the amber herd

the amber herd


'Sounds like alternative music when it was still alternative' On the one hand, widescreen atmospheric rock and on the other trippy mellifluous acousticity. we've spent the last 3 Years clambering through the soft underbelly of the local music scene to deposit ourselves somewhere among the stars.


The Amber Herd formed in 2006 and includes ex-members of Sheffield’s Beulah Kop and Nottingham’s Wide Eyed Wonder. The band formed following a call for tracks for a Pink Floyd cover project CD and live shows by the Neptune Pink Floyd (NPF) website. Having recorded a couple of tracks which were included on the CD, the band were asked to play two big Pink Floyd tribute shows in Autumn ’06, in Brighton at the Komedia and at Glasgow’s Jumpin’ Jacks, supporting some of the country’s best Floyd tribute acts (Breathe, Us Not Them and Darkside).

As the recorded tracks and gigs had been so well received and the band had a large amount of original songs, they decided to drop the cover versions, and develop their own material

The Amber Herd; Widescreen atmospheric rock with a bit of trippy mellifluous acousticity. Notts-based five piece who’ve spent the last 3yrs clawing their way through the soft white underbelly of the local Nottingham scene and are now sliding their way up through the ether to deposit themselves somewhere near the stars....

The Amber Herd have been busy over the last twelve months, playing venues in Nottingham and further afield with some great bands such as Arms and Sleepers (USA) Jacobs Stories, That Petrol Emotion, Made of Leaves, Model Morning, Sound of Guns, White Belt Yellow tag, Hijak Oscar, The Silver Tongues, Fat Digester, BlackBud, Satnam's Tash, Breathe, Curtis Whitefinger, Lisa de'Ville and Ying.

2009 has been great for us so far and we've played some really well- received shows at The Loggerheads, The Golden Fleece and a headline show at Seven, Support slots at The Bodega Social And The Rescue Rooms and even a 2hr set on the Restaurant circuit!!

We've just recorded our debut, double A side single- Stage Fright/ Foot Tapper at Stuck On A Name studios in Nottingham soon to be followed by the recording of the follow up single and indeed the Album!.

We also recorded a live session for Dean Jackson at BBC Radio Nottingham on 11th March and Magnolia from this session was played out on The Beat on 14th March as well as the worldwide debut radio play of our single. The single got its second radio play on 30th March on John Holmes' show, again on BBC Radio Nottingham.


A 10 track CD of original songs, ‘TAILS OF WASPS’, was finished in 2006 and features ‘Stage Fright’ and ‘Apple’ and others from the current live set.

In 2008 The Amber Herd recorded ‘Magnolia’ for the Neptune Pink Floyd website ‘DOUBLE CORE’ originals album project and a cover of Floyd’s ‘The Gnome’ for Volume 3 of the NPF tribute series. ‘Double Core’ has just been released and is a 60-odd minute continuous piece featuring tracks from bands in the USA, Croatia, Sweden and the UK, to name but four. The full ten-minute version of ‘Magnolia’ forms the centrepiece of this album.

In February 2009 The Amber Herd entered the studio to record their first real single release - a re-imagined version of ‘Stage Fright’ backed with the formidable ‘Foot-Tapper’, which is now freely available worldwide on self-release, and is getting airplay on BBC Radio Nottingham.

Set List

generally for a half hour/ 45 min set we'd play 5 -7 songs, all our own.

Foot tapper, Apple, Thursday, Wailing Wall, Magnolia, Bonfires, Catching time, Days Like These, Stagefright.

There are other tunes we rotate occasionally and have enough material for probably 1.5hrs