The All Ordinaries

The All Ordinaries

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The All Ordinaries play good honest country/roots rock with a few slow ones thrown in for people to get their breath back. Their shows are always lively in that Aussie stompin' bar band kinda way.


Formed over 6 years ago with members experienced in rock, jazz and country the All Ordinaries have loads of influences from Joe Jackson, Jeff Beck, Leonard Cohen to the Flying Burrito Brothers.

Seasoned campaigners on the Sydney music scene the All Ordinaries have played countless gigs and shared the stage with a host of Aussie notables from The Ghost Writers to the Cruel Sea.

The songs are well crafted with excellent lyrics complemented by slick musical arrangements. The band always engages the crowd. Some say the songs drive people to think. And drink. We don't mind that tag at all.



Written By: A. Cameron/The All Ordinaries

She’s so excellent that I
am bruised from pinching myself
I can’t believe it.

She’s so wonderful that I
wonder what’s she doing
with a guy like me.

I’m so totally stoked
this must be a hoax
waiting for the punchline of this unlikely joke.
I’m just blown away,
don’t know what to say.
For a change I’m at a loss for words.

Blue’s the colour of my sky
when my baby’s by my side
you oughta see it.

She’s my Christmas in July.
She brightens everything in sight,
la lumière de ma vie.


She makes me feel like I’m the man.
She makes me feel just like I can,
and I believe it.

She loves me just like I love her.
We’re just like cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.
We Adam and Eve it.



Written By: A. Cameron/The All Ordinaries

He was racing down the highway.
He was racing to the city.
The radio was playing songs
filled with sex and death and beauty
and lightning split the air.

Driving through the driving rain
so fast that everything was blurry.
Driven by a bitter rage
and all his thoughts were burning
but he saw this one so clear.

This time Jesus wouldn’t save her.
This time he knew it was for real.

He was taken by her pretty walk,
captivated by her beauty.
He wooed her with his witty talk.
She swore she’d do her duty
and he’d see that duty done.

This time Jesus wouldn’t save her.
This time he’d show he was for real.

Caught them in the dance hall.
Let fly with fists and feet and fury.
Saw that he was qualified
as executioner and jury
and he killed her with a chair.
Executioner and jury
and he left her lying there.

This time Jesus wouldn’t save her.
This time she knew it was for real.

Thinnest Part

Written By: A. Cameron/The All Ordinaries

Strange as it seems
you're the only one
who's blocking up your dreams
and I know I've got the same saboteur in me.
It comes in the night,
tells me I'm not doing nothing right
and I believe it.
I don't see any other way
that I could possibly perceive it.

You're out on the ice.
You're skating along and looking nice
then you start
to drift towards tht thinnest part.

Do it today.
Get it out of the way.
Do it today,
you don't need me or anybody else
to say you're doing okay.

Take some advice:
don't think, don't think twice,
don't think at all.
You'll find yourself
on the other side of the wall.

Do it today.
Get it out of the way.
Do it today,
you don't need me or anybody else
to say it'll all be okay.


single:the all ordinaries
tracks: 1: parallel 2: sideline
tracks: 1: weekender 2: stoked 3: lightning 4: tonight
ep: Zen demo
tracks: 1: stoked 2: lightning 3: thinnest part 4: some breeds 5: special one 6: mad world

Set List

A typical 45 minute pub set starts with a few up tempo originals - e.g. Stoked, Lightning (attached) - interspersed with a couple of mellow acoustic leaning numbers - e.g. Special One - then a few in the mid tempo, topped off by a rocking finish. Encores may include a cover eg. American Girl (Tom Petty)