The All-Nighters

The All-Nighters


Created out of a pure love and interest for many different forms of musical expression, the All-Nighters continue to break down the boundaries limiting the sonic freedom of instrumental bands.


Originally created out of a pure love and interest for many different forms of musical expression, the All-Nighters continue to break down the boundaries limiting the sonic freedom of instrumental bands that have come before them. Their revolutionary sound draws influence from a wide variety of classic genres, all combining to form a very modern and refreshing approach to "instro/surf" music. They harness the energy and personality of surf, punk, country, rockabilly, ska, gypsy, classical and others to form a intermixed collage of sounds and emotions which flows with flawless focus; despite the often drastic changes in style, like the soundtrack to a great movie.

The All-Nighters began their careers in 2004 as a side project of the hardcore punk/metal outfit Full Frontal Assault, but soon developed an identity seperate and equally as potent as their heavier alter-ego. Handling the guitars are two brothers, Jimmy and Jeff Kastelic, and on Bass and Drums, longtime friends Gabe Taylor and Bobby Lind respectively. The boys continue to record and tour just as much as ever with both bands. This October they will be doing a double-band West Coast tour.

They made their first album called "Drink the Night" in the spring of 2005. They recorded, mixed, mastered and produced the entire album themselves. The album was very well recieved locally and obtained great reviews in a few international instrumental music magazines including Pipeline.

Their latest album, entitled "Dance 'till Dawn: Pieces of a Lucid Dream" (released on their own Indie label Acid Moon in 2006) proves to be the bands most ambitous, well produced, and diverse offering yet. Ranging from simpler poppy surf/rock/country inspired numbers, to more mature, epic, adventurous soundscapes, the song styles vary from track to track mimicking the randomness of dreams. Guest cello, slide, and violin players were brought in to add thoughtfullness and depth to certain tracks while others are kept to the straight-up guitar/ bass/ drum set-up. The album is a soulful roller coaster ride of musical stimulation with a sense of variation that will leave listeners moved and intrigued.

Playing live on a consistent basis has helped to develop an ever growing personal bond between the band and their fans that often seems lost in todays popular music world. Creating an open and diverse atmosphere at their concerts; which allows people from any walk of life to have a great time dancing and enjoying themselves, is one secret to the All-Nighters success. Often performing for up to three to four hours, they are able to keep a crowd entertained for the entire set by offering such an interesting array of songs.

Constantly performing, writing, and recording, the All-Nighters pump out new material on a regular basis in order to keep their fans satisfied while everyday reaching as many new ears as possible.


2006 - Dance Til' Dawn: Pieces of a Lucid Dream
2005 - Drink The Night

Set List

Our set list contains about 30 originals and 10-20 covers. Sets have been know to go for upwards of 3 hours without a break, although one or two sets of an hour each are typical.
We do covers that are completely different from the original (but you can still spot them) by artists such as
Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Angelo Badalamenti (scores to David Lynch movies), Tiger Army, Dick Dale, The Lively Ones, the Ventures, various oldies, and more.