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The Amatory Murder

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Brooklyn, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Rock Alternative




"The Amatory Murder Premiere Music Video, “My Nightmare”"

New York alt-rock act The Amatory Murder have released a new music video for their song, “My Nightmare.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

To get “My Nightmare,” visit their Bandcamp. For more on The Amatory Murder, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. - Revolver Magazine


We often try as humans to divide ourselves up – building categories and classifications that ultimately lead to stereotypes and segregation. Yet there are some things that cross every boundary we try to create and force us back into one unified species. Fear is one of those things; an element everyone can relate to on some level or another. If you find someone who tells you they are not afraid of anything, chances are they are lying or the concept of fear itself is the actual facilitator.

Walking hand-in-hand with fear, as it skips down the street, is the notion of nightmares: a simple element of life most individuals have experienced, which is why discussing and exploring them can be so mesmerizing. Nightmares tend to creep up and strike without warning, and then stick with you like a caustic form of molasses, clinging and eating away at your core. Brutal by nature and beautiful by design, nightmares hold a firm place within the tapestry of our society. This week’s Indie Band of the Week, the Brooklyn-based rock band, The Amatory Murder, knows this too well and places the majority of their inspiration for their latest EP release, Exploiting Our Dreams, right into the hands of the nightmare beast. Using their unique ability to combine industrial components with 80’s reminiscent synthesized rock, they are able to create a melodic atmosphere where lost souls are welcomed and where nightmares run free.

Since “Exploiting our Dreams” just came out, what is your overall attitude towards music right now? Does having a new EP create a rejuvenated sense of excitement?
Xian: Well, I for one am excited! The new record is a big step for us because it’s a more organic sound. The songs are accessible to a wider audience and seem to be resonating with people. That in itself has made our attitude towards the music scene a lot more positive. I think the response is good for rock music in general.amatory murder - compilation
Joey: Absolutely. I think we successfully managed to translate a great deal of our energy and intensity into these songs. One of the things we all have in common is a love for live performance and connecting with people from the stage. Showing up to a gig with this record in our hands makes it all much more exciting.
Ernest: I am definitely psyched about our new EP. Before I joined the band I was a fan of the music but always felt the gritty qualities that are heard live were lost on the recordings. So as a sonicphile (sic) I am very excited for people to hear TAM as we were intended to be heard.
Your latest single, “A Haunting” references nightmares as a source of inspiration. How did that come about? Do any of you have a particular nightmare that plagues your subconscious?
Xian: I have my nightmares here and there. As people we all have worries and things we sometimes dwell on: past events, fears, lovers, etc. I think anyone who hears the song usually gets it. I’ve also dealt with panic attacks. For me, having a panic attack is one of the worst feelings both physically and emotionally because you feel like you’re dying and you don’t know what to do. You can’t run anywhere and hide from it because it’s happening in you. You can move to a new apartment, a new town, a different state…Your past will follow you no matter what until you deal with it and the neurosis that comes along with it.
Ernest: I don’t really have nightmares. I don’t really dream much. Too much herb.
Aside from nightmares and related dark side dynamics, where did you pull additional inspiration from? What really gets under your skin and causes you to create music?
Xian: As a vocalist and lyricist, I pull from life events or look at other people and their situations and write little stories about them. Sometimes I’m just influenced by the other musicians around me, especially in Brooklyn because there’s so much going on right now. Usually it’s anything that affects me emotionally or stirs up heavy feelings that cause me to write.
Joey: The big and little moments in life can affect us all in profound ways. After a couple unison bends and nasty chords, I’m right as rain…
Ernest: I am inspired by energy. In TAM I try to minimize my bass playing to just root notes and licks I feel serve the song and not my ego, leaving me free to exhibit more gusto physically. I love to dance. It’s kinda why I play music.
The Amatory Murder – “A Haunting” Official Lyric Video

