The Alternative Outfit

The Alternative Outfit


A Dark Melodic Triumphancy!!!


"The Flood is coming and there is no escape". This lyric from The Alternative Outfit's (TAO), The Flood, pretty much sums up the power and momentum with which the group is attacking tri-state venues. TAO has conjured up a live show that gets blood boiling, hearts pumping, tear ducts swelling, and chills firing down the spines of spectators.

Furthermore, in a rare accomplishment among live performance artists today, the explosion of energy TAO creates has been captured on the full length collection "Melancholic". The album proves to lend itself to fans of rock, goth, jazz, alternative, pop, love, sex, pain, passion, music, misery, and brutal truth. Chris Sulit (songwriter/vocals/keys) teamed up with Bobby Kay (producer/bass/backup vocals/sounds) to create a record that is seemingly limitless in its diversity. It is a prime model of extravagant yet tasteful production.

Sulit's vocal styling tips its hat to the likes of Ville Valo (H.I.M.) and Daniel Victor (Neverending White Lights), but still rests firmly on his own very distinct, very versatile sound. The album has emotional ups and downs, takes energetic twists and turns, the only constant being an inexplicable character which comforts the listener as they travel through a world of eerie lullabies, angry melodic monsters, whaling lovesick creatures, and swinging oversized music staves filled with lustful eyes and tortured hearts.

Truly capturing the essence of alternative, TAO has seen the limits of the performance industry, and is coming to rip them all down.

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The Flood

Written By: Chris Sulit

I packed up all my melodies
My riffs and turns and harmonies
All the noise and sounds of mine
A black book full of rhyming lines

The Flood is coming and there is no escape
Save your songs cause there is no running away

That’s all I need to stand my ground
While the whole world will sink and drown

The Flood is coming and there is no escape
Save your songs cause there is no running away

Relapse Bound Train

Written By: Chris Sulit

My Eyes are drunk off you
And my Thoughts are turning crude
You make me feel like I'm on Neptune

I can smell your Lips
they're calling me to have some fun

Tell me what's your Perfume
So I can mix in my Gloom
And make tornadoes in the sky

I can feel your Voice
its calling my Name

When we're One and Insane
It's a fun losing game
Cause you'll just run away
and leave me again

Lie to me you'll never leave
and I will take you back

When we're One and Insane
its a fun losing game
We make love in the rain
with the guilt to refrain
And I know there'll be pain
I don't care. it's ok
It's the way that I play
RelapseBound Train


Melancoholic - LP

Released 7/1/08

Set List

30 minute - 2 hour sets!