The Alluminati

The Alluminati


The Alluminati is a prime example of how top notch musicians somehow seem to find one another and come together to create high energy music that provides for an amazing show which draws new fans in and has everyone coming back to their shows for more time after time.


THE ALLUMINATI is a prime example of how top notch musicians somehow seem to find one another. All four members of this rock/metal act reside from Western Pennsylvania, and they are: Kyle Cameron on lead guitar/lead vocals, Nick Tercek on drums/vocals, Jordan Tomb on guitar, and Nate Blose on bass guitar. The sound of The Alluminati; although hard to pinpoint, is a combination of pulverizing drums, ripping dual guitars, pounding bass, and vocals that range from alt-rock to hardcore. Since the band's formation in August 2006, they have already become one of the area's top draws with over 60 shows under their belt, over 36,000 song plays on myspace, and over 140,000 hits on their website.
They have also played with national acts such as

The Panic Channel(Capitol records!)
Mark Rizzo from Soulfly
Bobaflex(TVT records)
Flaw(Universal reocrds!)
The Ataris(isola recordings/sanctuary records)
Silent Drive(equalvision)
FC Five (roadrunner Japan!!)
SOiL (J records/RCA records)
Seemless (equalvision)
Silent Civilian

The Alluminati has played at a huge variety of classic underground venues such as Mozart Hall (Latrobe, PA), Mr. Smalls Theater (Pittsburgh, PA), Hard Rock Cafe (Pittsburgh, PA), Ace’s Lounge (Johnstown, PA) and events such as Sadd Fest (Indiana, PA) and Too Loud Fest (Dilltown, PA). The Rock For Life and Gigaroo festivals (just outside of Pittsburgh).
The radio community is also embracing The Alluminati; with stations like Pittsburgh's Clear channel’s WXDX 105.9 theX, Altoona's 94.3 and 94.7 FM, Indiana's WIUP 90.1 FM and Pirate Nation Online Radio all giving The Alluminati serious air-time. The Alluminati is definitely a fresh, powerful force to be reckoned with in the metal community.



Written By: The Alluminati

This stream of conscience drives you mad again. Give in to it. We wouldn't be in this mess again if you would stay in your death bed.

This wave of impending fear I'm drowning in tells me what to do when all that's left is sin.

"I pray you speak not, he grows worse and worse. Growing with rage. Now he will pay for his sins again with his sanity."

Devouring your mind. Paranoia still remains
You can't push this aside when you can't control the rage.

Time to Overcome

Written By: The Alluminati

Nothing left of inspiration, leave it up to fate. Rise above the path you're given and set this record straight.

The path thats made for me is crumbling.

Will I just turn away or rise up and defeat the demons that wait?

Rid the weight of self deception, only time remains.
Tell the world that you're not willing to be led astray.

The path thats made for me is crumbling.

(chorus again)

Now is our time to rise above. Now is our time to overcome.
Time to Overcome.


To date one EP has been released from The Alluminati, but new cds are always being released with updated tracks as the band records them. There is also a music video for the song "Never Again" available and another video for "Merciless" is in the final production stage. The Alluminati also has a 45min. "Documentary" available.
The Alluminati's songs have been featured on Pittsburgh's largest clear channel station 105.9 The X, Pirate Nation Radio, Altoona's Q94 Backyard Rocker and WIUP 90.1 .

Set List

The Alluminati's set list is packed full of their original songs that get the crowd moving. It is 30-45 minutes of intense energy and it shows through the actions of the audience.