS
11/06/10: Black Box Theater - Las Cruces, NM