The American Gypsies

The American Gypsies

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We write what we know and play what we love.


In 2006, Luke Messimer and Ben Kent began to form and dismantle many musical projects. It seemed that the only people they worked with well was each other. Finally, in the later part of 2007 after a long dry spell, the two began playing music with good friends Evan Novorot and Bobby Burrison. The four clicked immediately and began to plan more and more practices. The decision was made very quickly to get a rehearsal space in order to practice as much as possible. After only 2 months of being together, the band decided it was time to get an EP out and start some shows. In early February, they contacted acquaintance Barrett Slagle of Great Glass Elevator to produce and record their EP. In just one month, the band had completed a 6 song EP and had surprised venues all over Southern California. The American Gypsies are now currently booking shows for upcoming months, as well as writing new material for a 10-song LP planned to release in early September.


"Sunshine" - EP (March 28th, 2008)

Self-titled LP (September, 2008)

Set List

We have many songs, most of which are well over 4-5 minutes long, so it depends on how much time we have. However, the typical set usually includes the following:

Shoot us all Down
Holy Father
I'm not a Woman
Orchestra Doctor