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San Diego, California, United States | SELF

San Diego, California, United States | SELF
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"Nominated Best Artist, Album, Song & Producer-Virginia Reggae Awards"

A big shout out to all the good people at as Virginia native The Ambassador was nominated for Favorite Album, Favorite Artist, Favorite Song (When The Tide Comes) and Producer's Award (SG Lewis) at the 2011 Virginia Reggae Awards! - 2011 Virginia Reggae Awards

""New Roots" nominated World Music Album of The Year 2011"

The Ambassador's March 2011 release "New Roots" nominated World Music Album of the Year at the 2011 San Diego Music Awards - 2011 San Diego Music Awards

"The Ambassador-New Roots"

A reggae artist from down San Diego way, Stephen Gabriel Lewis seems to have embarked on a diplomatic mission of sorts, though his assumed name The Ambassador doesn’t mean he’s in the pocket of any government or politician. No, he’s bringing reggae to the table, and after one listen I’m ready to begin full diplomatic relations. This Ambassador has brought along a finely sharpened crew of musicians, a knack for composing melodies and lyrics that both hit hard, a clear and convincing vocal style and guitar chops that enable and entitle him to throw in a rockish intro or solo from time to time and do some fine acoustic playing. Further, he knows that reggae is good time music as sure as it’s hard times music, and he covers both ends of the spectrum and much of the middle ground. An easy skanking love song like “Reunion,” for example, lightens the load after such serious declarations as “Fighting Song” and “Rise and Shine” (the latter a sharp jab at Babylon’s ongoing thievery). I’m betting that Lewis has given a good listen to the many reggae greats whose names he drops into the words of “A Tribute,” ‘cause he’s following very handily in their footsteps on New Roots. Keeping to that title and such songs as “Change (Got to Have It)” and the redemptive “One,” The Ambassador is making great contemporary reggae inspired by the old and bringing a clear-minded diplomacy of love and overstanding to all. -Tom Orr
- Nice Up / Jammin Reggae Archives by Tom Orr

"The Ambassador's Debut Album "New Roots" Out a Month and Still Gathering the Masses"

The Ambassador’s album was released March 1st and has been out over a month
and is still getting the much deserved attention. Though we kind of fell of the face
of the earth and almost missed the album, I can speak for everyone here at branch out music, considering it’s only me that I am glad we didn’t miss this album. Def one of the best reggae albums I have heard in awhile. And with that I thank you for creating such beautiful music. If you haven’t checked this album yet, you need to! And if you would like to take the time to read my review that would be awesome too.

But before we get that far, you can purchase this 14 track album right here for only 10 bucks.


The Ambassador’s debut album “New Roots” has been released for about a month now and can be depicted as a fresh breath of air, filled with enough freedom and rhythm to have you moving your soul across mother earths floor of truth and passion. The album stands strong with it’s roots reggae and ideas of love, pain, truth and happiness flow throughout the whole album.

Bringing you upbeat melodies layered with soft sweet vocals that tell us stories
of truth and honesty, a view between what we see and what we do, being two different
sides of the life we choose to lead. With songs like “When the Party Starts” attacking you with it’s kick ass horn section and sick dance rhythm telling a story about a guy who likes to have a good time. The next tune on the album is “Fighting Song” don’t let the title fool you, but it’s what were fighting for, peace and love
my friends. Another tune “Dreaming” that has you at first ready to head bang and quickly switches to a laid back, slower melodic tune that will have you feeling alright. Followed by “Reunion” a song that brings you just a little bit of love for a certain somebody deserving that everlasting love that you can give them. “Give Thanks”
a sweet reggae melody with some more horn action, the song just makes you feel good, what else do I have to say. “My World” starts out as feeling like your in a paradise and after losing the one who makes you feel like it, you can get a little down but realizing you will only grow from it Tunes like “Change” give us a little hope that these wars can’t go on forever and this economy can’t be bad forever, we must unite and start to understand each other and step out of our boxes to make a little bit of change. “When the Tide Comes” adds on to the idea of change, things come and go but we must live and learn to grow to better figure out are way. “That’s How Strong My Love Is” an acoustic driven , harmonica song layered with a number of instruments, and a beautiful vocal to bring power to that love, catchy lyrics that will have you at first listen. The last tune on the album is “One” with a faster rhythm that just makes you feel good and makes you think about all the things you have and the sacrifices people in your life have made to make sure you have a great life.
There are a lot of reggae bands out there that don’t bring in the roots aspect of the reggae and it’s nice to see new and upcoming bands like The Ambassador show that you can bring it in and it can still be in a very original way.
- Branch Out Music

