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The best kept secret in music


"Best Band EVER"

"Adrenaline-charged rock & roll. It's simple, rocking and frightfully fresh... answers all queries as the spirits of the Stooges and Motorhead live on." - Creative Loafing, Charlotte, NC

"Simply AMAZING"

"Glenn Danzig and Johnny Thunders on the set of a Mexican snuff film..." - New York Waste, New York, NY

"Not to be MISSED!"

"(The American Plague) kick in the doors with axes blazing, banging out primordial three-chord punk-metal with a maniacal energy and tautness that offsets the sense of been-there-done-that." - Nashville Scene, Nashville, TN

"Great Rock N' Roll Record!"

"God Bless the American Plague is where Thin Lizzy and Motörhead meet! This is a great rock and roll record!" - Rob 'Blasko' Nicholson (Rob Zombie, Death Riders, Ozzy Osbourne, Danzig)

"The American Plague’s second album gets a second release"

"God Bless the American Plague is a nearly flawless album, a potent distillation of the best elements of punk, metal and classic Rawk." - Metro Pulse, Knoxville, TN

"God Bless the American Plague"

"The American Plague are a rock trio who wear their influences on their sleeve. And proud to do so! Whether the band taps into classic metal and '70s hard rock arrangements like they do on "Sympathy for the King," the group make the most of each cut." - allmusic

"Spreading the Sickness"

"The band's new album, "God Bless The American Plague", may be the catalyst that propels the group beyond the boundaries of East Tennessee. Already, the guys are putting together a national tour to reach out to those "pockets'' of hard-core fans around the country..." - The Daily Times, Maryville, TN

"One INTENSE live band!"

"The new B-side will be provided by THE AMERICAN PLAGUE - which features ex-UNDEAD drummer, JAW (James Alexander) on guitar/vocals. This is one extremely intense Live band - you should check out their Myspace site if you haven't already!" - Bobby Steele (The Undead, Misfits)


"THE AMERICAN PLAGUE: Rock 'n' roll music at its finest." - The Independent, Santa Barbara, CA

"A welcome punch in the face..."

"Cleverly described as 'Motorhead in a fistfight with the New York Dolls,' these punk rock spirits from Knoxville are a welcome punch in the face compared to the teen pop fluff that passes as punk today." - Nashville Rage, Nashville, TN


God Bless the American Plague — PRCD 03/BX — CD/Box Set — The second full-length album from The American Plague, released in a limited-edition box set (Plague Records, April 2005) and standard-package version (Dr. Cyclops Records/Long Live Crime Records, October 2006)

The American Plague — PRCD 02 — CD EP — Self-titled debut released in August of 2001.

The American Plague / Hellvis split 7" — 7" Single — Released in September 2002, features a remixed version of Tough Love by the American Plague and All Shot To Hell by Cleveland, Ohio's Hellvis.

I Think Of The Demon: A Tribute to Roky Erickson — Compilation CD — Coming in 2006 from Evil Cheerleader Records, features a cover of "Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)" by the American Plague.

Icons Of the Underground Vol. I: Glenn Danzig — Compilation CD — Coming in June 2006 from Hedonism Records, features a cover of "Twist of Cain" by the American Plague.

The Horror Of It All: VOLUME II — Compilation CD — Released in October 2005 on Dr. Cyclops Records, features "Flesh & Bone" (version previously available on God Bless the American Plague) by the American Plague.

FROM THE UNDERGROUND: VOLUME III — Compilation CD — Released in October 2003, features "Past the Machine" (version previously available on self-titled EP) by the American Plague.

Pal-Tone's RadioDick Split Series Volume I — Compilation CD — Released in January 2003, features four new songs by the American Plague, Vangard, and Windfall.

Operation DIY or Die July 2002 Sampler — Compilation CD — Released in June 2002, features "I Want It All" by the American Plague.

SouthEast Exports 3 — Compilation CD — Released in January 2002, features "Past the Machine" (version previously available on self-titled EP) by the American Plague.

Daemos — PRDC 01 — Demo Cassette — Produced in early 2000. Tracks are Doubt, Tough Love, Man's Burden, and Suffragettecity.


