The Ambientic Gardon

The Ambientic Gardon


Dirty,blues-punk, with a smidge of grunge-Mettle. Alice in Chains & white stripes love child.


Scottie Spider-past projects: Stock Yard, Univercial Kreap, P.I.G, Twighlight Syndrome.
-Influences: Mettle, Punk, Grunge, Blues, Slash, Jerry Kantrell, Jimmy Page, Steveie Ray Voge


The Gardon-Demo

Set List

Set consits of 6 origenal songs and 5 covers.
usual covers: "Halloween"-Misfits, "Last Coress"-misfits,"Rape Me"-Nirvana, and "Them Bones"-Alice in chains. To this set we can add songs or subtract songs to fit our time slot. This one takes one hour as is.