"The Ambassador and The Chosen Few"

The Ambassador and The “The Ambassador”, a.k.a. Stephen Gabriel Lewis, was born in Virginia in1980. He began using the title “The Ambassador” because it was based on his mother’s words to him throughout his childhood, encouraging him to be a leader rather than a follower, and to be a peacemaker with a message of hope. The nickname went hand in hand with his passion for traveling and learning from other cultures while sharing and shaping his own. Throughout his songwriting, Lewis has made it a point to couple thought provoking lyrics with a positive message written with today’s youth in mind, to encourage, exhort and capitalize on the importance of
family, community and relationships.
Lewis has been both a student and a teacher overseas and professes the invaluable lessons of character building as a result of leaving one’s comfort zone and venturing out into the world. –He states, “Learning the ways of other cultures allows us to better reevaluate our own society and who we are as individuals.” Learning from various cultures through conversation and relationships has no doubt been one of the biggest influences on his more recent musical aspirations.

In 2004, he returned to the U.S. from his latest stint overseas as an English teacher in Korea to begin work on a partnered project with “The Seed” (, as well as hone his skills as a solo performer. Lewis toured, wrote and recorded with The Seed as their frontman/guitarist, releasing a self-titled debut album in April 2008. While living in Virginia from 2005 to 2008, he hosted acoustic and electric showcases entitled The Ambassador Presents..., which featured various Blue Ridge Valley musicians, sitting in from show to show. It was
also during these years that he continued to tour the east coast with The Seed, gaining valuable road experience and sharpening his song writing skills. In February 2009, The Ambassador decided to head west and plant new roots in sunny San Diego, California. Since relocating, he has performed and recorded with some of SoCal’s best rising reggae musicians, including members of Pato Banton’s The Now Generation and the Slightly Stoopid offshoot C-Money and the Players Inc. He continues to perform acoustically and with his backing band The Chosen Few. As
a follow up to The Ambassador Presents…EP of 2009 and the 2010 Haiti Relief Benefit EP Sunshine, The Ambassador’s first full-length solo album New Roots is set to be released in early 2011.

The Chosen Few – About the Band…
The Chosen Few is an interchanging group of talented musicians who support The Ambassador at live performances and in the studio. Made up of some of SoCal’s finest rising players, The Chosen Few musicians can be seen playing regularly throughout L.A., Orange and San Diego counties. Tony Saenz (drums), Adam “Jah Mex” Arredondo (keys), Carlos Marin Jr. (bass), Bob Bartosik and Nathan
Mills (sax & trumpet), Andrew Mencher (producer/ engineer/mix), and Jimmy Cui (mix) are the session players who make up The Chosen Few and joined The Ambassador at San Diego’s own Capricorn Studios in 2010. They are also
featured on The Ambassador’s upcoming solo album New Roots.

--NUG caught up with The Ambassador to ask him a few cannabis related questions:
How has San Diego taken to The Ambassador?
I love San Diego for its laid back vibe. The people here have definitely shown support for my music. A big “Thank You” must go out to Tim Pyles at 94.9FM and Rowley at 91X FM for playing The Ambassador and giving my music a chance to be heard. Musicians are a tight knit community here and I’ve had a lot of fun teaming up to do shows with my friends Brendan Dayne and Scott Woodruff from Stick Figure.
Brendan played bass with Scott’s project and my own before recently heading to Washington, D.C., and both he and Scott have always made themselves available
for a beer and good conversation on the local scene. I have nothing but love for my
San Diego people, and I hope they feel it in my album New Roots because much of
it was inspired by me putting down new roots in SD in 2009.

Are you currently playing around town?
I had been gigging locally in OB and PB at spots like Winston’s, 710 Beach Club
and the Pacific Beach Fest. Although I had a killer cast on the New Roots album, it
was difficult to keep the same crew for shows because most of the guys are either
touring or live in the L.A./Orange Co. area, or have multiple projects. My band went
through a lot of different lineups and I decided to shift my focus to recording and
producing New Roots with an occasional acoustic show, which is much easier to do
on the fly. Now that the album is finished, I’ll be looking to put another crew together
to rock live shows throughout the San Diego area.

