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The Alphabetical Order


Where post-punk collides with power-pop, leaving a trail of blood and debris.


"I Am Magically Happening!", the first full-length from Washington, DC's post-punk quartet The Alphabetical Order shows a great deal of DC indie influence, with hints of Fugazi and Jawbox skating across the soundscape. The album is raw and the songwriting employs ambitious tactics—odd time signatures, unexpected key changes, and non-traditional structure are littered across the 10 tracks. Still, the Order's love of hooks cannot be muted—"Submarines" boasts a sing-along chorus with brilliant harmonies and the anthemic "Shot From Cannons" gets heads nodding with its thundering cadence. Beyond the music, however, "I Am Magically Happening!" is a treatise on the nature and formation of identity and how the definition of self is distorted in a relationship. In support of the album, The Alphabetical Order has journeyed up and down the east coast, earning praise regionally and nationally.

"Were 'I Am Magically Happening!' recorded by J. Robbins, Ted Nicely, or Ian McKaye with Don Zientara at Inner Ear and released on Dischord, it would be instantly hailed as a great post-punk indie rock burner.... It's got urgent, tightwound post-punk guitars, ultra-rhythmic, propulsive bass and drums, Gavin Dunaway's forceful, highly enunciated vocals, and tunes. Not surprisingly, this reviewer digs it, and hopes that its lack of affiliation with the above won't prevent it from wider recognition."—Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"'I Am Magically Happening!' is full of twists, turns, and F-1 chicanes as not-too-common time signatures find themselves employed with massively entertaining choruses and memorable hooks. Impressive guitar solos are the secret weapon behind an infantry of lock-step beats. A little less feedback than typical post-punk, a little more color and flavor than typical post-hardcore, The Alphabetical Order have given us a clever debut LP which is fantastically catchy, awesomely rocking, and rarely misses a step."—Barrett King, Any Given Tuesday

"['I Am Magically Happening!'] is like a post punk / college rock explosion full of songs that take a while to get used to listening. The melodies jump around and it's impossible to casually listen to their songs. The Alphabetical Order demands your attention and they assault your ears to get it."—Grog Mutant, The Chickenfish Speaks


"I Am Magically Happening!" ranked in top 10 DC albums of 2007 by OnTap Magazine

"Submarines" awarded Track of the Day at, July 7, 2007

The Alphabetical Order nominated for "Best Modern Rock Duo/Group" in 2006 by the Washington Area Music Association

"Krakow Krakow" ranked in top 25 MP3s of 2006 at

Regional finals of the 2005 Emergenza Music Festival

Invited to play the concert series at Ft. Reno in Washington, DC; the Dewey Beach Popfest; Midem Music Festival; MEANY Fest; the Millennium Music Conference; and countless benefit concerts at DC-area high schools, colleges, and churches.



Written By: The Alphabetical Order

We come like diving submarines
Hulls creaking, dreaming of the sky
Our fears are pounds per square inch
Dissolved in the water in our eyes
These thoughts have only so much room to move
These walls are ceilings
Can you make like Maxwell’s Demon—
Separate and analyze their meaning

Everyone at the same time

We live like Siamese twins
So afraid of being left alone
Both afraid that the other one will die
And leave the weight of his bones
We are both dependent upon this crucial part
Our muscles are straining upon this wishbone heart

Everyone at the same time
I imagined it happening, I imagined the end
I felt the buildings fall, caving in
I felt the fire grip me, and when I woke
It was your arms again squeezing out my breath

I can feel the vibrations of a change approaching, like
An angry father who is running up the stairs
This is not just my imagination, we will not be safe in covers, I
Am coming up for air

I am coming up for air

Everyone at the same time

Constant State

Written By: The Alphabetical Order

Look in the mirror—it lies
We smash it ‘gainst the wall—the shards
Fly and scatter across the floor
(The distance is not relieving)

Turn down the blinds, replace the sun
Florescent bulbs—the light will show
No space exists between
(The distance is not relieving)

Step to the right, or is it left?
Once parallel, we intersect
Reemerge as converged
(The distance is not relieving the strain)

The closer I get to you
The further I step from myself
And you don’t look like you anymore

Tongue twisted into knots, I speak
The words that come out from your mouth
Refract and resonate
(The distance is not relieving)

I grow from you, you grow from me
One spine is spiraling
Sprouting out from our tails
(The distance is not relieving)

Disconnect—a constant state
We unplug the world and
Slip into ourselves, into the self
(The distance is not relieving the strain)

The closer I get to you
The further I step from myself
And you don’t look like you anymore
Your face shares my lines
And your eyes have changed color
We’re melting into, melting into each other
So tell me what is left of me?

Needle to thread we tie the seams
Vacate the self—fall in the stream
Swallow your qualms, relax forget
Submit, submit, submit

The closer I get to you…

Dress Up/Dress Down

Written By: The Alphabetical Order

Who should we be today?
Making Bogey faces in the mirror
We could steal a car
Shoot a cop live life like some B-movie

We could skip on out of this town
Or stumble to death in some back alley
It’s a scumbag, you’re a scumbag
Well, what does that mean?

I search for answers in pages
Sustenance through words
But I’m no Howard Roark
And you are not my Dominique

So many pretty hats to try on
One size fits all the labels say
Mass produced for the masses
Reduced to buying an identity

But stop—there’s gotta be something more
Than puzzle pieces jammed together
(The picture doesn’t match the box)
Why do I not care?

I’m giving up the search
My treasure map is full of holes
X marks the spot it’s said
But we’ve dug up the whole garden

But stop—there’s gotta be something more
Than puzzle pieces jammed together
(The picture doesn’t match the box)
Why do I not care?

Hey pull the car over
We’re running out of gas


"The Unimpeachable EP" — 2005 Self Released. Available at Amazon, CDBaby, eMusic, iTunes, and more.

"I Am Magically Happening!" — 2007 Self Released. Available at Amazon, CDBaby, eMusic, iTunes, and more.

Set List

Typically play 40-45 minute sets of all original music. From 10/6/2007:
Constant State
A Mockery of Taste
This Too Shall Pass
Shot From Cannons