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The American Night

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Live at Studio 5 EP
-Match Meets Money
-Dressed Up Devils
-Peacock Sheets
-Harder Than It Seems



The American Night
Kevin Jordan, Jon Stombough, Doug Bowmer and Mikey Daniells together make up The American Night, a band here to break through into the big time with a big bluesy rock sound sure to get your gears going, your blood pumping and the feelings riding high. Rock at its roots is blues based and these guys have the blues and the rock angles covered perfectly, so get ready to let it rip.

From Inside

If music is an artificial construct, that is, if it doesn't come from within you, then it's lacking something; it doesn't have the full depth that it should have. “Music should be an extension of your self, played from the soul,” says one of The American Night's members. And he's right. Music that isn't from the soul, isn't genuine. And if it's not genuine, it won't connect with anybody. But The American Night is bestowed with talent and writes its music right from the heart. It's honest, real music to which people can relate.

Alive and Real

According to The American Night, music should make you feel “alive, real, at home.” And since that is expected from the music of other artists, The American Night expects the same from its music. Fans have every right to expect music that means something to them as well as to the artists creating the music and The American Night strives hard to create songs that set up this both-ways dynamic and leaves artist and fan both satisfied and maybe even exhausted from rocking out.


The culture that surrounds us is rich and overflowing with inspiration. In fact, The American Night claims as part of its songwriting influence “the colors of experience and the ever-changing flow of culture.” The things that happens in a person's own life as well as the events that surround him or her are all fuel for songs if one but looks. And you can rest assured The American Night looks and looks closely, peering with a keen eye at the culture from which they spring, seeking the next idea for the next great song.

On Stage

The American Night has won at a number of battle of the bands events and can claim headlining status for Fishers Freedom Festival. The a band will also be hitting an amphitheater gig and is considering a big blues fest. The datebook is packed but they band is always looking for the next chance to play and venues, once they've heard this band, will be looking for the next chance to book The American Night. The word's already out so it's just a matter of time ...


Writing is constant and the band has already released a 5-song EP for listeners to hear. With the CD release, the build-up of songs (promising more great albums) and the busy touring, The American Night is on its way to being one of the country's great established bands. The American Night is working with A&R Select, the top independent A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“The American Night's blues rock is bound to revitalize rock and roll and remind audiences that it doesn't have to be alternative or grunge or nu metal or modern rock or something like that. This band, with its sound that's classic rock-rooted yet accessible to modern audiences, it's bombast blended with compositional competence, it's pure rock energy ... well, let's just say that the today's chart-toppers better watch their backs.” - A&R Select