Tell us a little bit about the new album New Roots?
New Roots is a reggae album consisting of lover’s rock, roots, and dancehall vibes,
and it’s inspired by my move to San Diego from the East Coast. I wrote many of
the tunes while sitting atop the cliffs and watching the sunset over Pacific Beach.
My engineer and co-producer Andrew Mencher introduced me to some great musicians that I now call friends, and through them I was able to fulfill my ideas in the
studio. The album was recorded at Capricorn Studios in downtown San Diego and
managed by the wonderful Astra Kelly. The lineup included Tony Saenz of Pato
Banton’s Now Generation on drums; Carlos Marin Jr. formerly of Psydecar and
C-Money & the Players Inc. on bass; Adam “Jah Mex” Arredondo on keys, who recently produced his own roots reggae album Firm Soundation by Jah Mex and The
Translators; Shaga from San Diego’s own Bloodfiyah Angels on percussion; and
local jazz players Bob Bartosik and Nathan Mills on sax and trumpet. I look forward
to working with these guys on the next album.

Since we’re a cannabis publication, we want to know your views on herb. I have no problem with marijuana for medicinal, ceremonial or faith-based use, or leisurely recreation. I would like to eventually see the nationwide legalization and taxation of marijuana (but governed at the state level) to aid in reducing our nation’s massive federal budget deficit and individual state budgets by creating funding for social programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and bolstering K-12 school programs, including art, music and sports that would otherwise be cut (as recently seen in California) or funded by further state and federal taxes from average, hardworking American families. However, I do think that much like alcohol or tobacco, marijuana needs to have age requirements for use and purchase. But, let’s be real about it; has anyone you know been involved in a car accident where lives were lost or gotten
charged with domestic violence for beating their significant other because they had gotten “too stoned”? –Hmmmm.

Has cannabis helped inspire your songwriting?
Cannabis, like any other substance, can be good or bad depending on how you use it. But,to answer your question, buy my new album and see for yourself.

How did you feel about the failure of Prop. 19? Did you go out and vote?
I was excited that it even came to a vote. California has always been at the forefront of
America’s forward thinking, and it continues to set the trend. It was encouraging to see that people can be open-minded enough to have an issue like that on the ballot, and we’ll see it again in the near future. I look forward to increased educated debates on the topic from our state politicians.

Again, we want to thank you for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself and your music. Go ahead and give any shout-outs to friends or sponsors, and let the readers know where they can find your music and see you next. I’m a big fan of NUG Mag and NUG Radio, and now readers can find me in both places. New Roots is available on iTunes and everywhere else on 3/1/11. You can order CDs from my
website at New Roots will be featured on, Oakland’s own BigUp Radio,, and many other cool places in the weeks to come. I love feedback of any kind, so please become a fan on my ReverbNation page at www.ReverbNation. com/TheAmbassadorMusic and stay posted on upcoming shows. For any solid San Diego musicians down to rock some soulful grooves, feel free to contact me through my website. Thanks,and respect to the NUG Mag crew for supporting San Diego’s own rising artists! - Nug Magazine

"Podcast with Gabe “The Ambassador” Lewis, whose album “New Roots” comes out March 1"

If you’re a roots/reggae fan around the Roanoke Valley, you remember The Seed. After that act split up a couple of years back singer/guitarist/songwriter Gabe “The Ambassador” Lewis headed out to San Diego, Calif. His upcoming CD, “New Roots,” reflects his time there and the musicians he has been working with. Streaming — “When The Party Starts,” “Dreaming” and “One.” The record comes out on March 1. Go to to see where you can get a copy.


