The Americans Uk

The Americans Uk


The Americans Uk is a guaranteed good time. Rock/punk influenced with keys, the shows always turn into a dancing / drinking / partying frenzy. With members of Sufjan Stevens' backing band, Volcano, I'm Still Excited, and The Adults.


Horrified by the rock n' roll of the future, The Americans UK traveled back in time to prevent a reality where Sting's corpse continues to pump out the hits. Hence: loud guitars, impossible riffs, throbbing beats, piercing keys, bowl-shaking bass-lines, and lyrics so fat you just might gain weight. All played faster, faster, all the time faster. Their legions of fans dance and twitch, pump their fists. Hips break rank, twist shake to the sound of the pound.
AM/UK's influences are simple: all rock that is good is incorporated, reiterated, and rejuvenated; all rock that is bad is mocked, defiled, dethroned (where "bad" is defined as "boring," and the "good" defies verbal expression). In truth, AM/UK is a republic, the band members its Philosopher Kings. Remember when Eminem started a synth-punk-post-pomo band in memorial of The Americans UK one year after their tragic, fiery deaths in 2017? Oh, that's right, it hasn't happened yet, it's hard to keep straight sometimes. Well, he didn't even come close. The Americans UK made you.



Written By: AM/UK

My pants are tighter. / My hair is blacker. / Lover not fighter, / Cuz I'm cooler than you.=! / Girls at my shoulder, / Both young and older, / Some coy some bolder, / And some gay boys too. / My shirt's ironic: / Smart yet moronic. / Drink gin and tonic, / Cuz I'm cooler than you! / Hahaha! / My hips are agile. / My ego's fragile. / My socks are argyle. / Oh yeah, and fuck you too! / We rip the right bands! / We dance are asses off! / We rock your groove thang! / Because we're cooler than: / You! / My pants are tighter, / Rock-star and writer. / I pull all-nighters, / Cuz I'm cooler than you! / Humor as tactic, / It's automatic. / Method: Socratic, / That's empirically skewed. / Or at the dive-bar, / It's always LoneStar. / Lungs blacker with tar, / But I'm cooler than you! / Hey hey hey! / My hips are agile. / My ego's fragile. / My socks are argyle. / Oh yeah, and fuck you too! / We rip the right bands! / We dance are asses off! / We rock your groove thang! / Because we're cooler than: / You!


Written By: AM/UK

The Apeman has no inductive reasoning: / Would never ever guess every crow is black. / Every sunrise is a new beginning. / Electrified fence always knock him aback. / I Apeman! / The Apeman has no sense of history! / The consequence of his acts is a great big mystery. / Situations arise inwhich he can't win: / Same pool of facts, but he jumps in again. / I Apeman!


Written By: AM/UK

Sit at home, watch daytime telly. / Woke up at quarter 'til two. / Reading all of Dostoevsky. / Let all my debts accrue. / I'm feeling bored, I'm feeling frisky. / Website porn will have to do. / I call you up on your celly. / You say that you are so bored too. / Because, / We don't have jobs. / I'm quickly running out of money, / But I still by comic books. / So I holler to my lady, / To bum a couple of bucks. / I say, "Hey, hey honey! / Will you buy me some booze?" / So she hands me a twenty. / Coupled with some dirty looks. / Because, / We don't have jobs. / I send another coverletter, / And another resume. / I'm looking for something better, / Than slinging mud at a cafe. / I guess I'm not go-getter. / There's got to be another way! / But for now I avoid my debtors. / They'll have to sue to get their pay! / Because, / We don't have jobs.


Demo available, LP out in August. Tracks at

Set List

Songs are short and fast, sets are meticulous yet frenzied. Having played Sin-e, Piano's, 169 Bar, and Pussycat Lounge, AM/UK do about 14 songs in 40/45 minutes. (Cooler Than You, Pity Flirter, Electric Closet, iApeman, Burn Me Up, Another Heartbreaker, Hostile Takeover, Jobs, We Don't Have Them, John Loves Wayne, Just Us League Of The Americans Uk, Rocktronic, If You See Us Running, Cooler Than 2, etc) No covers.