The Amazing Few

The Amazing Few


Fast, Fun, Sad, Happy Stories. We tell love stories gone wrong and talk about the insane things that can be found in the mundane parts of everyday life... It's in the live shows that you can really see the Amazing Few in action. Our fans have developed the 'Amazing Few Dance.' It is a sight to see!


There is a unique slice of psycho-pop growing in Dublin. From the fertile imagination of Arizonian bandleader Keiron Black comes a cross-pollination of Primus and a Tijuana mariachi band. It's fun, It's different. It's energy. Although The Amazing Few are a 5 -14 piece band , the major players are Keiron Black (Narrator), Dan Shanahan (guitar, accordion, trumpet), Sorcha Leech (Vocals), Niall Leech (bass and vocals) and Niall Woods (drums and anything he gets his hands on). Their unique form of storytelling, along with wildly different, excitable songwriting, has been compared to Frank Zappa, The Clash, Frank Black, Heavy Vegetable and The Moldy Peaches, It's fast and quirky; punk at heart.


The Worm Song.
The Fairy Omar

Set List

Our set changes each show according to what we are doing that moment.
But on average its about 45 min-1 hour
with 16-24 songs.