Do you feel you have evolved as a band from your first album? And if so, do you view the evolution as positive or negative?
Xian: I don’t know how the others feel, but I would definitely say so. The Amatory Murder started with just [rhythm guitarist] Drakos and myself and we went through a rotating cast of musicians. Now that we have a more solid lineup–specifically the inclusion of Joey and Ernest–I feel we have a more definitive sound and are able to do a lot more. There are more focused voices involved.
Ernest: What Xian said!
However did you come up with your band name?
Xian: Love. Love is a big word. It can make you feel euphoric and great but it can also push someone to want to kill. The Amatory Murder is a crime committed in passion.
Your music has been labeled as “ghostly” and “gothic”, cloaking layers of sound to create an experience that can be place listeners on the other side of midnight. How do you feel about this label? What would you add to it to help people understand the core of your message?
Xian: “The other side of midnight”? Well man, that’s awesome! I would say we’re a bunch of night owls, so those descriptions aren’t too far-fetched. At the same time, I think our compositions are very pop/rock oriented. I like to think that we’re writing the same way greats like The Beatles or Pink Floyd wrote; we’re just dressing our songs in a corset and showering them with rose petals. I think anyone can find things to relate to in our music.
Joey: We don’t get much sunlight either!
Do you approach elements of day-to-day life in the same way you approach your music? Are each of you able to control your own personal demons that dwell in the dark?
Xian: That’s a great question. I really try to make an effort to leave all my angst and emotional stuff to exclusively channel through our music. Or, at least I’m learning to do that. I’ve been making an effort to control my own demons; make them WORK for ME. There have been times when I’ve failed at that, but for the most part I can keep things in check. I’m always learning.
Ernest: I’m a happy guy for the most part but can be a mean guy without my meds.
amatory murder - logo - femmeAs a band, you are clearly not afraid to experiment with sound. Are there areas of experimentation you have yet to try? Are there some musical elements you consider taboo – that is, things you would never want to touch on a compositional level?
Xian: I’m pretty open to new things. I would never want to *change* our sound because I think we have a pretty solid thing going. The cool thing about ‘Exploiting Our Dreams’ is that we experimented more than we did on the last record. We put a lot of thought into crafting everyone’s voice and in some cases just messing around with a cool sound or texture. I wouldn’t say that there’s anything we wouldn’t try in order to create good art.
Joey: Some of my most positive and inspiring recording moments have taken place with this band. We sit down with the basic structure in mind, but almost everything I laid down has been written on the spot. Experimentation and open mindedness are very present in our process. If I had a take that was a little too Hendrix-y or Jeff Buckley-y, we just bend it until it works. I’ve walked away from every session feeling proud because we came up with something unique and true to ourselves.
Ernest: I would say our sound is currently where it belongs and probably shouldn’t change. However more instruments and effects are welcome for sure. Theremins, ebos, slides, power tools, etc. — expect all of these to make an appearance on our next release.
What type of connection do you feel you have with your fans? How does your music create an atmosphere for this connection to thrive?
Xian: Now more than ever I feel we have such a great connection with fans. Being a teenager is hard–even more so in today’s world. There’s a lot of things constantly put into people’s faces to try and make them feel insecure, not good enough, that they need to buy useless shit or compromise who they are in order to be accepted or “cool”. It’s bullshit, but it affects people of all ages. I think our fans appreciate that we’re talking about things very similar to how they feel. Even us big kids have issues sometimes. I would say the connection is constantly getting stronger at this point. We will always make music, but the fans are what keep us wanting to release it.
Joey: Our fans are the coolest. Hanging out after our shows is always a good time. If you’re at one of our gigs, come say hi. You might even get a sticker!
Besides musical world domination, what does the future hold for The Amatory Murder?
Xian: We have some great summer shows coming up, and we’re trying to get on tour so we can go more national. Also, we have some new tunes in the works, so eventually another full-length record will be released. I personally feel very good about our future. - Rock Revolt Magazine

"The Amatory Murder | Exploiting Our Dreams EP"

The Amatory Murder is on the verge of releasing their EP Exploiting Our Dreams. An electronic rock band from New York, they are determined to take over. The EP includes five songs and multiple remixes, all showcasing this band’s talents.

The opening track has a very… Birthday Massacre melody, but the vocals are edgier, harsher, and significantly cooler. Rock meets Goth in the most grotesquely beautiful way. Next up, track two opened with a very strong riff, with a romantic desperation that many of their audience can relate to. Sexy? Quite so, but the chorus lends itself to being dreamy and swoon worthy as well.

Tracks three and four showed the gradual mixture of hard and soft in the track listing, which works well. From the very first note, the melodies have the potential of hooking anyone listening. The vocals give nostalgia of many bands in the local Hollywood scene, as there are many similarities in the singing style. However, The Amatory Murder has enough variation in their sound to stand out amongst the crowd. This musical act is sure to gain the attention of fans who find themselves listening to bands such as Escape the Fate, Get Scared, Falling in Reverse, and more of the sort. The lyrics are significantly darker in theme than the aforementioned bands, however, adding a moody atmosphere to the overall musical experience. The EP finished with one of the catchiest tunes in the mix.