"2011 Great Demo Review"

New Roots Sampler

Virginia transplant Stephen Gabriel Lewis is following up his 2009 The Ambassador Presents… EP with a full-length, New Roots. This sampler features five of the album’s songs, and they’re full of reggae goodness. These tracks are just itching to be played while folks young and old ignite, inhale and exhale their “medicine.” When the smoke clears, The Ambassador will ensure all is good
- City Beat

"Feature Artist- The Ambassador"

The LIST: What are your origins? How'd you arrive in San Diego?
The Ambassador: I have two older brothers and when I was a little kid they had a great cassette collection of everything from John Lee Hooker and Hound Dog Taylor to early U2 and Led Zeppelin. I would listen to these tapes all the time. As they got older I not only inherited their collection but also my first electric guitar around 14 years old and that began my initial love for creating original music. Later, during high school I met a percussionist and a drummer and we began writing and playing everything from reggae and rock to soul and blues. We would eventually call ourselves The Seed and that was my first real project. I'm originally from Roanoke, Virginia. In late 2004 I returned to the U.S. from teaching abroad for a little while. At that point I dedicated the next several years of my life to writing and performing with the Virginia-based band I had helped co-found years earlier-The Seed. When the group disbanded in late 2008 I still wanted to pursue a music career as a songwriter and had nothing holding me to the east coast. I had heard and read a lot of good things about San Diego and its vibe and felt that my music would be well-received in Southern California. Though I had no family or friends in SD, I needed a change of scenery and to meet and learn from other players. I have loved San Diego ever since arriving here in January 2009.

The LIST: Who are some of your influences?
The Ambassador: I like to keep my ear open to all genres of music in order to pick up new and fresh ideas, but some of my favorite artists include Beres Hammond, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Jimi Hendrix and UB40 just to name a few of the legendary ones. These guys among others, have helped shape my style of songwriting. On a non-musical tip, I've learned a lot about life from my parents and come to appreciate and respect all that they taught me growing up. They sacrificed their youthful years to raise my brothers, my sister and I and always led by example when it came to character and how to be a good person. I still call my Pops when I'm in a tough spot and need advice. My faith in God and my faith in humanity keep me fueled as a songwriter and as you can hear in many of my lyrics, I want to make people think, feel and be inspired in a way they may not have been before listening to my music.

The LIST: What have you been up to recently?
The Ambassador: I recently finished my first full-length solo album entitled "New Roots" and it will be released on iTunes and everywhere else on 3/1/11. It features some killer SoCal musicians: Tony Saenz (Pato Banton's Now Generation band), Carlos Marin Jr. (Psydecar, C-Money and the Players Inc., Mandorico), Adam "Jah Mex" Arredondo (Jah Mex & the Translators) and Shaga (Bloodfiyah Angels) to name a few. The title of the album was based on my move from VA to CA and most of it was written here in Pacific Beach over the last two years. I have to give a big thank you to my co-producer and engineer Andrew Mencher and my wife Katelynn for all their efforts on New Roots. I could not have done it without them. And also a shout out to Tim Pyles at San Diego's 94.9fm and Andrew Rowley at 91Xfm for rocking my tunes on the radio and helping spread the music of The Ambassador. We are putting in a lot of work into the promotional side of things to make sure New Roots reaches as many new ears as possible and there are many helpful people we're working with to make this happen including The LIST magazine. The album has gotten some good early press and will be featured on,,,, San Diego's own Nug Magazine and many more in the weeks to come. Although I had been performing both acoustic shows and full band shows with my band The Chosen Few around San Diego since late 2009, our last gig was Pacific BeachFest in Oct. 2010 and I can't wait to get back to playing live shows again. The priority had been placed on finishing production on the new album but now I'll be putting together a crew again to get back to performing live this spring season.

The LIST: What do you bring to the roots scene?
The Ambassador: I want to bring a breath of fresh air to a music industry that constantly pushes a message of materialism, sex, money and partying. There's nothing wrong with any of these things given the right dose but let's be real, these aren't the things that make life worth living for, like it is portrayed in the videos and in the lyrics. Ultimately the consumer or music fan decides what is considered quality music and determines what sells and therefore helps an artist spread their message and art form. I want to do my part to bring about a positive feeling when and where it's needed in the lives of my listeners. Sometimes the message is serious and sometimes it's just a simple love story. Much of the music on the new album is written with today's youth in mind. New Roots in particular focuses on the importance of learning from our past and present experiences and becoming better for it. Change starts at the grass roots level. How we interact and relate with those in our community, our workplace and our family has a big effect on our everyday quality of life. Life is a beautiful thing and I hope New Roots brings this message to those needing it most.

