The American Heist

The American Heist


We are young punk rock band with that old punk rock sound. With our music we take you back to the 70's punk scene with the likes of Social Distortion & then pick it right back up in the early 90's with similar sounds to Murder City Devils & Rancid, although all the songs we play are totally original


We are "The American Heist". Hailing from Houston Texas, we are doing our part to keep the local undergroup punk scene alive and well. We are greatly influnced by artists and bands that put that fire in our hearts to wanna get out there and show the world what we can do. "If you wanna be heard, what better way to tell your story then through music. Someone's gotta listen". We like to play it loud and we like to play it fast and if you listen close enough you can hear our heart and soul spilling into every lyric of every song.


7" Split w/Hell City Kings-Cutthroat Records
Full Lenght EP due out in June 2010 on Cutthroat Records

Set List

1.No Murcy
7.Same Old Ways
8. .22
9. Untitled
10. Untitled