Interestingly enough, multiple remixes of songs were added to this EP collection; that is not often seen. Very dance-able, the remixes would fit right into the Los Angeles Goth and industrial club scene, something you can easily find yourself moving to.

Overall, this is a band with a tremendous amount of potential to make it big; this EP is certainly just the beginning. - Hard Rock Haven

"The Amatory Murder - Exploiting Our Dreams"

This EP definitely had me perplexed. You see, The Amatory Murder are a difficult one to pigeon hole. Imagine part goth rock, part electronica, mixed with some 80’s style synths and a smattering of dark pop.….still with me?

It’s a very intriguing listen and I’ve found myself going back to this EP countless times, each time finding something different I hadn’t noticed on the previous listens.

Opening track, A Haunting, is definitely one of the heavier tracks on this EP, musically and vocally it’s very Nine Inch Nails-esque, but Christian Peppas has a great vocal tone and as opening tracks go The Amatory Murder really catch your attention with this one. Need still has flashes of vigorous rock guitar, but this track definitely leans more onto the more electronic side of things. It’s very 80’s in the synth department, but combined with Peppas’ vocals, the rhythm of the guitar work and the overall production, it has a very modernized feel.

King Of Pain is a more laid-back affair with the distorted guitars a little more buried in the mix. Peppas still has attributes of Trent Reznor in his voice, but at times he also reminds me of Belgian-Australian multi-instrumentalist Gotye. It’s a very catchy track and the 80’s style hooks work a treat. Eleanor, for me, was the most contemporary of the tracks on this EP. It still has the dark pop elements, but it has a very mainstream structure to it and I cold easily see this being used for adverts on TV. Perverted Views started to grate on me after repeat listens, some of the lead-work was a bit misplaced and I just didn’t feel the band executed it as well as they had on the 4 tracks previously.

The EP is finished off with five remixes, which include collaborations with synth-pop veteran Elliot Berlin of Aesthetic Perfection and Panic Lift’s James Francis.

In all this is an enjoyable listen and I’d be really keen to hear what these guys do on a full-length. Each track on this release had its own character, giving the listener something different to digest as they work their way through the EP. I’m not a massive fan of remixes, so the second half of this EP was probably wasted on me, but I could see long-time fans of the band enjoying these tracks too. - Rock n Reel Reviews

"The Amatory Murder - Exploiting Our Dreams"

You gotta love New York City-based bands these days, their ingenuity and creativity of modernizing a previous era of time is refreshing to hear these days. Last year I was introduced to a band called Station who brought me back to my teen years of straight-up 80’s-style rock music. I became an instant fan for life. Today, I’m introduced to another band, The Amatory Murder who also has an 80’s vibe to their sound though they are a little more dynamic and adventurous with their sound.

Their EP, Exploiting Our Dreams, is a refreshing modernization to the 80’s pop/punk/ techno rock scene (Depeche Mode, anyone?). A quick listen to the five original tracks brings an excitatory sensation to the listener’s ears. So much so that one can’t help but replay each track one by one digging deeper into each song. Lyrically, they tend to touch on the dark side of human emotion, but don’t let that fool you; this is actually a fun album to play. Musically, the first thing that catches the listener’s ears is the wide use of electronic keyboards, an uncommon sound by today’s standards yet so prevalent many years ago. Match those with a danceable beat and some fantastic guitar riffs and I’m an instant fan! Their rendition of the hit song,“King of Pain” by The Police, is amazingly done. Sting should be proud to hear what these Brooklyn boys have done with this cover. There is something here for everyone to enjoy: from pop to punk to even metal, anyone who calls themselves a true rock fan will enjoy this offering.

Exploiting Our Dreams is due out this Spring, so be sure to keep an eye on The Amatory Murder’s website for exact date. While you’re there, you can also sample their music and be on the lookout for show dates. This is one band I’d love to see live to get the full - Rock Shot Live

"EP Review: The Amatory Murder"

Founded in 2011, Brooklyn’s The Amatory Murder have been gaining momentum with a dedicated following of local fans who like to dance in the dark. Their sound serves up synth-laden melodies and crunchy guitars with a pairing of whisky smooth vocals.