The LIST: What's next for The Ambassador?
The Ambassador: I'm excited about working further with local San Diego radio and look to get more airplay than ever before and my fans can be a big help by calling 94.9fm or 91Xfm and requesting to hear The Ambassador. I've already written much of the music that will be on the next full-length album and look forward to working with Brian, Astra and all the great staff at Capricorn Studios in downtown SD once again. I'll also be recording a favorite cover tune or new original "Track of the Month" and will be posting a free mp3 download of it on my official website ( and the video on my YouTube page (www.YouTube.copm/TheAmbassadorMusic) each month starting in April. Be on the lookout for my performances throughout the Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach areas of San Diego once again beginning this Spring. Big Up to The LIST Magazine for supporting rising roots music! Stay tuned for good things to come from The Ambassador and may you be blessed - The List Magazine

"Interview- The Ambassador"

Since coming to California, former Virginian, Stephen G. Lewis, has had the opportunity to work with some of SoCal finest musicians, including members of Pato Banton’s band The Now Generation, and C-money and the Players Inc. With his backing band, The Chosen Few, The Ambassador released his debut EP The Ambassador Presents… in January of 2009. The Chosen Few is a talented and experienced group of musicians who support Stephen Lewis both in the studio and on stage. With their helping hand, The Ambassador released his first full-length album New Roots on March 1, 2011.

- The Chosen Few are:
o Keys: Adam “Jah Mex” Arredondo
• Known for supporting legendary reggae performers, and also for many SoCal performances with his band “Jah Mex and the Translators”
o Bass: Carlos Marin Jr.
• Has performed with PsydeCar, C-Money and the Player’s Inc., and nationally touring act Mandorico
o Brass: Bob Bartosik and Nathan Mills
• For ten years, they have performed and recorded with many local groups, playing anything from Jazz to Punk Rock and in between.
o Drums: Tony Saenz
• formerly of Mystic Roots, now a member in Pato Banton’s group, The Now Generation
o Producer/Engineer: Andrew Mencher
• has worked with multiple reggae artists including Pato Banton, Messenjah Selah, and the Lambsbread..

The Pier: To start, give us a bit of the background behind The Ambassador? What does that title signify and how does it relate to your music as an artist?
The Ambassador: I used to have a real passion for International Politics and initially wanted to do diplomatic work on behalf of the government, even received my Bacherlors in this field. My Mom would also tell me to be a good ambassador for my people whenever I traveled abroad. Thus The Ambassador. The title signifies an attempt to reach out to others, here and abroad, and bridge the gap between people in order to learn, share and grow. Music is a great way to express shared emotion and celebrate other commonalities between each of us as people, no matter where you are. We all act as ambassadors everytime we meet new people and travel to new places.

The Pier: You have a new album out titled New Roots. Tell us about the new album and how it came to fruition..
The Ambassador: I’m excited about releasing New Roots. It will be my first full-length solo album and came to fruition during the last two years spent along the beautiful sunny coastine of Pacific Beach, San Diego. Unlike some of my previous music, this album is strictly reggae-roots, lovers rock and dancehall. Reggae music has been good to me over the years and I had wanted to make a reggae album. My move to the west coast proved the right time to do it. My good friend and album co-producer Andrew Mencher of Wisdom & Sound had introduced me to some very skilled session players throughout San Diego, LA, and Orange County and with them in the studio, we got some serious work done. The tracks on New Roots have diversifying lyrics and I hope that the songs can brighten one’s day, make them feel for their lover, encourage them to live with their head held high and much more.

The Pier: Now I understand you spent some time in Korea as an English teacher, is that right? Tell us a bit about the background behind that..
The Ambassador: Yes, I spent a year in Korea teaching English and Guitar and during that time I wrote “Reunion”, one of the few tracks on New Roots that wasn’t written in San Diego. My college had alumni that had taught abroad and were posting international teaching opportunities on the college career board. I loved to travel and needed some time to find what it was I wanted to do. At year’s end I was offered the opportunity to extend my contract for another year, but by that time I had been steadily writing and speaking with musicians back home in VA about starting a project. After some adventures elswhere in Thailand and the Philipines over the next couple months I was ready to come home to the US and give a music career a chance. I love Korea, its’ people and its’ culture and learned an immense amount about life during my time there.