Feeling a bit camera shy


January 2001 — shoe-gazing art rock ruled the underground with its hipster irony, FM "rock" radio squawked out the homogenized, faux-angst of nu-metal and The American Plague burst onto an unsuspecting Tennessee music scene, declaring rock'n'roll war on all those motherfuckers. With a sound described as "a fresh take on late '70s rock with punk sensibility and a metal soul," the Knoxville-based trio quickly built a loyal fan base for its decidedly southern brand of blistering hard rock that packs the power of Motörhead and Black Sabbath dousing it with the edgy intensity of the Stooges and the Ramones. However, as the band is quick to point out, they like to do their own thing. "We've got our influences, but we're not trying to spin the wheels exactly like our musical heroes did or still do," says frontman Jaw. "If you want to hear Sabbath or Motörhead, you pay $50-$75 and go see them. If you want to get your face chewed off for five or ten bucks, come talk to us."

The members that make up The American Plague — Jaw (guitar, vocals), Dave Dammit (bass) and Tilmon Navare (drums) — are seasoned musicians with impressive rock-and-roll legacies. Jaw made his bones in the mid-'90s with The Malignmen, a notorious punk group that scoured the Eastern United States for almost four years, followed by a stint behind the drums with NYC's legendary horror-rock trio The Undead, featuring former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele (that gig would land The American Plague considerable interest and support from the ever-expanding death-rock movement). Dammit, who started out as a pre-teenage talent buyer for punk rock shows at Knoxville's infamous Mercury Theater before co-founding thrash-metal quartet Nocturna, was a fairly obvious choice when Jaw reached out for a bass player. "I've been a friend of Dave's family for years," Jaw says. "I think I've known him since he was 8 or something... we're like brothers at this point." Completing the rhythm section is heavy-hitting drummer Tilmon Navare, whose long list of accolades include drumming for '90s road-rockers Galaxie and session work for producer Travis Wyrick (10 Years, POD) and Atlantic Records recording artists Shinedown.

Opening with the unforgettable guitar riff of "Past the Machine," The American Plague's 2001 eponymous 7-song EP came on as a soundtrack to rebellion, generating praise from fans and critics alike. Knoxville's weekly Metro Pulse deemed the release "surging anthems of straight-rock-no-chaser" and The Nashville Scene called it "primordial three-chord punk-metal with a maniacal energy and tautness …" The EP featured a variety of dicey subject matter — drugs and suicide ("Without You"), man's inhumanity to man ("The World Is Doomed") and general world domination ("I Want It All") — that may have seemed dark at first glance, but listeners were quick to catch on to an underlying lyrical message of change and retribution. Explains Jaw, "I'm a big believer in lyrical duality and metaphorical writing... what I get out of a song may not necessarily be what someone else gets out of it, and I love that. If someone cares to dig deep enough, 95 percent of the lyrics I write have multiple meanings." The band combined this EP with two demo songs Jaw had previously released, making a full-length album that they later self-released through vanity label Plague Records. Although more punk-influenced than rock or metal, this debut EP would set a musical precedent that The American Plague still upholds to this day.

Several record labels also took notice, and the band opted to do a four-song follow-up EP via Pal-Tone Records. In mid 2003, Pal-Tone released four exclusive 'Plague songs on Volume 1 of its RadioDick Three-Sided Split Series compilation. Cut over the course of one evening, this important session saw the departure of original drummer B.J. Fontana and the entrance of Tilmon Navare. Weaned on equal parts Skynyrd, Zeppelin and The Police, Navare was a long-time fixture in Knoxville's diverse music scene. "Getting Tilmon was a watershed moment for the band," says Dammit. "He's got a style that totally complements the songwriting." Nearly as important, Navare was up for constant touring, an immediate necessity which Fontana was not.

With Navare firmly in place and the trial-by-fire recording session for Pal-Tone behind them, the band recruited Scott Oxendine to take over lead guitar duties and hit their stride with the release of a second full length on Plague Records, God Bless the American Plague, in mid-2005. Featuring 10 tracks, God Bless is the result of the band partnering with renowned producer/sound guru Seva, who'd worked with a diverse range of artists from Corrosion of Conformity to Dolly Parton. Aiming for a stripped-down approach and wanting to retain their independence, the band self-financed the highly anticipated follow-up, which included the dark shuffler "Highwayman" (garnering significant commercial/college airplay in the Southeast) and