The Amatory Murder was founded at King Killer Studios by frontman/singer/songwriter Christian ‘Xian Amatory’ Peppas (whose vocals are featured in a Skoda Auto Made Of Meaner Stuff commercial in Europe) and guitarist Marios Drakos (aka ‘Drakos’–‘The Dragon’). The band was later rounded out by the addition of bassist Ernest D’Amaso, friend and former schoolmate of Xian who had played and toured around the world; and lead guitarist Joseph Halimi who brings his own touring experience from Warped Tour to the table.

On first listen of their soon to be released EP, Exploiting Our Dreams, electronic influences like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, New Order mixed with a healthy blend of heavier sounds you might find with Korn and Marilyn Manson stood out among many others in the genre. Vocalist Christian Peppas has a strong vocal style in the same vein as Trent Reznor or Jared Leto with a side of Davey Havoc smoothly crooning the melodic and screaming the sorrow.

Ten tracks round out the EP with the first five being solid synth-laden goth-rock songs you’d hear at any local rock venue save for a heavier version of The Police’s King Of Pain. For me, the stand outs were their original tracks, Eleanor and Perverted Views, with Need coming in third. Guitarist Joey Halimi’s solo on Eleanor was clean and fluid like some of the heavier power ballads from the 80’s. The song Need came in first for the most clever lyrics and could potentially be one of those tunes that roll around in your head for no discernible reason.

The remaining five tracks on the EP are electrionic re-mixes of the first five tracks with my personal favorite being Eleanor (James Francis ‘Panic Lift’ mix). This track has a Depeche Mode ‘Behind The Wheel’ sort of vibe that would be right at home in any darkwave gothic nightclub. Check out the new lyric video for their song A Haunting.

After listening to the EP a few times and absorbing both styles, it would seem that their stronger musical strength would lean more towards electronic dance music with throw backs to the masters mentioned above while putting a fresh idea behind dance music much like She Wants Revenge or HIM’s ‘SWRMXS’. The Amatory Murder would do well forging goth metal in to something interesting the darklings can dance to.

All in all, I hope to hear more in the future from The Amatory Murder as the band grows into their sound but Exploiting Our Dreams is definitely a good start in the right direction. - National Rock Review

"The Amatory Murder- Exploiting Our Dreams (EP)"

The Amatory Murder is a band that can make you fall in love with music all over again. They give listeners something to believe in, an escape from reality, songs to intensify moments of utter despair and complete happiness. I have never found a band from this generation of music that is capable of doing so. Blend The Cure, NIN and a bit of everything fabulous you could possibly dream up---and that equals The Amatory Murder. They have developed a signature sound that is both captivating and enthralling, appealing to listens of all ages and fans of all genres. The first single from the 2014 EP, Exploiting Our Dreams is ethereal and compelling, appropriately titled “A Haunting”. Check out the lyric video below by Telemark, which is fronted by Elliot Berlin of Aesthetic Perfection remix. “A Haunting” to absolute perfection. Fans are treated to two different versions of this fabulous track on the EP. Vocalist, Xian delivers his best and strongest vocals we have heard thus far. His range is incredible, from delicate to piercing; he can hit every note head on. Exploiting Our Dreams shows the bands growth and maturity, both with lyrics, music and delivery of phenomenal tracks. This is the best EP of 2014, mark my words. There are tracks to dance to, cry to and most of all---live to. - Grave Concerns Magazine

"The Amatory Murder’s “A Different Frequency”"

I’ll admit it. I don’t usually listen to the kind of music that the Amatory Murder plays. They play a mixture of industrial metal with tinges of alternative and other forms of rock mixed in. The closest comparison that I can make is something like Nine Inch Nails. Where they defy a lot of general classifications and cater to a lot of different audiences.

That being said, I always try to expand the kinds of music that I listen to. Typically, I listen to more standard punk rock fare. Even ones that are not straight up “punk rock” generally have a lot of punk rock leanings. It is always good to get out of your comfort zone and try new and different things. What I really like about the record is that it sticks closer to it’s rock influences rather than the industrial metal side. One of the major reasons why I don’t typically like this style of music is the songs sound alike or the bands don’t have much of an analog. I can safely say that is not the case with Amatory Murder.

What I got was an interesting album that mixes many different music styles and tempos. If you are a fan of hard rocking guitar riffs with heavy vocals this may be the album for you. I was drawn to more of the electronic feel of some of the songs. I enjoyed the mixing of Pianos and Guitar solos to form intricate melodies that guide the listener to interesting places.

