The Allured

The Allured


Its hard to describe the sound of The Allured, because each song has a completely different sound. There are some very dark intense songs, some alternative, a few punk tunes...this band doesn't stick to the same genre.


The interesting thing about The Allured is that Collin and Kami had never met Carly before their first band practice. At this time, they didn't think it would be anything more than just a one time jam session. It was no question that it was meant to be when within the first hour of knowing eachother they wrote their first song, "Just Try It Once". After realizing that is not a common thing for three teenagers to accomplish, The Allured began. The band recorded their first 9 track CD of all original music after being in a band for only four months.

Each member of the band has a very different taste of music with many different influences. This brings a lot of diversity to the music and no two songs sound alike. The bands influences range from bands in many genres like punk, classic rock, contemporary alternative, metal and many more.

This is only the beginning of The Allured, and many great things are expected for this power trio. Despite their age, this band is a group of very talented and dedicated musicians with a big future in the music business.


A 9 track CD is available to sell at merchandise at shows played.

Set List

The Allured plays all original music. The band can play anywhere from 20-60 minute sets.