The American Gonzos

The American Gonzos

 Asheville, North Carolina, USA

The American Gonzos create an identifiable energy for this modern age of music with pushing the boundaries of what a power trio can achieve. Pulling elements of rock, funk, punk and alternative music their catchy melodies and hard rockin' rhythms come second to showcasing their instrumental prowess.


The American Gonzos were established in 2010. Fresh off the break up with their previous band, Guitarist/frontman Andrew Thelston and Bassist Michael Dean contacted Toby Burleson and started playing shows in late 2010. Since then, the band has played in NC, SC, GA, TN. VA and NY. Along with extensive touring, The American Gonzos released their debut album in august of 2011. The music can be described as aggressive rock with hints of funk, soul, pop and hard rock.


The American Gonzos (2011)

Set List

Dominican Legs
Matchbook Romance
39 Steps
Save Your Soul
The Box
It Ain't Me
The Best
Hit The Road