The Alston Experience

The Alston Experience

 Palm Coast, Florida, USA

Newly formed with years of experience. Able to play concerts or a close club settings and set the mood.


Stan starting illuminating sounds he heard at the age of ONE - by the age of three he was singing in Church. His 1st public appearance was at the age of eight in a community musical. His first club appearance was at the age of thirteen - he open for a group called the Manhattans.
Since that time his experience has taken him from England to Paris from Harlem New York to Florida. He has shared the stage with such greats as Al Green and the late Phyllis Hyman to name a few. He has shared off Broadway with Loretta Devine, in the life story of Thomas A Dorsey the creator of Gospel music.
Stan has a five-octave range voice that is clear and angelic. He has written commercials for AT&T, and it's Reach Out America campaign, also Radio and TV Networks in Baltimore, Maryland. He has authored two books "Faith, Love & Life", and "Truth By Testimony." Musically he has released more than six CD recordings, and published more than 200 titles, with two books pending. He has received awards from TDK and BMI for his writing capabilities. He is a member of the International society of poets, and has affiliation with BMI, and ASCAP.


Sweet Water

Written By: Stan Alston -The Alston Experience

Sweet Water

Sweet Water
Sweet Water
Sweet Water were are you

Lonely hearts are crying the blues

Sweet Water
Sweet Water
They are crying sweet water

Sweet Water
Sweet Water
Like a river on the ocean side
I can’t get you out of my mind

Sweet Water
Sweet Water
Sunshine in a misty eye
Blind my heart with a human disguise
So I need your sweet water

Sweet Water
Sweet Water
Pure as the driven snow
Elevate me from this world below

Let me inside your Sweet Water


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Faith, Love & Life
Pending Release "2012 Unveiled"
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**Poet with two books written with tones of lyrics**
Truth By Testimony & Faith, Love & Life

Set List

Myendgateway, Transunion, I want to be in love, The Rhythm is Free, One of them days, After the Wind, Latin Dream, Sweet Water, Kings Smash, Mystical Hour, Take it To The Bank, Animal Attraction, When Can I Love You, After Love, No I N We, Natural, I Will Live Forever, I Have This Dream, We Need This Chance, The Challenge, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Hard Times.