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At Too Loud Fest, Sept. 2. Second time I caught them. Really impressive show. They have progressed two notches in confidence and power since I previously saw them several months ago. Second guitarist Jordan really fills out the sound and adds to the stage show. The hardcore vocals are a great addition. The Pantera cover was awesome and the new song before it was brilliant and showed they are starting to develop a much more advanced musical style and voice. A band to catch. - Concert Photo Zine's R. Hoover

Garage bands in high school
come and go quickly; however,
every so often there is one that
sticks. The Alluminati is one of
those bands.
“The Alluminati is different
from other high school bands
because of how we pride ourselves
on being
perfect when we
play and how we
try to be as professional
as possible. Also, we
put a lot of time and money into
our band which is something
that not many other high school
bands do,” said member Jordan
Originally started at Indiana
Area Senior High School in 2004
as Faultline, The Alluminati consists
of senior Kyle Cameron
(lead guitar and lead vocals),
senior Nate Blose (bass), junior
Jordan Tomb (rhythm guitar),
and a 2005 graduate of Conemaugh
High School, Nick Tercek
(drums and backup vocals). The
band was originally made up of
Cameron, Blose and 2005 IHS
graduate BJ Rudd. Cody Sheppard
is another former member.
Cameron explained that the
band’s name, The Alluminati,
comes from Illuminati, a group
of philosophers that dates back
to the 1700s.
The guys say that they are most
influenced by groups such as
Black Sabbath, Bullet For My
Valentine and Killswitch Engage.
Band member Kyle Cameron
said, “The Alluminati is different
because it mixes many different
genres into one unique sound.”
Cameron, who tests the music
out with Tercek before it is played
by the band, writes most of the
band’s music. The duo also collaborates
on lyrics. The members
get together to practice once or
twice a week, but practices are
held more often over the summer
when the guys have more
free time.
“Basically, the band comes before
everything else,” said Blose.
The group recently recorded an
album in Hilton Head, S.C., and
also recorded music in
Cameron’s garage.
“We have full recording capabilities
(in his garage). It sounds
even better than the earlier
recording in South Carolina,”
said Cameron.
They have played with national
acts such as Marc Rizzo (from
Soulfly), Bobaflex, Flaw and
Recently, The Alluminati was
handpicked to open for The
Panic Channel, a band consisting
of Dave Navarro (former
member of Jane’s Addiction, The
Red Hot Chili Peppers, and exhusband
of Carmen Electra),
Stephen Perkins (of Jane’s Addiction),
Chris Chaney and Steve
Blose said that the most exciting
part of being in the band so
far was “opening for The Panic
Channel at Mr. Small’s (in Pittsburgh).”
The band also recently made
the final cut of 12 out of 120+
bands to compete in the second
round of the Winter Rock Showcase
Contest at the Hard Rock
Café in Pittsburgh. They won the
judges’ vote, but lost the most
popular vote.
In addition, The Alluminati recently
won the Battle of the
Bands sponsored by the SADD
Club at Indiana Area Senior High
When asked what was the best
part about being in the band,
Tomb said, “It’s fun being around
people who enjoy doing the
same thing as me, and I like talking
to people after we play and
seeing their reactions.”
Cameron said, “I don’t think I
could not be in a band. I love
music, playing, and performing.”
Blose said that “playing for
people every weekend” was his
favorite part about being in the
The band’s future goals include
playing in various shows along
the East Coast this summer.
Cameron said, “We’ll contact
promoters who organize shows
along the East Coast. Basically it’s
making a million phone calls
hoping to get in a certain show.”
The guys are fortunate to have
support from their parents to
help achieve their ambitions.

(Apr 13, 2007) - Sarah Hritz - THE INDIANA GAZETTE

This is a kickass band!! WOW! I got their Demo CD and thought it was really good, but to see them live... wow! I kept telling myself that these were young guys and haven't been doing this that long.. but if I didn't know that already, I'd have sworn they were this this forever and a day. They were AWESOME! I wish they'd have been able to play longer. I'd have loved to see them play a longer set. Seemed like the entire crowd loved them as well. I was right up in the front, middle, too. :-)

Definitely check out these guys. Someday they'll hit it BIG and *I* can say I knew them way back when.

I'll definitely see these guys again and they have a full CD coming out soon and you can bet your ass I'll have one and I'll buy my kids one too!

They are awesome. I can't say that enough. lol And cute as hell too.

Also :
Wow, there is just so much stuff runnin through my brain that i dont even know where to start...

Sunday we went to Mr.Small's theatre to see some local bands play and it was pretty good. I liked The Distortion and The Allumanati. Brenda's husband works with one of the kids in the band's dad so he got us some tickets to see them. I was amazed by this band. I think someone said they are all like 17 but they are fucking awesome. Go check them out on myspace. For all you local people the boys all go to Indiana High school so they are from our neck of the woods.
- Two New Friends


To date one EP has been released from The Alluminati, but new cds are always being released with updated tracks as the band records them. There is also a music video for the song "Never Again" available and another video for "Merciless" is in the final production stage. The Alluminati also has a 45min. "Documentary" available.
The Alluminati's songs have been featured on Pittsburgh's largest clear channel station 105.9 The X, Pirate Nation Radio, Altoona's Q94 Backyard Rocker and WIUP 90.1 .



THE ALLUMINATI is a prime example of how top notch musicians somehow seem to find one another. All four members of this rock/metal act reside from Western Pennsylvania, and they are: Kyle Cameron on lead guitar/lead vocals, Nick Tercek on drums/vocals, Jordan Tomb on guitar, and Nate Blose on bass guitar. The sound of The Alluminati; although hard to pinpoint, is a combination of pulverizing drums, ripping dual guitars, pounding bass, and vocals that range from alt-rock to hardcore. Since the band's formation in August 2006, they have already become one of the area's top draws with over 60 shows under their belt, over 36,000 song plays on myspace, and over 140,000 hits on their website.
They have also played with national acts such as

The Panic Channel(Capitol records!)
Mark Rizzo from Soulfly
Bobaflex(TVT records)
Flaw(Universal reocrds!)
The Ataris(isola recordings/sanctuary records)
Silent Drive(equalvision)
FC Five (roadrunner Japan!!)
SOiL (J records/RCA records)
Seemless (equalvision)
Silent Civilian

The Alluminati has played at a huge variety of classic underground venues such as Mozart Hall (Latrobe, PA), Mr. Smalls Theater (Pittsburgh, PA), Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA), Ace’s Lounge (Johnstown, PA) and events such as Sadd Fest (Indiana, PA) and Too Loud Fest (Dilltown, PA). The Rock For Life and Gigaroo festivals (just outside of Pittsburgh).
The radio community is also embracing The Alluminati; with stations like Pittsburgh's Clear channel’s WXDX 105.9 theX, Altoona's 94.3 and 94.7 FM, Indiana's WIUP 90.1 FM and Pirate Nation Online Radio all giving The Alluminati serious air-time. The Alluminati is definitely a fresh, powerful force to be reckoned with in the metal community.