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"The Ripsaw, Duluth"

You’ve heard the old adage, “What’s in a name?” In the case of The Alpha Centauri’s second release, Stoic, the name strikes the heart of the entire lyrical content of the album. A Stoic is someone who subscribes to the Greek philosophy, Stoicism, which holds that truly wise men live free from passion, unmoved by either pleasure or pain, and submissive to natural law.
If Stoicism is a sound theory, The Alpha Centauri are five men struggling to become wiser men. The 11 tracks on Stoic are filled with painful heartache, yearning and social detachment. Accompanying the melancholy lyrics on Stoic is an equally damp and delusional sound fueled by an endless barrage of samples, synths and whimsical guitar effects.
A feeling of both space and motion are most pervasive on Stoic, appropriate for a band named after the nearest star system to our sun. The opening track, “Handshakes and Smiles,” exemplifies the breadth of the album and the band—opening with a sample of classical stringed instruments abruptly interrupted by simple strumming on an acoustic guitar, the song gains speed courtesy a hypnotically-spacey synth beat and is further characterized by the howling vocals of Lance Conrad.
“I think I’m better off alone/I walk amongst the handshakes and smiles that stretch on for miles/I’m lost in piles of broken homes/Do you feel superfluous?/I can reassure you: You’re not alone.”
Conrad is a tenor with superlative range who sings in a free-flowing manner, as if he were reciting epic poetry. As such, you can’t always understand what he’s saying, but you’ll never fail to understand the emotive thrust behind the lyrics—that usually being of deep despair, longing and desperation.
While labeled and shelved as “progressive rock,” the innovative arrangements and sounds produced on Stoic make the album, as well as The Alpha Centauri themselves, wholly indescribable—a characteristic that should keep their star shining bright on the celestial map that is the music industry. - Steve Sanoski


When I opened up the packaging this CD was sent to me inside of, I was both surprised and humored to find a quarter and a small piece of paper that said "Bribe" on it. The album came in an artistically-infatuating album cover and I was very pleased, simply by looking at it. Intrigued by the beautiful album cover and the humor I then immediately popped it into my CD player and began listening to it. To my surprise, the music was sadistic, clever and unique to the full extent. This progressive rock album "Stoic" by The Alpha Centauri has been thoroughly enjoyed by me and will continue to be, now that I am lucky enough to have myself a copy of their album. I happily welcome The Alpha Centauri into my list of other favorite progressive rock bands, which includes Radiohead and Coldplay. It's a shame I had not heard of these guys until now. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to check these guys out! - Andy Forsber

"The Pulse, Minneapolis"

We are the population of the tiny molecule known as earth, a microscopic speck clinging to a universe that is merely a cross-section of a vast loaf-shaped membrane containing dimensions that our feeble minds cannot yet understand. Possibility. Physicists are exploring a philosophy that everything in the world, in the universe, is made of strings; vibrating with a resonance of their own, creating the matter this string will become.

Listening to Stoic, the weighty debut album from local band The Alpha Centauri, one feels indeed like a vibrating string, or a molecule in an atom-smasher, being shot through space, bounced off gravitons, for the sole purpose of experimentation. With a first listen to Stoic, it is immediately evident that The Alpha Centauri is not your average local band. Their sound is progressive—not bound by authoritarian, traditional forms. Visionary. Stoic is driven by an irreverent electronic sound. Synthesizers are heavy, hypnotic, and torrential. The production is tight, immense and professional. Lead singer Lance Conrad’s tortured croon invites the listener on a transcendent journey into his dimension; an intense, high-wrought plane of fervor and emotion. Conrad’s vocals sound classically trained, yet contain an abstract uniqueness that sets him apart, and there is, more often than not, an ominous tension. In Stoic, the classic instrumentation of guitar, bass and drum are evident, thickening the commanding sound of the vocals, synthesizers and samples.

The first track, Handshakes and Smiles, exemplifies the sound of Stoic and The Alpha Centauri. The song begins with a violin sample and a soft drumbeat in the background. The drum is replaced by a synth, but then everything is pulled away, leaving only a short clip of guitar, all the instruments then collide back together and the vocals kick in. This systematic addition and subtraction of instruments and sounds is consistent throughout the album. Unpredictability. Just when listeners think they know what’s coming, Stoic surprises.

With Stoic, The Alpha Centauri reminds the listener that big things are happening and warns not to get left behind. - Patrick Johnson


I am blown away by the extravagant sounds, depth, and energy throughout this entire album. There is a very well mixed sound of indie rock, classical elements, and electronic sounds. These guys have found another dimension in music and have practically spelled it out for us here in their album, “Stoic.” If you close your eyes and listen through this album, or turn off the lights and have candles burning, or how ever you can get in a listening mood…you will be taken to a new place.
There is something about the sense of creativity in this album that will bring you closer to the album, wanting more, and not wanting to stop it, almost becoming one with the inner depth. What is it? I think it’s the combination of many styles and unconventional sounds, especially in this assumed genre of music. This album will blow you away. The Alpha Centauri has redefined and opened doors to newly found styles and sounds that should help drive the momentum of creativity in their music forever.
I have many favorite songs on this album, but I had to pick one…I do love the entire album! - Erik Beyer


"Hailing from Minneapolis, members Luke,
Lance, Linnea, John, and Evan compose
some truly awe-inspiring music.
Incorporating samples, hypnotic keyboards,
swirling guitars, and insightful lyrics into their
music makes seeing The Alpha Centauri live
a remarkable experience. Their music has
been compared to everything from Radiohead to Depeche Mode, to Joy Division." -


EP- "Even Stars Die" 2000
LP- "Stoic" 2003 (Nationwide radio play, podcasts, online streaming)



The Alpha Centauri has fashioned a very unique reinvention of modern pop. Songs range from synth driven art-pop to romantic, room-silencing ballads.

The Alpha Centauri has shared the stage with Earlimart, The Heartless Bastards, Asobi Seksu, The Minus 5, 12 Rods, Strike Anywhere and Drug Rug to name a few. Unanimous adoration has struck the crowds, bands, and industry insiders.

Bill Sullivan, who has managed The Replacements, Cat Power, and Bright Eyes, and his brother Tom who co-owns and books the 400 Bar, Minneapolis, act as mentors for the band.

Lance Conrad, who writes and arranges the music, is a Minneapolis native producer and studio owner and has established a great network of musicians and promoters from around the U.S.