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"NH Edge Radio"

"Expect great things from these guys. Straight forward band... LO-FI, passionate, and best of all original"
Tim Deal NH Edge radio
- Tim Deal

"The Hippo Press"

"After a last minute submission The American Standard was voted one of the top twenty bands in New England in the last band standing competition sponsored by WFNX Radio, and The Art Institute of New England"
The Hippo Press
- Erica

"The Association of Independent Artists"

"Keep on rockin' guys, and we'll keep supporting you, we do love us some American Standard"
Association of Independent Artists
- association of independent artists

"Anthem Entertainment"

"The American Standard is the best band in their genre in the Northeast Region"
Ashley Horton Anthem Entertainment

- Ashley Horton

"Reviews from listeners from Europe to The USA"

Here's what listeners are saying about our songs:


Cool little song, I drifted off into a little world where only me and that tune existed, twas a happy time.

Thought provoking ,intelligent voicover at start won me over immeadiately. good rhythmic build up, well performed.

Lovely singer, fantastic melody, really made me sit up and take notice of what you were singing.

The production as noted below is crazy. As for me, I like the aspects of intensity ( in the track. 5 stars from me as well. (P.S. Would you ghost write for Metallica,

The drums leading into the song right after the opening spoken verse builds into solid guitar and a great melody, sung evocatively. i like how the instrumentation layers up, strips down in the middle, then layers up again to close. Very good lyrics as well!

I like how you start with a monologue, and the lyrics are great, as well as the singer's voice.
Very good musicianship is highlighted with the fantastic drummer & the way the drums & acoustic guitar are mixed together ~ sounds great! Even the overall production is very sharp, from start to finish ~ a very good tune!
cu BV

The American Standard in Rusted provide's a super dialog to open the song with cool background sounds before the intensity of this song unfolds. Minor chord moodiness, a dramatic tenor, and an insistent acoustic guitar are highlights to me. I love your music guys! - Mark

Killing Me

This was a pretty good rock tune. i thought it had quite an original element to it. the drum beat was great and i thought the lyrics were pretty neat also. Overall then a good job, well done.

Excellent in every way.. hope theres more songs from these guys!

Song has a different style, thats what makes the song so creative. Its unique in its own way, from mixing to production it sounds fair. I think its in good shape for the music industry to embrace.

Fall Tonight:

I really like the voice! it's strong and has a vibrato that really pulls emotion from every lyrical phrase. it's a love song without the syrup, which is a lot of times very hard to accomplish, but you do it here! not at all overproduced, letting the lyrics and the singing do most of the work.

Fall Tonight by The American Standard opens with a breezy acoustic guitar and a great tenor voice. I like this song a lot, you are controlled, rhythmic and dramatic. Your harmonies are tight as is that super lead interlude. Several dynamics catch my ears with great ebb and flow of tension and explanation. Why isn't this on my easy listening station. I had no idea you'd make such a song and I think it shows your skill and versatility. My vote for The American Standard - Mark

This was a pretty nice sounding acoustic track. very well arranged and produced. i liked the way it broke down into a different sounding tune as well at the beginning. a good job then, well done!

This is a very melodic track i liked the guitar it was simple but effective and the dyanmics get better as the song goes on. the melody is good and I liked the production. the instrumentals are decent.

I Do For You:

The guitar sounds great on this song. I liked the cymbal into the first verse. the harmony in the vocals is quality as well. you pull all the emotion out of the lyrics (which are simple, straightforward, and earnest) as you can with the vocals. a great listen and a very nice song!

I enjoyed listening to this....pretty guitars... I get an REM feel here., especially in the vocals.
Great job!

- Slice The Pie


Love Songs for the broken hearted-2004
Forgiving was easy-2005

We have many songs on internet radio station pod casts, live streaming internet radio stations, WFNX Radio, and WMEX Radio, we have also been featured several times on local television.



On the day I was born, The Nurses all gathered round, and gazed in wide wonder in the joy they had found...The head nurse spoke up, said leave this one alone, they could tell by the way, that I was bad to the bone.

You don't care that I grew up in a violent household, You don't care that my mother was the town pump, you don't care about who influenced us, or who victimized us.

All you want to know is if this band is gonna draw a crowd, keep a crowd, and rock the crowd, and make you a lot of money while we make just a little.

You need a band?
Hiring us is a good idea.