The American Standard

The American Standard


Every time we play, we get asked to come back. We get asked to come back because we entertain the audience, which keeps people in the house, and makes more people come to the house because the house my friends is rockin'


On the day I was born, The Nurses all gathered round, and gazed in wide wonder in the joy they had found...The head nurse spoke up, said leave this one alone, they could tell by the way, that I was bad to the bone.

You don't care that I grew up in a violent household, You don't care that my mother was the town pump, you don't care about who influenced us, or who victimized us.

All you want to know is if this band is gonna draw a crowd, keep a crowd, and rock the crowd, and make you a lot of money while we make just a little.

You need a band?
Hiring us is a good idea.


Love Songs for the broken hearted-2004
Forgiving was easy-2005

We have many songs on internet radio station pod casts, live streaming internet radio stations, WFNX Radio, and WMEX Radio, we have also been featured several times on local television.

Set List

Rock, Soul, Funk, Blues, Motown, Alternative rock, New Wave, Folk Rock, covers, and originals
all jammed together in one hell of a finely tuned, tight, and powerful package called

The American Standard