The Pier: Having lived in Virginia for a few years and now living in SoCal since 2009, how would you describe the difference between Reggae music in VA vs how its embraced in Southern CA?
The Ambassador: Reggae music is definitely celebrated in a big way both in VA and Cali. The great thing these days is that you can see several great reggae shows in either place and reggae shows and festivals are now supported all over the country. Cali may have had a headstart on helping spread the vibe especially when SoCal artists like Sublime and others began paying homage to their own favorite reggae artists in their music, further helping bring the genre to the youth and the general public.

The Pier: Are there any plans to tour in promoting your debut release? Any specific areas you’d like to target?
The Ambassador: Actually, it’s been about six months since my last full band performance and I’m really itching to get back out there. Finalizing production of New Roots was the main goal for me these last months but with the album’s release I will definitley be doing some shows again soon. Not set in stone yet, but possibly an east coast tour this fall (acoustic shows and with full band) that would take me back to VA and we have begun booking shows this summer at several of our favorite San Diego area venues including the Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach areas and I’m playing an intimate acoustic venue, The Wine Lover on March 20th in San Diego to promote the release locally.

The Pier: For someone who’s traveled around the world from Thailand and the Philipines to Virginia, Korea & now SoCal, what are some of the influences you’ve picked up along the way that’s inspired your music?
The Ambassador: I’ve seen some killer shows all over the world and I’m always watching performers to see what I can pick up and how I might be able to perfect my own music and skill. But it’s the conversations with friends, family and teachers that have always had the biggest impact on my music. One philosophy I learned on my travels that fully became aware to me while living in Korea is that: One should be given respect automatically by another as a fellow human being and over time, if that person shows that they do not deserve respect then they will lose it. If we all begin our interactions with respect toward each other then we will repair some of the breakdowns we have communicating with those of a different culture and even our own. I feel that a lot of us in the US operate in an opposite manner where no initial respect is granted to an individual, it must be earned over time. Its questions like these that inspired me to write the lyrics behind much of the New Roots album. I hope it brings encouragement to those that need it and a smile to those that are doing just fine.

The Pier: Are there any artists you plan to or look forward to collaborating with in the future?
The Ambassador: I plan on doing some collabo work with friend and neighbor Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure pretty soon for a single release, I’ll also be releasing a collab reggae album with Wisdom & Sound in the coming months. And I have also asked my management to contact Anthony Hamilton and Beres Hammond regarding features on the next album which is already in the works. I always look forward to working with diversified artists with open minds and endless talent so that I too can grow. Big up to all the Pier Crew and thanks again for supporting rising roots music!

The Pier: Thank you Stephen! Congrats on your new release & be sure to check out New Roots thats now available for purchase!

- Interview by: Mike Patti - The Pier

"The Ambassador-New Roots Review"

With a title like New Roots the mind conjured up imagines of a new approach to the roots-reggae genre, and this is what the Ambassador has achieved.

The Ambassador is Stephen Gabriel Lewis, ex-lead singer of the Seed, and he has created, in New Roots, an album of chilled out roots reggae with some modern flourishes and twists.

The influence of Motown, R&B and jazz is evident throughout the album - the Ambassador has created an eclectic album, all the while sticking to a roots principle.

The track My World opens with the sound of the ocean rolling in and the gentle Spanish style picking of the guitar. You can close your eyes and picture the scene, the Ambassador, guitar in hand, chilling on the deck looking out to the sea as the sun goes down.

Lyrically the song is your usual tale of boy meets girls, boy loves girl, girl leaves boy, boy is heartbroken, boy drinks (ok I made that part up), boy mans up, and eventually boy grows stronger as a result of said girl leaving. The Ambassador takes the old-age tale of romantic woe and makes it work.

The album is a mix of the gentle, chilled out reggae and more up tempo beats. The lower paced tunes remind me of a description for Jack Johnson’s music, barbecue rock. The cap, I think, fits the Ambassador to a certain extent.

Yet the Ambassador if more than just that, New Roots mixes the pace with the clever but subtle use of the brass section which takes the music closer to jazz than it does to reggae.

For this credit has to go the Ambassador’s backing band and in particular Bob Bartosik and Nathan Mills (sax and trumpet) who excel on the album, with opening track One and closing song When the Party Starts highlights of their range and skill.

