The Ambassadors

The Ambassadors


The Ambassadors are primarily an amalgamation of Elvis Costello, John Mayer, and The Rolling Stones. We tend to favor more sophisticated chord progressions while trying to maintain our rock and roll roots. Nick tends to be more of a pop/ rock composer, and Zach a more groove oriented funk/ rocker.


The Ambassadors is a four-piece pop/rock band based in Manhattan, New York, that is quickly establishing itself on the local music circuit. The band is comprised of young, talented and experienced musicians, each of whom bring a unique background to the group. The result is a happening young band whose influences are drawn from Elvis Costello to John Coltrane.
The Ambassadors repertoire is mostly original tunes, however the band like to demonstrate their versatility by playing cover songs.
Guitarist Henrik Hector draws influence from his roots in jazz guitar, and gives the group a clean, fresh sound. Singer/songwriter and guitarist Zach Flaherty writes witty lyrics, and grounds the band with an earthy, blues/rock sensibility. Bassist and vocalist Nick Katz adds funky and soulful bass line to the bottom end, as well as keen vocals. Drummer Jono Freeman drives the bus with a solid groove, a deep pocket, and a humongous back beat.
Together, The Ambassadors are a unique sound arising in today’s music scene.



Written By: Katz/ Flaherty

And she came,
saw but not found out,
soon to be ground out,
into the rain,
but no one will question her,
they wont be arresting her,
there's no aggression directed at her,
well she's not afraid my friend oh.

(Chorus has no lyric)

So she's made it home,
but she's all alone now,
she answers the phone now,
but it's no one she knows,
and so she goes out,
she follows her nose out,
goes around for a look about,
outside number four oh no she's.


Outside of the door,
she pretends to look out,
while she's thinking about,
all those men out at war,
but no one will question her,
they wont be arresting her,
there's no aggression directed at her,
and that's 'cause she's one of them my friend, oh.



The EP

Set List

in no particular order:

Tell The Captain (I'm Coming Home)
Poppy and the Man
Parachute Man
What I've Seen
Two Bodies
For A Friend

Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey - The Beatles

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith

The Choice Is Yours - The Black Sheep