My favorite songs on the record were “All About Me”, “Inner Circuits”, “Perverted Views” and “Souvenir of Pain”. These songs I felt were the standouts of the record and I found myself gravitating towards these tracks more than the others. I don’t think your favorite songs will be the same as mine however. Amatory Murder does a great job of appealing to a wide variety of rock fans. Some will like the slower songs, others will like the longer songs. So, onto my bullet list.

– Lots of variety. One of the things I liked most about listening to the record was all the different instruments used throughout. I loved hearing almost 8-bit style keyboards with heavy rocking guitars.
– Hard to describe. The best way I could describe this band to a friend is, if you really love hard rock but would like to hear more experimental tones mixed in. I feel that is the best way to describe them and as someone who doesn’t typically experiment with musical tastes, was a welcome change of pace.
– Driving guitars. I haven’t heard this much driving guitar rock music in a long time. Amatory Murder is perfect for cruising down the highway at night or bellowing through city streets in a game like “Burnout”. In fact, it will probably be my go-to music for this purpose.

Overall, I would say that I think if you are a fan of hard rock or progressive rock you’ll find something to like about Amatory Murder. Fans of industrial music would also probably find a lot to like in Amatory Murder. I would love to see this band live and see how all the musicianship comes together on stage. You can pick up “A Different Frequency” here or you can search the album on iTunes. - Watch Play Read

"The Amatory Murder release their debut album with former Lauryn Hill guitarist!"

Brooklyn’s up and coming Alternative Rock Band The Amatory Murder have just released their debut album “A Different Frequency” through their website,

The album–consisting of twelve songs–was produced and engineered by the band’s very own Christian Peppas & former Lauryn Hill guitarist OT Turbold. An eclectic blend of industrial synth-rock combined with upbeat pop-rock sensibilities, A Different Frequency pulls from several of the group’s influences including New Order, Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode.

A creative process that involves intensely thought out composition and experimentation in the recording studio, the album employs a variety of foundational sounds utilizing synthetic atmospheres, piano and programmed beat arrangements mixed with organic drum samples and live heavy guitars, topped off with angsty vocals conveying dark lyrics.

The record is now available for purchase through The Amatory Murder‘s official website, as well as through online retailers including and CD Baby. It is also available for digital download on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. - Evigshed Entertainment


F*ck It! We'll Do It Live (At King Killer)! (2016)
My Nightmare [single]
Exploiting Our Dreams [EP]
Lonely Boy [EP]
A Different Frequency (2011)



The Amatory Murder is an alternative rock band founded by Christian Peppas in Brooklyn, New York. Following in the footsteps of influential artists Muse, Pink Floyd, U2 and Nine Inch Nails, Peppas along with the band employ a variety of foundational sounds utilizing synthetic atmospheres, piano and programmed beat arrangements. Mixed with organic drums, heavy guitars and catchy hooks, the tracks are then topped off with angst-ridden lyrics. The band has shared the stage with musicians including Alesana, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Farewell My Love, The Red Paintings, Megosh, Justin Symbol, Get Scared, Julien-K, The Dreaming and Blood On The Dance Floor. 

All records released by the The Amatory Murder have been recorded, produced and financed by the band themselves. 2011 saw the debut album from The Amatory Murder 'A Different Frequency' which contained the single and clay-mated music video of the same name. In 2012, The Amatory Murder released 'Lonely Boy' which included a new song/titletrack along with remixes from 'A Different Frequency' by other artists. A music video for the remixed song 'Chelsea' was released online. In 2014, The Amatory Murder released their third record, the critically-acclaimed EP 'Exploiting Our Dreams' which had cover art designed by surrealistic artist and painter Pony Ma. The EP contained five tracks performed by the band and five remixes by other artists. 'A Haunting', the first song off the record, was accompanied by a music video that premiered on Bryan Stars' official YouTube Channel. 

2015 started off with their newest single 'My Nightmare' accompanied by a music video that premiered via Revolver Magazine. 

The Amatory Murder have a dedicated following in the alternative/modern rock scenes but their break through sound connects to audiences on all levels with dynamic choruses and energetic beats. They strive to make direct connections with their fans via music that embodies emotions we all have hidden within. The writing and arrangement of each track is crafted in order to get their message across to as diverse an audience as possible. They have a very clear vision of what they want the future to hold for them and understand it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get there – no corners can be cut. The Amatory Murder ultimately plan on taking the world’s stage, winning over each being at a time with their unique, enduring sound. Recently, the band has been taken under the wing of Farewell My Love frontman Chad Kowal who has been assisting them with artist development. 

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