The album has been playing non-stop for nearly three hours now and there are still elements to it I am just discovering.

The Ambassador has produced an album which marks it out from the ever-growing reggae-rock scene, an album which this reviewer will play for a while yet.

- Music

"Voted Roanoke Times Top Male Vocalist-2007"

For more information please visit: - Roanoke Times

"2009 Great Demo Review"

"Though I’m usually not one to swoon over reggae, this four-song demo really held my attention, especially the first song, “A New Season,” a five-minute-plus exercise in impressive musicianship, tasteful guitar soloing and well-placed effects. "
- Drew Keltz - San Diego City Beat

"Musican Interview- 'Round the World"

The Ambassador is the stage name of singer-guitarist Stephen Gabriel Lewis. “I adopted the title because of the passion I have for travel abroad,” he says, “and because of something my mother used to say to me. She’d remind me to always be a positive representative and to act as an ‘ambassador’ for the people and places where I come from.”

Before arriving in California, Lewis hosted a series of acoustic and electric shows entitled “The Ambassador Presents” in Roanoke, Virginia. After serving several stints overseas as an English teacher in Korea, he returned stateside to tour, write, and record as front man and guitarist for the Seed, whose self-titled debut album was released in April 2008.

Later that year, Lewis moved to California, landing in Pacific Beach to launch a new career as a solo performer. “My music is a soulful mix of reggae, blues, and rock,” he says, “with influences that reflect many of the places I’ve lived and visited. Most of the songs are written with the purpose of inspiring and uplifting. That’s just the kind of thing that ambassadors are supposed to do.”

The Ambassador performs Friday, December 11, at the Loft in Point Loma.


Clinton Fearon, Living Is an Art. “A true reggae ambassador, with one of the best combinations of messages and music, at least in current reggae.”

Al Green, Lay It Down. “I always loved the classic soul singers, and Al Green was one of my first vocal inspirations.”

John Brown’s Body, Pressure Points. “I just saw them at the Belly Up. Through the many lineup changes, JBB has continued to write good music, although I’m partial to the older, more rootsy tunes.”

B.B. King, Greatest Hits.“One of the most fun live shows I’ve ever seen, and his music is great to practice my blues scales to.”


“My favorite vocalist is reggae great Beres Hammond, and meeting him was one of the coolest encounters.”


“So many to pick from, but the worst I’ve seen lately was Internet Dating. Not even Katt Williams could save this film, even though I’m a big fan.”


“, for sports news.”

“, for world news.”

“, for checking out San Diego bands.”


“Although I used to love Halo, lightning struck my TV and Xbox during a storm and destroyed them a year ago, and I considered it a sign that I was wasting too much time on video games. Since then, I’ve only had the urge to buy a new system once or twice. I’m still resisting.”


“Now that I’m in San Diego, I like reading the Reader and CityBeat, but other than that I go to the internet for news and pretty much everything else. I don’t currently have any magazine subscriptions.”


“I like going to spots where I can see up-and-coming musicians, like Portugalia and Gallagher’s in O.B. and Longboard in P.B. To check out established musicians, I go to the Belly Up. I also like to catch the Devastators on Sundays at Longboard when I can.”


“Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. So I guess I would attempt to revert the process and instead hope that people will just say what’s on their mind instead.”


“So far, so good. I like the level of importance his administration has placed on transparency in policy making and the spending of public funds. I only hope he remains the same strong-willed idealist that we have seen thus far.”


“People may not know that I’m a perfectionist and will work tirelessly on a project and still be unsatisfied. Most people wouldn’t think I’m so picky about details, because I’m generally laid back with friends and at parties. But when I’m alone on a project or a new song, I hide myself away for hours at a time. Or days.”

- San Diego Reader

"As I Hear It"

That was pretty good. I’d describe the style as a mellower, West Coast reggae, leaning more toward Long Beach Dub All-Stars as opposed to Sublime. There were a lot of different glimmers of percussion. It sounded as if there were some bottles in there getting hit by some sort of apparatus. The bass was really loud, which was good; it played around a bunch, kind of like the Specials. They would do really well in the beach area. I’m not sure how mainstream it would be. That would be a good song for drawing...maybe while under the influence of something mellow.

