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The Amazing Amateurs

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2008 The Amazing Amateurs: Hear Now/See Later



Amateur- one who engages in pursuit, study, science, or sport as a past time rather than a profession. Latin

ama-to-rem (lover) from amare (to love) Translated from its English “lover of”, the term “amateur” reflects a

voluntary motivation to work as a result of personal passion for a particular activity.
The Amazing Amateurs is a multi faceted art company consisting of music production, visual art , and creative design. The company currently features a hip hop * band that goes by the company name with various artists featured in the band.
Amazing- [uh-mey-zing] - 1. causing great surprise or sudden wonder. 2. Astonishing 3. To overwhelm,

with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.

We are all Amateurs But Few are Amazing...we represent Life...everyone and everything in it. the Good the Bad the Sad and the Ugly... remember when hip hop made you FEEL good... or that song your mother used to play on Sunday afternoon while she cleaned the house...that nostalgic feeling you get when you smell barbecue on Labor day...gingerbread on Christmas...what if you could put those feelings into a group sound sprinkled with Bootsy Collins-esque bridges and hooks by self proclaimed "Hip Hop James Brown" Cris Cash Mr2Fly4TV...who's energetic auctioneer town cryer style bravado raises octane or smoothes out every tune....C-Will the Mixtape Maverick is poetic, touching on struggle,spirituality and rules of thumb while keeping the streets attention...a street prophet if you will...Big Rod delivers rock hard lines with a mini-move in every sixteen...a storyteller a heart he lives for teaching a lesson...truly an Educated Hustler...Shank is abstract. capable of a syrupy southern flow or rapid fire BONE-like toungue twisting...very cerebral. JustBlackk originally from San Diego blends personality and witty delivery... conversational he already met you.

When Have You Been Amazing?