The AllwaysElvis Band

The AllwaysElvis Band

 Guerneville, California, USA
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The Allways Elvis Band channels the spirit and magic of Elvis through costumed interactive energetic performance of his timeless talent, interweaving cover-tunes from then thru now, rocking each venue into a memorable musical event, reflecting always and in all ways Elvis, the King of Rock n' Roll!


Our vision: Elvis is alive and interacting with the audience, rocking today's music as well as yesterday's. The King, singin', dancin', rappin', jokin', flirtin', doing the Stones, Beatles, Creedence, Motown, Country, Michael Jackson, Springsteen, Prince, Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Jay Z, U2, U-Name It and more.....our repertoire and energy, like Elvis, is boundless.
We do not impersonate, the AllwaysElvis Band channels the energy of ELVIS OF TODAY, bringing then into the future, showing the links, bridging the gap and all in-between, covering hits from every era, genre, and rhythm, displaying thru performance his huge influence on all music. And the audience of all ages responds and ELVIS LIVES! When Elvis takes the stage the cameras come out and stay out, the audience requesting photo-ops dancing, hugging, kissing with the King, smiling, shaking hands in thanks-for-the-memory-gratitude, waving thanks for the show and fun as they depart. All for the love and fun of ELVIS because, not only is the music great and infectious, but The AllwaysElvis Band ROCKS!
AllwaysElvis brings humor, romance, audience interaction, memory, and music into play, turning every venue into more than a gig, a dance, a show, a party, a concert: it's FUN, it's ELVIS!!


Johnny B. Good

Written By: Chuck Berry

His mama say someday, son, you'll be a man
and you will be the leader of a big ol' band.
Many people comin' from miles around
t'see ya play your music when the sun go down
Maybe some day your name will be in lights
sayin' "Elvis is in your town tonight!"


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