-Brian Carver - San Diego Reader


"New Roots" (Album 2011)
"Wisdom & Sound meets The Ambassador" (EP 2010)
"The Ambassador Presents... " (EP 2009)



With his full-length release "New Roots" recently nominated for "World Music Album of the Year" at the San Diego Music Awards and the Virginia Reggae Music Awards and growing radio play from Oakland's BigUp Radio, UC-Berkley Radio, San Diego's 94.9fm and 91Xfm and L.A.'s own Reggae Central with Chuck Foster to name a few, The Ambassador's sound is on the rise. His recent endeavors as a solo artist continue to bring positive reviews from the likes of,, Nice Up's Tom Orr, City Beat, The San Diego Reader and more. As the story goes...

"The Ambassador" is... Stephen Gabriel Lewis, born in Virginia in 1980. He began using the performer title "The Ambassador" based on his mother’s words to him throughout childhood encouraging him to be a leader rather than a follower and to be a peacemaker with a message of hope. As Webster defines it, "a diplomat…accredited as representative from one country to another; an ambassador of good will.” The nickname went hand in hand with his passion for travelling and learning from other cultures while sharing and shaping his own. He found what many others who have sought to quench their curiosity for questions on faith in humanity have found---"All of human nature shares a harmony no matter the geographical or political divisions. No matter the race or creed, we can all feel love, desperation, hope, fear and the struggle and joy that is life. Staying conscious of these concepts enables us to focus not on the unfamiliarity in our differences as individuals/cultures but on our similarities as people. We can revel in the fact that we don’t all wear the same clothes, eat the same meals or play the same music. It's exciting to know there's always more we can learn from each other" (S.G. Lewis). Throughout his songwriting, Lewis has made it a point to couple thought provoking lyrics with a positive message written with today's youth in mind, to encourage, exhort and capitalize on the importance of family, community and relationships.

Lewis has been playing guitar and composing music and lyrics since age 14. The tunes he listened to from his older brothers music collection (John Lee Hooker, Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Zeppelin, U2, etc.) and the old Motown and beach hits that would play on his parents' radio would influence his early musical tastes. Finding a love for reggae, hip hop and R&B early in high school, The Ambassador would never again be interested in limiting himself to any particular musical genre. Lewis has been both a student and a teacher overseas and professes the invaluable lessons of character building as a result of leaving one's comfort zone and venturing out into the world. As he states, "Learning the ways of other cultures allows us to better reevaluate our own society and who we are as an individual." Learning from various cultures through conversation and relationships has no doubt been one of the biggest influences on his more recent musical aspirations.

It was in 2004 that he returned to the U.S. from his latest stint overseas as an English teacher in Korea to begin work on a partnered project "The Seed " ( as well as hone his skills as a solo performer. Lewis toured, wrote and recorded with The Seed as their frontman/guitarist, releasing the self-titled debut album in April 2008. While living in Virginia from 2005 to 2008 he hosted acoustic and electric showcases entitled "The Ambassador Presents..." featuring various Blue Ridge valley musicians sitting in from show to show. It was also during these years that he continued to tour the east coast with The Seed, gaining valuable road experience and sharpening his song writing skills. In February 2009, The Ambassador decided to head west and plant new roots in sunny San Diego, California. Since relocating, he has performed or recorded with some of SoCal's best rising reggae musicians, including members of Pato Banton's Now Generation, the Slightly Stoopid offshoot C-Money & the Players Inc., Mike Pinto, Stick Figure, L.A.'s Fortunate Youth as well as reggae legends Sister Carol and Lloyd Hemmings. He continues to perform both acoustically and with his backing band The Chosen Few. As a follow up to “The Ambassador Presents…” EP of 2009 and the 2010 Haiti Relief Benefit EP “Sunshine”, The Ambassador's first full-length solo album entitled "New Roots" was released in March 2011 and he has since begun work on a new partnered EP with co-producer and friend Andrew Mencher of "Wisdom & Sound" as well as his second solo album "Live And Learn" both slated for release in 2012. Stay tuned for good things to come and may you be blessed.

THE CHOSEN FEW – About the Band…

The Chosen Few is an interchanging group of talented musicians that support The Ambassador at live performances and in the studio. Made up of some of SoCal’s finest rising players, Chosen Few musicians can be seen playing regularly throughout L.A., Orange and San Diego counties. The followi